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Yugioh cards for trade

Discussion in 'Christian Forums Marketplace' started by Tiga Ronso, Aug 28, 2003.

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  1. Tiga Ronso

    Tiga Ronso Member

    I am an avid Yugioh player and collector and have a few cards up for trade. If anyone would like to trade with me, let me know. I am very discrete about trading though. Here are a few of the rarer ones I have for trade.
    Serpent Night Dragon(SCR)
    Imperial Order(SCR)
    Call of the Haunted(UR)
    The Masked Beast(UR)
    Buster Blader(SR)
    Thousand-Eyes Restrict(SR)
    Mirage of Nightmare(SR)
    Spirit Message "L"(R)
    Statue of the Wicked(SR)
    Infinite Cards(R)
    Tornado Bird(R)
    The A. Forces(R)
    The Shallow Grave(R)
    Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon(SR)
    There are others, but those aren't as rare as the ones above. Here are the ones I will trade for
    Magic Cylinder
    Mirror Force
    I also have other regular cards. Let me know if any pique your interest.
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  2. mfalk15

    mfalk15 New Member

    hi want ur magical cylinders and imperial just name ur price
  3. Tiga Ronso

    Tiga Ronso Member

    Well, actually Magic Cylinder is one that I want, but I might trade Imperial Order. Also, I recently traded Call of the Haunted for Mirror Force, so that one is out of the list.
  4. mfalk15

    mfalk15 New Member

    ok i'll give you a thousand dragon SCR and a Red eyes 1st for imperial.
    post ur emai it will go fater that way
  5. Tiga Ronso

    Tiga Ronso Member

    Well, I already have both of those monsters, so I won't trade for them. Sorry. Like I said, I am pretty strict with my trades. If you have any others, I might consider it.
  6. mfalk15

    mfalk15 New Member

    i'll give you a mint asura preist and an exiled for force and a hino-kugu-tuchi for mirrior force
  7. Tiga Ronso

    Tiga Ronso Member

    Sorry, right now, I am not going to trade Mirror Force. I might be getting one over ebay if all goes well. Then, I might trade that one, but I just have to hope that I win the auction.
  8. mfalk15

    mfalk15 New Member

    i'll trade the same deal only without the exiled force for imperial
  9. JustinDLoredo

    JustinDLoredo Guest

    i need ur raigeki, mirage of nightmare, and mirror force ill give u 40.00
  10. Tiga Ronso

    Tiga Ronso Member

    I usually don't sell my cards unless I need the money. Also, I don't have Raigeki, it is one of the cards I would trade for and I don't have an extra Mirror Force. But, I will have to sell some of the cards, since I am kinda low on hours this month and need money for school and bills. Once i get better hours I will let you guys know what cards are still for trade. Sorry.
  11. johnny_x

    johnny_x New Member

    I'm interested in all ort of yugioh dragons!
    I'm just a beginner but I'm willing to trade all these cards
    for 2 very/ultra rare dragon card (like red skull dragon and black skull dragon or
    The cards I have are:
    -Bleu-winged crown
    -Bottom dweller
    -Mushroom man
    -Lava battleguard
    -Lady of faith
    -Muka muka (foil card)
    -Rainbow flower
    -Insect soldiers of the sky
    -Ancient elf
    -Protector of the throne
    -Petit moth
    They are all in perfect condition
    Mail me at [email protected]
    I also have 38 commen and rare pokémon cards!
  12. TheAlienYouth

    TheAlienYouth New Member

    "i need ur raigeki, mirage of nightmare, and mirror force ill give u 40.00"

    For three pieces of painted cardboard? I can do that for you for $5 :)

  13. Tiga Ronso

    Tiga Ronso Member

    Hey, mind your manners. Christians shouldn't be mocking other Christians. Plus we are grown up, and don't have to act like 6-year olds anymore. If you don't anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
  14. angelo77

    angelo77 New Member

    :cool: Dear avid yugioh player. I just saw your post and I would like to trade with you.

    I want: masked beast, raigiki, magic cylinder and mirror force.

    I have: D.D. Warrior lady, Jinzo, dark necrofear, The legendary fisherman, and, ???? I have more.

  15. Tiga Ronso

    Tiga Ronso Member

    Hmm, I have really worked over my deck now and all of those cards are now in it. I only have one copy of each, so I probably won't trade them yet. I have been going to tournaments alot this past month and have gotten some new cards like Marie the Fallen One and Gaia the Dragon Champion. If I get doubles I will definitely keep you in mind, and I have quite good luck with packs. Once opened 3 packs and got 2 ultra rares and 1 secret rare. Keep in touch and let me know of any new cards you get.

    I want: Yata-Garasu, Giant Orc, Gemini Elf, some Archfiends, Dark Magician Girl, Vampire Lord, any Exodia pieces, Harpie's Pet Dragon, and Exodia Necross, ritual for Exodia Necross also.

    Those are the ones I want the most.
  16. angelo77

    angelo77 New Member


    Hey Avid

    I do not have any of those cards yet, but I keep u in mind.
    Let me know when you have doubles and r ready to trade.

  17. Tiga Ronso

    Tiga Ronso Member

    Ok, guys. Here's the current list of my haves and wants. I have separated them by rarity. Also, I will only list a few of my rares, since I have tons of them, almost a whole binder full. I have listed a few cards from my deck that I may trade, but may not unless I can get a really really good deal on them. I have marked those cards with an *. So, here's the list:

    My haves:

    Secret Rare/Promos
    Vampire Lord
    Invader of Darkness (1st edition)
    Gemini Elf (1st edition) *
    Injection Fairy Lily (1st edition)(In very bad condition)
    Dark Paladin (Limited Edition from Duel Master's guide. One with wrong pic)
    Gaia the Dragon Champion (gold lettering mistake, very rare.)
    Metalzoa x 2
    Zoa x 2
    XYZ-Dragon Cannon (from tin)
    Gearfried the Iron Knight (from tin)
    Beta the Magnet Warrior
    Gamma the Magnet Warrior
    Negate Attack
    Exchange x 2
    Kinetic Soldier
    Fairy King Truesdale
    Goblin Fan
    Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
    Skull Dice x 2
    Graceful Dice x 2
    Thousand Knives

    Beast of Talwar
    Barrel Dragon
    The Masked Beast
    Shinato, King of a Higher Plane (1st edition)
    Black Luster Soldier (starter deck)(1st edition)
    Lava Golem (Limited edition from IOC Special edition pack)
    XYZ-Dragon Cannon
    Magic Jammer
    Kaiser Sea Horse (starter deck)(1st edition)
    Destiny Board
    Card of Safe Return
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon (starter deck)
    Red-Eyes Black Dragon (Starter deck)
    Relinquished (starter deck)
    Dark Magician (starter deck)

    Ryu Senshi
    Mystical Elf
    Spear Dragon
    Sanga of the Thunder
    Black Luster Ritual (starter deck)(1st edition)
    Buster Blader (duelist league promo)
    Revival Jam
    Blue-eyes White Dragon (starter deck)(1st edition)
    Dark Magician (starter deck)(1st edition)
    Terrorking Archfiend (1st edition)
    Mask of Dispel
    Skilled White Magician x 2 (1 is 1st edition)
    Z-Metal Tank
    Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon (1st edition)
    Mudora (1st edition)
    D.D, Designator
    Flame Swordsman
    Harpie Lady Sisters (in bad condition)
    Fairy Meteor Crush
    Celtic Guardian
    Barrel Behind the Door
    Spell Vanishing
    Giant Trunade
    Limiter Removal (1st edition)
    Mirror Wall
    Dark-Piercing Light

    Dark Elf x 2 (1 is 1st edition)
    InfernalQueen Archfiend (1st edition)
    DarkBishop Archfiend (1st edition)
    Marie the Fallen One
    Spirit Message "I"
    Spirit Message "N"
    Spirit Message "A"
    Spirit Message "L"
    I have others, just ask me for some and I will tell you if I have them or not.

    My wants:
    Harpie's Pet Dragon
    Ring of Destruction
    Torrential Tribute
    Call of the Haunted
    Dark Magician Girl
    Skilled Dark Magician
    Any good staples for a Paladin deck
    Exodia pieces
    Exodia Necross

    Make me a deal and we can work from there. One last thing, if you offer to buy cards, I do usually charge near the maximum price for them. Since my cards are mostly in mint condition. For example: Gemini Elf is priced at $60.00, so I would probably charge near that, plus shipping. I usually don't sell though.
  18. Daveboy

    Daveboy New Member

    Anyone who wants to trade for powerful cards email me at [email protected] But I don't know how to trade so email me!
  19. Daveboy

    Daveboy New Member

    For your Rageki I'll trade you Mask of Restrict (ultra rare) and B. Skull Dragon (secret rare) the problem is I don't know how to trade online so just here is my email [email protected] please accept this trade!

    Thank You for your time!!

    PS email me if you want to trade with me!!
  20. Daveboy

    Daveboy New Member

    I want your Shinoto, King of Higher Plane I'll trade you an Exodia piece (RightArm of the Forbidden One) plus a Black Luster Soider (With Ritral card to summon him) plus a Dark Necrofere (ultra rare) the problem is I don't know how to trade online so email me at [email protected] please accept this trade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I could also get a Skilled White Magcian from a friend so please email me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My neighbor also has Terentral Tribute I can get that card easy so please once agin email me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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