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Discussion in 'Christianity and World Religion' started by blue_eyes1313, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. MysticalSoul

    MysticalSoul New Member

    The Wicca religion is a newer branch of Paganism, founded in the 60's.
  2. jrmorganjr

    jrmorganjr Paladin


    Thanks for making an effort to look after my well being after your own fashion. I think you missed the fact that when I wrote those comments it was part of the "For Christians Only - Teen Youth & Ministry Forum". I was also very careful to add phrases like "From a Christian perspective" and "By Christian Standards", so I do think I was being respectful and couching. If my intent did not come across, my apologies.

    Of course, we have the basic war of moral relativism vs. absolutism here. I am not a relativist as most of the people involved in this thread supporting wicca appear to be. Hence my comments on pantheism/universalism. I sincerely believe that these paths lead to the soul's rejection by God, and I am very concerned and compassionate about that. I understand that this is my own opinion and perspective, but I do believe it and thus act on it. I have a great deal of respect for sincere followers of any religion as they are the Truth seekers - I think I have the one and only answer for that seeking and want to share it.

    Unfortunately, it is the nature of Truth that it is one sided. All the religions conflict too much at even their most basic tenets for them all to be true. It seems to me the proper approach is to take the one that appears to be the most true, assume it is the true one, and base your life on that presumption, while keeping your mind open to supplementary data from all sources. It is the nature of thinking that we "filter" what gets through and how we integrate it - presuppositions are unavoidable. Although presuppositions can change.

    You are insisting that your "tolerate all religious practices" is the absolute correct path, and insisting that my best course would be to follow that path. Isn't that exactly what you're saying that I'm doing, with a different presupposition? My presupposition is that "there is only one true religion", yours is that "most religious practices are more or less morally equivalent" - but then we use the exact same techniques! In other words, by what absolute (or relative) moral authority are you insisting that your presupposition is better than mine?

    Do you agree?
  3. MissytheButterfly

    MissytheButterfly Back and Better than EVER!

    BRT28006, I got that information from a book I own called Wicca Craft. I am NOT WICCAN, I am a CHRISTIAN. But I DO NOT have any problem with someone that is Wicca, as I said my friend in college was Wicca and she was wonderful.

    I do think that the writer means that Wicca is the name of modern witchcraft, because that's what it said. The lady that wrote the book is some kind of Wiccan Leader. I was just giving some information to help people that don't understand it. I hope my post didn't offend or anything, it wasn't intented to, just to give info from an ACTUAL practicing Wiccan, instead of people using the wrong info.
  4. brt28006

    brt28006 Member

    Definitely no offense taken.
    You had the information right. I was really more of clarifying to everyone else that Wicca is the most recent form of witchcraft, in case your original post had been misleading to anyone.

    Actually, I think it slightly earlier.
    It did not become well known, however (and this is especially true in America), until about the 1960's.
  5. MissytheButterfly

    MissytheButterfly Back and Better than EVER!

    Brt, well thank you..I appreciate that. Bless you. :)
  6. ex_christian

    ex_christian Member

    Ummmmm... I believe you are mixing up different posters. Please go back and reread my posts, you will find that what you are claiming in that paragraph that I wrote was actually posted by somone else. I must say I found that last paragraph a tad confusing so I am not exactly sure what you are trying to say to me (although I have an idea), so I cannot really post a decent reply. Perhaps after rereading my previous posts you can reword? Only if you want me to understand...

    Blessed Be,
    ~Ex :holy:
  7. MysticalSoul

    MysticalSoul New Member

    1860's. Actually, I think it slightly earlier.
    It did not become well known, however (and this is especially true in America), until about the 1960's. [/B][/QUOTE]

    True. Thank you for correcting me :)
  8. MysticalSoul

    MysticalSoul New Member

    Well I didnt do the quote thing right...heheheh :D
  9. elephanticity

    elephanticity This appears beneath your name.

    Now THAT's funny. 'I respect other's religions' and 'Satan...(has) flooded your mind.'

    How terribly open minded of you. Thank you so much for clearing up the source of my problem.

    "Avaunt thee, Satan, get thee hence."

    Nope, doesn't seem to have worked....I still don't believe in Satan....
  10. No gods

    No gods Buttercup Atheist


    Do *you* know where the power of *your* prayers come from? Is it from the *true god* or some other forces? And please don't say you know because the bible tells you! Any wiccan or any person from any other religion can quote to you from *their holy text* why they are right and you are wrong.

    No gods
  11. Annabel Lee

    Annabel Lee Beware the Thought Police

    Why the condesending attitude, non-Christians? :rolleyes:
    I've known MANY wiccans, spiritualists, pagans ect.

    There are two kind of Wiccans...The Real Wiccans and what I like to call The WiccaWanabes.
    A real Wiccan would not come into a forum attempting to show Christians, the error of their ways.
    It wouldn't even occur to them. It would be beneath them.

    By the way, men usually make very substandard witches.

  12. brt28006

    brt28006 Member


    True, I think only the atheists on this forum are attempting to show anyone the errors of Christianity.
    I debate the errors of creation science... but that's science. If a Christian says "God created the world", I'd say "could have been." Who am I to say He didn't?

    I don't know the fine details of Wicca, but in Celtic paganism, 2,000 years ago most of the druids were men. In modern Celtic paganism, however, the ratio of males to females has increased, and spells are at their most potent when an equal number of men and women are present (balance of light and dark.)

    If men usually make substandard witches in your opinion, I imagine it's because most of the male witches you've encountered have fallen under your Wiccan Wannabe category.
  13. WiccanWarrior

    WiccanWarrior New Member

    Hello again,
    Many people on here have made very valid points as to what Wicca really is and that it is the furthest thing from Satanism. I am a male witch and very proud to be one, and thinking that only females can be "true" witches is silly. Its like saying that only people from India can be the only true Hindus or people from Jerusilim (pardon my spelling) can be the only true Jew's. Many other's on here have made very good points on what Wicca really is, so I feel no need to reitterate what they have said.

  14. iyosh

    iyosh Mana's Doll

    First of all... i am wiccan and please forgive my typos.
    Okay... i dont get some of you people... others i do. and then there are the people who have open minds. Those are the kind i like. Those people who think we make our selves look like saints :pray: ... make our selves look beter then christians, are wrong. You couldnt be wronger. Just to clear upo that misunderstanding... i will resite our rede

    abide by the wiccian lay ye must.
    in perfect love and perfect trust
    ( inother words... love trust must be pure to have good energy)
    Eight words the wiccan rede fulfill:
    Harm ye none... do what ye will
    ( bacally do what you will, as long as it doesnt hurt anyone)

    Whatever you do comes back to thee
    so ever mind the rule of three
    (yes... we have consiquenses. Good and bad. If something is done in good nature, it will come back three fold. same as the bad.)
    fallow this with mind and heart.
    merry ye met... merry ye part.
    (We meet happly and wish to depart happily)

    We also believe that our "magick" somes from inside is and arround us. And there is no devil in the craft because to give evil a name is to give it power.

    To me, in the begening of the christian religion, they took some of our holidays and traditions to convert pagans of old. ostra... the spring holiday turned into easter... taken from the goddess for spring, ester. And Christmas was taken from Yule, the celebration for mid winter. To name a few. Also, the bible was even revised to help with the burning times (where innocent people were burned at the stake for their beliefes). i dont remember the verse but it was oregionally " Poisoners should not be alowed to live. Witches were wonce healers of villages. Man got to thinking that witches also poisoned people. This gave more feul to the fire against pagans. So the church changed it to Thou shalt not allow a witch to live. ( if you want a resorce for this, resopnde to this) And i am not blaming you modern day christians... to do that would be like blaming us white people for what early americans did with the black people (and no... i dont believe in political correctness.).

    :sigh: I just wish people were open minded and live and let be. But there cant be peace with out war.

    And to Ex christian... from one ex christian to another... :bow: you rock for telling out truths... and all the other pagan/wiccan/ Mother goddess and horned god worshipers out there.

    In the immordal words of Vash the Stampede (from trigun... an anime )

    Laaabu ando piiisu
    (love and peace)
  15. NEW CLAY

    NEW CLAY New Member

    Pass the bag please.... :eek:
  16. elephanticity

    elephanticity This appears beneath your name.

    I get chewed out for making one-liner posts that don't contribute to the conversations. Does this qualify?

    Someone asked about wiccan's and some wiccan's responded. Now, i tend to stay out of the fellowship threads, but these here are supposed to at least pretend interest in other views. Not necessarily tolerance, but as Susabean posted elsewhere, proverbs 14:10 or James 3:9.
  17. ex_christian

    ex_christian Member

    Thank you SO much for that! It really does bring a tear to your eye ( good tear) when you see others of your own misunderstood faith sticking up for what they beleive in. It is really sad that some christians can be so close minded...

    You said you used to christian like me. What happenned? Whats your story?
  18. iyosh

    iyosh Mana's Doll

    For new clay... who asked for a bag. Heres your bag. Do what you will. I just hope that you dont get too terably sick from hearing about ones beliefs and the truth as one sees it.

    and as for that bible passage thinky, i am looking for that link, or resorce for that now. as soon as i find it, i will post it.

    and as for why i chose to become wiccian, despite the fact that the rest of my family are very x-ian (christian) is because i find more spiritually in wician then christian. And i feel more close to a woman diety then a male.

    Love and peace

    iyoshi :sleep:
  19. jrmorganjr

    jrmorganjr Paladin

    Hi ex-Christian,

    Sorry to be so slow responding, my ISP has been down for several days now. In Snoopy words: *arrgggghhh!*

    I was referring to your post #34 where you kindly tried to tell me that I might be more effective as a champion of Christianity if I was more open minded and less opinionated in my presentation. So let me restate what my point was:

    Your advice to me was built on the premise that "All religions are more or less morally equivalent." In other words, tolerance and open mindedness with respect to other's beliefs is the highest truth involved in our discussion.

    My premise was that "Christianity is the one true religion, and all others have serious negative consequences - if Christianity is true."

    If your premise is right, then my apologies for not recognizing a higher truth. If mine is right, all non-Christians are in a whole heap'o'trouble. My actions and strident opinions are based on my holding my opinion to be true. If I am right, it is my responsibility and my compassion's calling to pull you out of wicca or any other belief system that will result in eternal harm to your soul. So I can't at the same time believe what I believe and "water" down and accept other viewpoints as equally valid. This seemed to be your recommendation to me and to the original poster, blue_eyes1313, and I think there is great folly in this position for these reasons.

    So the basic issue is that our premises disagree. By what moral authority do we decide between the two of us, who is right and who is wrong? You appeal to your own personal belief and/or to the external authority of the wiccan belief system, I appeal to the external authority of Jehovah God and his declaration through scripture and in his personal declaration of his nature within our hearts. Therein lies the choice. I respect your free will choice to make your decision; yet I believe that I have chosen wisely.

    God bless you and seek you, and draw you into his loving embrace,
  20. MatthewDiscipleofGod

    MatthewDiscipleofGod Senior Veteran

    Amen jrmorganjr.