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Women shaving "moustache"

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by cello_chick, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. cello_chick

    cello_chick Senior Member

    You know how some people have really dark hair, so the hair in their "moustache" stands out, is it okay to shave this? or will it end up getting thicker and darker and worse off? Or are there alternatives like bleaching, which are easy to do, like, do you need to bleach often?
    I know that's a lot of quesstions, but if you can answer any, please do!
  2. Oblivious

    Oblivious Matthew 7:12

    Unless you want stubble, I'd steer clear of shaving. Bleaching is one alternative, as is waxing, which over time will actually make the hair grow back thinner.
  3. StarryEyedPea

    StarryEyedPea Well-Known Member

    i would go for waxing, and also advise to start by having it done professionally.

    as above posting says, steer clear of shaving!

    i have never tried shaving but i cant imagine it would do much good, and would leave the stubbly thing, and probably not feel great either, so yeah, as above said, no shave!

    sep xx
  4. AveMaria

    AveMaria Anglo-Catholic Tat Queen

    You can shave it, it won't make the hair grow back thicker or blacker (that's a myth!) but it will grow back feeling prickly.

    If waxing is an option, I recommend it. It's uncomfortable, but it only hurts for a second, and over time, the hair grows back finer and sometimes eventually stops growing back.

    I've never tried bleaching, but I knew a girl in college who did it often.

    Another option is using a product like Nair - they make a special one for use on the face, and it's what I usually do if I can't get a waxing appointment and to save money. If you try this, please try a patch test on your arm or somewhere to test for allergic reactions, though!
  5. country woman

    country woman Guest

    I have a friend who has dark hair and she has a moustache
  6. shezshy

    shezshy Contributor

    im cuban/hawaiian and although right now i do not have facial hair other than eyebrows that i arch monthly my relatives in their elderly years do have shadows on the upper lip.i agree with everyone that bleaching or waxing is best,but have it done by someone so thats it properly done.my great grandmother still goes to the salon to keep her shadowy upper lip from showing.it makes her feel better anyways! shaving your face will only cause prickly hair plus i imagine just like with legs it will grow back just as quick,waxing is a longer hair free phase.your 14,are you already showing darkness above the lip area?
  7. laurabelle778

    laurabelle778 New Member

    I'm not really an expert on all of this, but I definitely agree that shaving would not be the route to go if you want to get rid of upper lip hair. I'd try the Nair for facial hair like the others mentioned.
  8. ladylike

    ladylike High fives and hugs!

    No! Don't do it!
  9. Nicole_07

    Nicole_07 Member

    I'd go for the waxing
  10. Mashley

    Mashley Well-Known Member

    I've heard about something called electrolysis. They like zap the hairs at the root, so they don't come back for a long time. I don't know much about it though.

    Avon has a cream that is made for facial hair. It's kind of like Nair, but I guess it's specialized for the face.
  11. invisible trousers

    invisible trousers ~*this post promotes non-nicene christianity*~

    bleaching fools nobody. wax that bad boy.
  12. thenewageriseth

    thenewageriseth Stranger in my town, commoner in my realm

    I shaved my very thin-almost-invisible moustache with my razor...Did I do wrong? :eek:
  13. Dark Matter

    Dark Matter Well-Known Member

    If you shave, you will get stubble like a man. Don't do it.
    Bleaching will diminish the appearance and is easy to do. You repeat as often as necessary. Be sure to follow the directions well.
    If you wax, the hair will grow back, likely thinner, but you bend the roots and it makes electrolosys difficult later.
    If you can, use electrolosis. This will kill the root, causing the hair to not grow back. Sometimes a given follicle may require more than one treatment, but once it works, the hair doesn't grow back.

    Funny that a guy would write this for you, but I work in the industry and didn't hear others providing you with this information.
  14. Dark Matter

    Dark Matter Well-Known Member

    Just once, no. But don't do it anymore. Follow invisible trouser's advice and wax.
  15. desert_island_1

    desert_island_1 Be Transformed - Romans 12:2

    I have a bit of a shadow but it is easily covered up by makeup. I am not really all that self consious about it though because all the women on my dad's side of the family has thick dark hair. I also have really noticible dark hair on my arms but so does everybody else in my family!
  16. thenewageriseth

    thenewageriseth Stranger in my town, commoner in my realm

    Oh, okay. Thanks. Cuz I only did it once. :D
  17. Tamara77777

    Tamara77777 Well-Known Member

    Hello! T:wave: he worse thing to do is shave.Get it waxed...it will last longer and you won't have the 5 o'clock shadow. Electrolis sorry spelling is costly, you could check into it, But ;) waxing is around 5 dollars.
    I knew a lady that shaved, her face and it is sad she looked like prince. :(

    hope this helps
    Tamara77777 :clap: praisingonpiano