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Worship songs for weddings...

Discussion in 'Engagement and Wedding' started by Sascha Fitzpatrick, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. Sascha Fitzpatrick

    Sascha Fitzpatrick Well-Known Member

    Hey! :)

    We are wanting two songs to have our singers perform whilst we are signing the registry.

    What choruses did you use during your ceremony, if any? Nearly all Christian weddings I've been to have had choruses sung during the ceremony, and so I'm sorry if that's not the 'norm' for you guys. :)

    We would like some inspiration! :D

  2. JulesM

    JulesM UK Female

    Hi Sascha

    We're going to have two worship songs (In Christ Alone & How Great Thou Art) for us and the congregation, during the ceremony.

    During signing the register we'll probably go for secular music. Our song is 'Happy Together' by The Turtles - so that will be one of them.

    I went to a wedding recently where they played 'I'm a Believer' - The Monkees and 'Lovely Day' - Bill Withers.

    I also went to another wedding where we sung worship songs during the signing. So pick your favourite hymns?
  3. Inperfected

    Inperfected Guest

    One i am thinking of having is a song i was downloading (downloading = tried to find it for hours online, and finally got it. Was necessary for church the next morn! (he asked me at 10pm)). It is Please walk beside me by parachute band.
  4. wemmick

    wemmick New Member

    A dear friend of ours sang two songs by Watermark, "Captivate Us," and "Knees to the Earth." Our congregational hymn (that everyone sang) was "O God Beyond All Praising," and I also like "Praise My Soul, the King of Heaven." Our mothers and grandmothers were seated during "Great is Thy Faithfulness." And my brother and sil used "Give Thanks," as a worship chorus during theirs. I've also heard "Shine on Us" used and recently "I Saw the Light" (they recessed to it--very sweet and fun).
  5. Jillymac

    Jillymac God is my Strength

    Hi Sascha

    We've got a brass quintet playing so we wanted something a bit more traditional to fit with them so the old classic wedding hymn "Love Divine" is our first song.

    I've got family who do not attend church and really wanted to show them that church isn't all hymny so i've picked a slow worship song (which will be played on the piano)
    called "I need You more" these are the words

    i need you more, more than yesterday
    i need you more, more than words can say
    i need you more, than ever before
    i need you more, i need you more

    More than the air i breathe
    More than the songs i sing
    More than the next heartbeat
    More than anything, and Lord as time goes by
    I'll be by your side
    Cause i never want to go back to my old life

    (Then Chorus again)

    Right here in Your presence is where i belong
    Now this old broken heart has finally found a home
    And i'll never be alone

    (finish with chorus)
  6. ibelieve316

    ibelieve316 New Member

    Hi, could you please tell me who sings that song I need you more? Thank you.
  7. Woohaar

    Woohaar Mrs Kiwishaq

    we actually had no worship songs in our wedding - just in and out! I think the whole service took about 20 minutes! (the minister did give a short sermon)

    In terms of other songs, I walked in to "Hey Flower" by the lads, we signed the register to "This is Forever" by Pual Coleman Trio, and walked out to "Beautiful Day" by U2
  8. hugnluvable

    hugnluvable AMAZED!

    Becasue it was the week before Christmas we got to sing "O Come All Ye Faithful!" at the beginning. It was amazing

    God bless all the wedding plans
  9. nahMish

    nahMish Regular Member

    ive seen ''i will be your friend" (i think thats the name of it) during the registry. the best man sung if and it was beautiful ! the bride and groom starting singing it too...
  10. nahMish

    nahMish Regular Member

    by michael W smith-sorry forgot to add that.
  11. Sascha Fitzpatrick

    Sascha Fitzpatrick Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys - wedding is in 19 days, and we're having the songs during signing the registry.

    Our songs are 'Agnus Dei' and 'Awesome God'... our musician is also doing a solo of 'Sing of your love forever' during the ceremony.