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Some Homeopathy Is Posionous

By Bluerose31 · Feb 12, 2019 ·
  1. I four days ago found out that some homeopathy is poisonous. Homeopathy is not able to be digested. It stays in the stomach. It stays in the persons body and never digests. There are many different homeopathy remedies. I used Ignatia Amara, Pulsatilla and Chamomilla. Ignatia Amara and Pulsatilla are poisonous. I found out that I have been poisoned and that my symptoms are that of being poisoned ( I took Ignatia Amara and Pulsatilla around the age of 24. I am 31 now) . I have found out by speaking with a naturopath that I am being poisoned and that I will get worse and that I could die from any time from poisoning. I was told that a extremely large amount of people are poisoned by homeopathy. I was told that many people suffer like me. I was told that many people have sued and are suing homeopathy companies because of the poison oil. Homeopathy is an oil product. Some of the oils are poisonous. Ignatia Amara and Pulsatilla are poisonous. The naturopath told me an extremely large amount of people are poisoned by homeopathy and are ill and dying. The naturopath told me that homeopaths are not aware that homeopathy is poisonous and say that the amount of poison in it is so small that it does not hurt anyone. Poison is always poisonous. Please pray with me that Homeopathy will become illegal and that I will have peace that I am dying from poisoning. The naturopath told me that she is aware of a person poisoned from homeopathy poison oil, living untill 88 and others dying early. She has told me that she knows of babies treated with homeopathy poison oil dying. Please pray for me and please pray that homeopathy be made illegal.

    Ignatia Amara is poisonous
    Ignatius Bean: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage, and Warning

    Pulsatilla is poisonous
    Pulsatilla - Wikipedia


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