Write for us: Christian and Religious Guest Posts

Guest posting is a way to increase your brand visibility and gain valuable SEO juice. But you already knew that.

What might surprise you is that most guest posts are wasted time and money.

Website owners demand high-quality content which will not rank in most cases because the actual website doesn’t have the necessary authority to compete for higher positions.

So the posts aren’t ranking, and there’s no traffic that devalues any link coming from it.

We take a different approach to guest posting, so your efforts don’t go wasted.

Accepting Guest posts for Christianity and Religious topics

Christian Forums is an online community for Christians around the world to find fellowship with other Christians. 

Members of Christian Forums are considerate, motivated by love and not hate, and they respect one another. Because our members are considerate, loving, and respectful, they do not make overly provocative posts, posts that seek to annoy or cause disruption, or posts that personally attack other members out of anger and frustration. Our members desire to contribute in a positive and loving manner so that Christian Forums will display the gracious love of God. 

We strive to educate our audience on topics of Christianity.

We have a list of topics from which you can choose the one most congruent with your website. These topics have higher chances of ranking at the top because of lower competition and our higher domain authority. 

What we want to see in your guest post content

Quality content ranks higher, so if you want to make sure you get the most out of your guest post, follow these best practices:

  • Your content should be original, and you should cover at least one point that the competitors didn’t think of. We will be checking for plagiarism and AI-generated content.
  • Content should be as short as possible and long as necessary. We don’t have a word count requirement. For some topics, 600 words are enough, for others, 2000 words is not enough.
  • Write for how Google processes NLP
  • You don’t necessarily need to follow a strict editorial style. However, you should keep all your grammar, punctuation, and formatting consistent.
  • Back up ALL your facts with links to evidence, preferably from a reliable/reputable site with some authority in the market.
  • Avoid complex language and sentence structure. Check your readability level using http://www.hemingwayapp.com/ and aim for a grade 5-6. Write clear sentences
  • Short sentences and paragraphs are much more effective and easier to read. Stand-alone sentences and single words can work too.

What we don’t want to see in your guest post content

  • Plagiarism, spun content, AI-generated content
  • Subjective, sponsored posts or press releases. 
  • Disambiguate writing, grammar mistakes

What happens when we publish your guest post?

Credit. Each article you write will be published with your first name & the logo of this blog.

Ownership. You understand and agree that all photos, written content, and all other media submitted to ChristianForums.com become the exclusive property of ChristianForums.com, and you do not have the right to republish that content on your own site without adding a canonical tag to the original page.

We reserve the right to make changes to the submitted content (including the title and content) as and when needed. We will not remove the backlink to your website or change the attribute to nofollow.

* By submitting your guest post inquiry, you agree to our requirements above, our terms and conditions.

How to submit guest posts on Christianity or religion

Our Guest post publishing procedure:

  1. Submit your request
  2. Request is approved
  3. Make an outline (provide a summary of the article, planned word count, subheadings, and keywords)
  4. Submit the draft 
  5. Revise if needed
  6. Enjoy your dofollow backlink

Please submit your request via this form.