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Would you ask God, for a religion? (I'm just shooting the breeze here)

Discussion in 'General Theology' started by Gottservant, Jun 13, 2021.

How soon do false prophets ask God for guidance?

  1. They don't!

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  2. That depends on the Devil!

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  3. That depends on sin!

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  4. Question it once you have an alternative!

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  5. Pray that it's not before believers!

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  6. Seek the Holy Spirit to intercede, that's the best answer!

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  1. Gottservant

    Gottservant God loves your words, may men love them also Supporter

    Hi there,

    So I posted something about religion that got mixed results and I had a concept that was sort of relevant - would you create a religion? - being relevant tangentially. Partially my motive is just to work out, whether there is a way to tell between true and false religion - true religion is taking care of the widow and orphan and keeping oneself unspotted from the world (from memory, letters), false religion is keeping faith and sin related, when there is an easier and lighter way (to turn to, let the reader be discerning). If it were up to God, would there be more religion or less? - I guess!

    The fact is that nothing guides us religiously or otherwise, better than the words of Jesus - so in a sense, if I could rephrase the question it would be "would you be interested in asking God for more words, from Jesus?" Because if you have the words, in principle you have the religion. I don't know, it just seems very nebulous, either way - "are we supposed to leave a religion behind?" is another direction you could take the question. One way or the other, it comes down to what work the Holy Spirit wants to do, what He wants to inspire (maybe He doesn't have that much religion "in" Him?).

    I mean if you could work this out, what the relationships were, you could create a religion that lasted forever and yet God clearly does not ask that of us - what is His Plan? We believers frequently talk about Church being the people, not the building, maybe God would ultimately say "the Church isn't solely what people are interested in, either"? There are sins of the Age and there are works of the future of righteousness and there is judgment you either heed or deny, all of which work their way into the flesh in one way or another, maybe less religion means we are more able to deal with them? Sorry if this is too many questions, for one thread!

    I would like to think I influenced religion for the better, in my time here; like that I brought to the table something a future generation would say was a worthy work of the Holy Spirit's inspiration, inspiration which He gives us all freely, to grow and celebrate and cherish. I guess what I am asking is, "what is the best way to cherish religion?" more than anything - like that I have a reason to expect religion to turn out a certain way; which comes back to the question at the beginning "would you ask for religion?" (something tells me I need to take that question seriously!).

    In any case, it's better than being bummed out that there is nothing you can do with the words of Jesus, than keep the words themselves, not selflessly but as telling noone!

    Thanks for your consideration.
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  2. Tolworth John

    Tolworth John Well-Known Member Supporter

    United Kingdom
    Only in the context of faith in Jesus.

    Other religions promote doing good works, but do not promote faith in Jesus' death and resurrection.

    It is as Jesus said, ,' If you Love me, you will obey my commands. '
    For the Christian salvation is a gift from God and all good works are merely a response to show that we love him.