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Works continue, long after faith is gone (selah)

Discussion in 'General Theology' started by Gottservant, Sep 25, 2021.

  1. Gottservant

    Gottservant God loves your words, may men love them also Supporter

    Hi there,

    So there is a painfully obvious point to make, in the manner that James spoke of about showing his faith by his works (from memory, James):
    In other words, we do not get to Heaven by works, but that does not change the fact that the faith (at least for the faith of its own sake) will run out. We must reconcile ourselves to this fact: that the faith (at least for the faith of its own sake) runs out.

    We must stir up the gift that is in us, until we have seen the works, that the Holy Spirit saw in us, the Day He sealed us, for (among other things) works of God. If we do this diligently, there will be more works that we are able to do, whether now, or in the life hereafter (more!). I am not saying "our faith should diminish, to works"; I am saying "our faith should embrace works", and not merely by faith only, but by the Law. For the Law has a shadow of the things to come, and we cannot see to do more, by faith, without it (the Law).

    We have heard that we are saved by Grace - but how is it that our Grace will come to serve as Redemption, for others? Only by works! You may need to dust off your faith, you may need to repent more - even at length! -, but at some point the old things will give way to the "new" and your faith will be rewarded for its obedience!
    We must pray dilgiently about this, that the arrow of our conviction not miss its mark - the Holy Spirit waits for those that will carry forth one of His bows, to conquer and subdue and to shine the light of works, where even just one has remained in darkness.

    The light is coming! The Gospel has spread around most of the Earth - it is time we start considering what manner of legacy the faith will develop, from Age to Age (of the remaining "Ages" - that is, before Mankind is made an end of)! We must pray, we must repent, we must draw our brothers and sisters close! This is how we settle the dispute between God and the Devil, that we do the works that the Devil on his own could not do! If we measure our faith, by this standard, we will be able to work clear of the Devil and his "influence", both in this world and the world to come - it is worth working hard! Have courage brothers, this light that you see now, will not die, it is for further reflection on what the Lord has already said "greater works they will do, because I go to my Father" (from memory, gospels): in other words, "the reflection of Jesus on His Father, will shed light on what we are to do next!"

    God bless you all - receive the word.
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