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Why is Syria, and Iran being set up to be attacked

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by Davidjayjordan, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. IN CURRENT EVENTS as in right now, Syria and Iran are being set up to be attacked. It has been a media push for eons, but everything is in place as the scenario of events are now accomplished so that a new fly zone can be declared over Syria, so that innocent humans appartently will not be hurt and killed anymore. And all the world's people will sadly say, It was necessary and we shall be bringing peace by starting another war.

    The tactics being exactly the same as the no fly zone over Libia, in which Britan, Canada, France and even Arab nations joined in in not protecting life but absiolutely destroying Libyia's infastructure, so they all could make more money in rebuilding what they destroyed. But sdaly in truth they can not bring back all the lives of those they have killed.

    because Gahafi was going to refuse to join the Reserve money system that is indebting and enslaving the whole world for the gold dinar system, and so he had to be removed.

    So now it is Syrais turn and then Iran, as they are not in the Reserve System either. So pretest has been made, excuses have been made, and a no fly zone will be established to bomb the crap out of Syria.

    But biblically, it will escalate and result in a forced peace treaty called the Covenant. We are not allowed to talk about this HERE, only current events.

    So lets watch and discuss how this no fly zone starts the war day by day.

    We won;t be allowed to connect it to prophecy but at least we can compare it to the past and the tactics of the NWO and its military arm called NATO.

    And away we go...
  2. lemur

    lemur Newbie

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    The Bible only talks about 2 periods in history, everything before and including the year 31AD, and the last few years....

    When you are saying that current events were predicted by the Bible and will result in a 'Covenant' you are directly saying that you believe that the world will end in the next few years.
  3. I am not allowed to write about prophecy anymore on CURRENT EVENTS as the thread will either be shifted or eliminated.


    But in truth, the Lords prophecy dictates exactness in all time periods exactly. SEE eschalogy Board wherever that is.
  4. Differ, all current events can be seen in prophecy. Nothing comes out of the blue and then exists as an instant prophecy fulfillment, just as the dark side dfoes not magically BOOM BANG ZAP into place their one world government, the world governments are appointed and annointed into their times by permission of the Lord and through their perfidity.

    Current Events are merely yesterdays prophecy fulfilled today,

    Non Christians fight this tooth and nail because they want to believe their vote altogether can change the course of humanity, when the Lord says differently and says the vile ones, the elite, tyhe 1 percent, the drak side, the Illuminati, the NWO have been shaping their government for centuries even from the BEGINNING. They know their times as Jesus said to them. The devils know when they are appointed and annointed to take over because man has chosen them and wants them and believes in them.

    Yet we of the Lord have the solution to the world's problems and we have picked the right side and we join together in defense for the greratest victory imagineable and I AM NOT TALKING about some gutless escapism dream, but the reality of going down fighting and serving.

    Got to watch it, this might dictate that this thread will be thrown into Exchalogy or Nowhereland. We shall see.
  5. Arab League or military dictators in the Mid East sponsored by the West have voted to sanction Syria by stealing their assets in their countries banks. This is basically a declaration of war against Syria, which means the no fly zone to allow them to bomb into oblivion Syria will soon be passed on so called humanitarian grounds.

    Notice the people of Egypt are back in the streets because they never got democracy, democracy is a con as the West backs dictatorships and only back democracies if they choose the Wests puppets.

    I can;t think of any exceptions.... so again do note that the West only backs regime change if they control that regime change, if their man gets in, then they say it is the voice of the people and a government rather than a regime.

    Regime change is nice wording for they are about to attack and destroy the rulers of a country because those rulers are not putting the attacking regimes interests first and foremost...or they are not part of the group and putting the thieves called the IMF or reserve banks first and foremost.

    Now for regime change or at least attempting to change the regime of Syria, and Iran..... and what will be the outcome. I don;t think we are allowed to mention that for now. We shall await a ruling by the moderators,
  6. lemur

    lemur Newbie

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    No, just no.

    If this is your position and you do not believe it to be the End Times, then you must assume that all current events over the last 2000 years have been prophecy. If you think that God compressed 2000+ years of history into 1200 chapters with coded messages that managed to survive translations, you're more delusional than anyone else here.

    Besides: We live in boring times on historical scales. The regimes falling in Syria and Iran lasted 50 years, this wouldn't even be a blimp on archaeological records compared to dynasties which fell that had lasted thousands of years. The puppet governments that the US and USSR created are insignificant.

  7. Lemur, think Bro think, we are in the End Times. We are just before the Ten Nation World Government talked about by Daniel and Revelation.

    The upcoming War is stopped by the COVENANT of Daniel.

    The earthquakes, the new diseases, the wars, everything in current events is not out of the blue, but by design. The Lord has a PLAN and a PURPOSE, it is not random acts.

    Study and discern for yourself


  8. But you are right about the US and Russia, they are the main players, they are part of the 10 nations.

    But the AC from Russia negates the US, and then conquers the world with his nuclear might.

    This next war is just the precursor... Good point



  9. AtheistVet

    AtheistVet Guest

    Oh wow you have a website. Not quite timecube levels but you're working on it.

    I like this one the best I think. http://www.davidjayjordan.com/GoldenSectionandyourBody.html
  10. AtheistVet

    AtheistVet Guest

    Nevermind, new favorite.

    [SIZE=-1] [/SIZE][SIZE=-1] [/SIZE]

  11. yes, I know design, and lover to prove it as it proves the DESIGNER.

    And Yes I totally disagree with Evolution, Luck and Chance, and love the math that cohesively connects up prophecy and cutrrent events.

    As for the Golden Section, this class might be better as a start.


    Pity, we can;t go into how this relates exactly to the Temple Prophecy, ours and the Temple Mount as that thread has been closed or eliminated or moved.

    But HERE we should not discuss the design template of the Lord, but CURRENT EVENTS and its design.
  12. In last night news, the Un so called said they have evidence of child torture by Syria..... which person on Earth would not that stir up to go to war against Syria. Next they will probablt say there is evidence of pregnant women ***** ******,

    Whatever, the excuses are conveniently coming out even as rockets are fired across the Israeli/Lebanonese borders. As on the Gaza border with Israel, no one knows who fired them but they conveniently happen when needed to promote anger and encourage an attack. Hence we can probably determine who fired them.

    Besides Lebanon has the Litani River, and it is like flowing gold to a country that has not got enough water. Again a good reason to attack under any pretense necessary.

    By deception wage war, is the motto of every country. No country tells the truth.
  13. AtheistVet

    AtheistVet Guest

    There probably are pregnant women in Syria.
  14. Supreme

    Supreme British

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    Marital Status:
    Syria is killing its own people by the dozens. Iran isn't too far behind on the human rights abuses front. Though I don't advocate Western intervention into either country, neither of them are angelic.

    Gaddafi was a brutal dictator by any standards, and he did not deserve to run Libya in the brutal fashion he did. The NATO mission was the best way to remove him with minimal civilian casualties. It was the best model of Western intervention in recent years.
  15. Are you a moderator ?

    Is this your moderate view or the moderator's view ?

    Am I allowed to differ ?
  16. lemur

    lemur Newbie

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  17. Back to the topic.... Syria and Iran being set up for an attack.
  18. lemur

    lemur Newbie

    Likes Received:
    No, no, we're just being amused by you.

    In case you haven't realized, nobody else here accepts your view of Biblical Numerology. You're going to have to prove that one first.
  19. I'm not amused by those that can not explain themselves and those that hide behind snide remarks about being amused. To me, it seems a cover for shallowness, but do prove me wrong by having or composing POSTS with substance and to the topic.

    Syria is being set up by the Un and NATO to once again establish a war no fly zone, not to protect lives but to have a regime change in Syria. They sanction and enflame governments by stealing from them and then blame that government if they get angry after the stealing has occurred.

    They say Syria is a dictatorship, but so are most of the Arab countries as their rich elite families rule them with an iron fist, but so are Western countries run by the elitists under the guise of democracy.

    So Syria must be attacked because the Lord has designed it..... and it is written in stone.

    SEE WaitfortheCovenant
  20. AtheistVet

    AtheistVet Guest

    And that is the exact kind of insane rhetoric that terrifies me when people try to mix religion and government.

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