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Yugioh cards for trade

Discussion in 'Christian Forums Marketplace' started by Tiga Ronso, Aug 28, 2003.

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  1. st_peter_st

    st_peter_st New Member

    I want to trade ive got the second rarest card in yugioh......
  2. Tiga Ronso

    Tiga Ronso Member

    Which card is that? And what do you want for it?
  3. Tiga Ronso

    Tiga Ronso Member

    Well guys, sorry to say this, but someone stole my cards today. I have most of them, but there were around 5 or 6 stolen. These are the ones that were stolen and thus are no longer tradeable:
    Shinato, King of a Higher Plane
    Barrel Dragon
    Z-Metal Tank
    and Revival Jam
    I am working on getting replacements for Shinato and Barrel Dragon, but the others I probably won't be able to get back. Sorry about this, blame the kid who stole them.
  4. Tiga Ronso

    Tiga Ronso Member

    Ok, I got some new cards today. Didn't get cards to replace those that were stolen but I did manage to get these cards:
    Serpent Night Dragon
    Left Leg of the Forbidden One
    Nimble Momonga x 2
    I no longer have these cards either.
    Vampire Lord
    Magic Jammer
    Spear Dragon
    I still want these cards:
    Any other pieces of Exodia
    Exodia Necross
    Gravity Bind
    Harpie's Pet Dragon
    Those are just ones I am looking for, may trade for others if you make me a good deal.
  5. CPT Gingersnap

    CPT Gingersnap New Member

    I will trade you my Imperial Order card for any of these cards:
    Left Arm of the Forbidden One
    Vampire Lord
    Dark Magician Girl
    Black Luster Soldier (Messenger of the Beginning)
  6. CPT Gingersnap

    CPT Gingersnap New Member

    Do you have any of these cards up for trade?
    Left Arm of the Forbidden One
    Dark Magician Girl
    Vampire Lord
    Black Luster Soldier (Messenger of the Beginning)
    Chaos Emperor Dragon (Messenger of the End)
    Black Tyrano
    Magician of Black Chaos (non ritual)
    Strike Ninja

    I have a bunch of cards I am willing to trade, a few are:
    Imperial Order
    Z-Metal Tank
    Reaper on the Nightmare
    Curse of Dragon
    Assorted rare thru secret rares, just ask me

  7. mahooty

    mahooty New Member

  8. Tiga Ronso

    Tiga Ronso Member

    Ok, here is a long overdue update to my list. I managed to get some new cards over the past few weeks. I now have:
    Harpie's Pet Dragon
    Gravity Bind
    Right Leg of the Forbidden One
    Injection Fairy Lily (in mint condition)
    Shinato, King of a Higher Plane (1st edition)
    Revival Jam (1st edition)
    Backup Soldier
    Mystic Tomato
    Machine King
    Barrel Dragon
    YZ Tank Dragon
    I no longer have these cards though:
    Perfectly Evolved Great Moth
    Masked Beast
    1 Skilled White Magician

    I am still looking for these cards:
    Other 3 pieces of Exodia
    Dark Magician Girl
    Black Luster Soldier (Envoy of the Beginning)
    Dark Magician of Chaos
    Butterfly Dagger-Elma
    2 Spirit Reapers
  9. reed4949

    reed4949 New Member

    i have thes cards to trade

    sdj-041) scapegoat
    sdj-022) penguin soldier
    sdj-001) red eyes b.dragon
    sdp-001) relinquished
    sdp-040) graceful charity
    sdp-050) gryphon wing
    sdk-001) blue-eyes white dragon X2
    sdk-041) lord of d X2
    sdk-042) the flute of summoning dragon X2
    mrd-138) mirror force
    mrd-090) shadow ghoul
    mrd-125) garnecia elefantis
    mrd-131) shield & sword
    mrd-086) princess of tsurugi
    lod-011) fatal abacus
    lod-088) blast with chain
    mrl-083) karate man
    mrl-085) giant germ X2
    mrl-010) ameba X2
    mrl-094) mystic tomato X2
    mrl-079) giant rat
    mrl-038) confiscation
    mrl-071) manga ryu-ran
    mfc-039) tribute doll
    mfc-019) d.d.crazy beast X2
    mfc-077) des koala
    pgd-014) gora turtle
    lon-o88) destiny board ( F )
    lon-092) spirit message ( L )
    lon-013) nuvia the wicked
    lon-006) revival jam
    lon-001) the masked beast
    psv-033) magical hats
    psv-005) lightforce sword
    psv-008) graverrobber
    psv-050) buster blader
    psv-003) parasite paracide X2
    psv-073) gravity bind X2
    psv-025) forced requisition X2
    psv-024) appropriate
    psv-067) shift
    lob-066) curse of dragon
    lob-045) dragon capture jar
    lob-100) final flame
    lob-029) flame ghost
    lob-110) hane-hane

    this is all the copys i have so make a trade offer and maybe we can trade
    oya sorry if we do trade you send first i have been riped off to many times
  10. legoman145

    legoman145 New Member

    Dear reed4949,

    I'd like to trade for the following:


    I have the following plus some others for trade(just ask and I'll see if I have want you want):
    machine conversion factory
    great long nose
    susa soldier R
    fire sorcerer 1st
    skull knight fusion set
    mystic tomoto R bad shape
    swarm of locusts 1st
    fissure R
    armed ninjaR
    Thunder nyan nyan R
    shadow tamer R
    cocoon of Evolution
    larvae moth
    share the pain
    A legendary ocean

  11. reed4949

    reed4949 New Member

    sorry guy i have all them maybe if you have some sr or ur maybe
  12. reed4949

    reed4949 New Member

    you are asking for to much and not geving a lot
  13. Tiga Ronso

    Tiga Ronso Member

    Hmmm, about the only one on your list that interests me is Mirror Force. I already have one, but I could always use one for trade. Take a look at my list and see what interests you. I got some new cards and will post shortly once I get through with a trade online. Let me know if there are any specifics you are looking for.
  14. reed4949

    reed4949 New Member

    ok this is what i am looking for and all cards that i have are in mint i am a privit colleter not a player i am colleting for my son if trade is a good one thin win i do get good copys you will be the frist one i get in tuch with so dont rip me off

    mfc-000) dark magician gril
    mfc-oo5) y-dragon head
    mfc-006) z-metal tank
    mfc-020) spell canceller
    mfc-026) paladin of white dragon
    mfc-043) spell shield type-8
    mfc-051) xy-dragon cannon
    mfc-053) xz-tank cannon
    mfc-054) yz-tank dragon
    mfc-061) amazoness sword women
    mfc-065) skilled dark magician
    mfc-068) chaos command magician
    mfc-071) breaker the magical warrior
    mfc-076) tribe-infecting virus
    mfc-096) amazoness archers
    mfc-105) dark paladin
    mfc-106) double spell
    mfc-107) diffusion wave-motion
    lob-000) tri-horned dragon
    lob-001) blue-eyes white dragon
    lob-003) flame swordman
    lob-053) raigeki
    lob-059) polymerization
    lob-070) red-eyes black dragon
    lob-101) swords of rev.light
    lob-118) monster reborn
    lob-120) right leg
    lob-122) right arm
    lob-123) exodia
    lob-125) gaia the dragon champion
    mdr-000) gate guardian
    mrd-003) summoned skull
    mrd-009) harpie lady sisters
    mrd-018) b.skull dragon
    mrd-025) sanga of thunder
    mrd-026) kazejin
    mrd-065) time wizard
    mrd-126) barrel dragon
    mrd-129) seven tools of the bandit
    mrl-000) blue eyes toon dragon
    mrl-002) axe of despair
    mrl-006) spellblinding circle
    mrl-029) relinquished
    mrl-039) delinquent duo
    mrl-051) black illusion ritual
    mrl-061) megamorph
    mrl-073) toon summoned skull
    mrl-076) toon world
    psv-000) jinzo
    psv-006) chain destruction
    psv-012) call of the haunted
    psv-016) mirror wall
    psv-037) premature burial
    psv-063) fairy meteor crush
    psv-076) the legendary fisherman
    psv-084) thousand-eyes restrict
    psv-094) goblin attack force
    psv-100) the fiend megacyber
    psv-104) imperial order
    lod-000) yata garasu
    lod-001) dark ruler has des
    lod-018) marauding captain
    lod-023) exiled force
    lod-034) tyrant dragon
    lod-056) fiber jar
    lod-062) airknight parshath
    lod-067) yamata dragon
    lod-070) hino-kagu-tsuchi
    lod-099) last turn
    pgd-000) ring of destruction
    pgd-015) sasuke samurai
    pgd-020) great dezard
    pgd-025) guardian sphinx
    pgd-029) don zaloog
    pgd-031) fushioh richie
    pgd-058) helpoemer
    pgd-069) mystical knight of jackal
    pgd-084) necrovally
    pgd-104) qustiton
    pgd-107) lava golum
    lon-000) gemini elf
    lon-017) mask of displ
    lon-025) torrenial tribute
    lon-029) card of safe ret.
    lon-049) united we stand
    lon-050) mage power
    lon-064) bazoo the soul eater
    lon-065) dark necrofear
    lon-080) royal command
    lon-091) spirit message ( A )
    lon-104) magic cylinder
    gbi-001) slifer the sky dragon
    gbi-002) obelisk the tormentor
    gbi-003) the winged dragon of ra
    the new copys i got today is

    dor-001) alpha the magnet warrior
    dor-002) beta the magnet warrior
    dor-003) gamma the magnet warrior
    psv-039) prohibition
    psv-071) magic drain
    psv-091) mad sword beast
    lod-059) thunder nyan nyan
    pgd-009) jowls of demise
    pgd-052) pharoh's tresure
    ioc-103) compulsory evacuation device
    i get new cards ever day so you never know
  15. reed4949

    reed4949 New Member

  16. wormcharmer

    wormcharmer New Member

    are you buying? I'll give you a good deal.
  17. reed4949

    reed4949 New Member

    what do you have :)
  18. reed4949

    reed4949 New Member

  19. reed4949

    reed4949 New Member

    if you have good cards
  20. Tiga Ronso

    Tiga Ronso Member

    Hmmm, here are the ones I have:
    YZ Tank Dragon
    Skilled Dark Magician
    Tri-Horned Dragon (has a few creases in it)
    Flame Swordsman
    Gaia the Dragon Champion
    Harpie Lady Sisters
    Sanga of the Thunder
    Kazejin (in ok condition)
    Tyrant Dragon (in ok condition)
    Card of Safe Return
    Mask of Dispel

    Most of these cards are in mint condition unless noted.
    See what you want and we can work out a deal. I am usually pretty generous with my trades and will throw in a Necrovalley from the Duelist League where I work. Its just a regular rare, but still could be useful.
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