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why should I trust God?

Discussion in 'Christian Advice' started by Musician4Jesus, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. Musician4Jesus

    Musician4Jesus Senior Member

    I've sacrificed tons for God. I've been rejected by my own family for following him; it caused a rift in the relationship I had with my dad. All of the things I've done for God were out of love and obedience and loyalty for him. When I help others it's because I believe it's the right thing to do....and because I enjoy helping other ppl, as well as it's my way of sharing God's love to ppl and showing my love to him.

    People suggest reading the word, praying, going to church, etc. However if I were to do these things, it wouldn't be sincere, and that to me is just as rude and disrespectful to God as sinning against him.

    I spent time in prayer and waited for signs of what I thought he called me to. Then when I though I knew what he'd called me to, I put forth all of my time, efforts, energy, and concentration.

    I thought God was supposed to reward those who were faithful for him, loyal to him, and those who endure pain, suffering, rejection, etc. etc. for him....all of which I've done. I don't just mean in the afterlife in heaven, I mean while here on earth too.

    However despite doing all of this, my life ended up in shambles. I was uprooted from everything and everyone I love.

    I KNOW the purposes of sanctification and persecution and refinement are and what they serve; that's what 90% of my walk with God has been.

    I don't need to be told life is unfair I already know this from past experience in my own life.

    Why should I trust God? I prayed to him for things to improve, for providing opportunities for things to get better; I used the resources and opportunities he made available to me while trying to trust him that things would get better and trying to believe he'd provide for me.

    Despite doing that, things still haven't improved. Whenever things are on the verge of getting better, something without fail happens to wreck it.

    I know that waiting builds character, but I'm sick to death of waiting.
    I'm exhausted in every aspect of the word.....emotionally, spiritually, physically. I hate my life and stay alive for the sake of others. If it weren't for them, I'd already be dead. Quite frankly I don't even think people would care if I were gone, because most of my 'friends' treat me like I don't exist, so that tells me they don't care.

    They say they do but actions speak louder than words. I don't care if it's intentional or not, it still hurt.
  2. Zalu

    Zalu Newbie

    I'd like to start off by saying that when you feel like NOT reading your bible, going to church, etc: that's when you need it the most, even if you feel it's disrespectful to God. He's endlessly forgiving and patient. He's forgiven you for much more than just reading your bible when you didn't feel like it or going to church in a bad mood. You're right, God does reward us in not only the afterlife, but here, on Earth. A big part of recognizing that is having a thankful, loving heart. He's taken you out of the situation that you "loved" for a reason, and He takes us out of our comfort zone all of the time; embrace it. A verse that sticks out to me right now is 1 Corinthians 13:13 "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." (NIV) Love is greater than faith and hope, but the latter two are incredibly important as well!

    Things could be improving, but you may not even notice it because it seems like you're so caught up in what is YOUR idea of better. Sit back and just do what you feel God wants you to do. God has His plan working in your life, and the plans he has for you are so you can live life abundantly and bring glory and honor to His name!

    I think we would all rather be dead and in heaven with our Father, but some of us (like you) have a passion for people, to show them what Christ has done for our lives. If I was to kill myself, I wouldn't worry whether people would notice my absence, I would be worrying what God would think, because that's the only opinion that truly matters.

    My advice: Go to church and get involved, read your Bible regardless of how you feel. Develop a hunger for His word and presence, ask Him for a loving, thankful heart. Pray for peace that surpasses all understanding.
  3. dvanderdeen

    dvanderdeen Regular Member Supporter

    Walking with God is not always an easy thing. My family has been through many struggles as well. Like you, my parents have always felt called to work with those in need. My parents have dedicated their lives to helping people, especially teenagers. This is by far one of the hardest age groups to work with imo. Many parents have welcomed more than 100 kids into their home over the years, and have been hurt by most of them.

    These children come in with addictions to drugs and alcohol. They come in pregnant at the age of 14 or 15. They come in from broken homes where no one cared for them. They come in from families were relatives raped them. All of them suffering and struggling with problems. My parents gave them a home to live in and a family that loved them. That was something most of them had never experienced before.

    My parents loved these children like their own, and most of them betrayed my parents and did whatever they could to hurt them before they left. My parents and my family were often deeply hurt by them. My parents thought frequently about quitting but never did. They struggled on even though it cost them relationships with almost all of our relatives.

    My dad's family did not want to see these Children, they did not want them to come to family events. Most of the time, that meant that we defied them and were treated badly, or we just didn't go. It got to the point were we were not invited to family weddings, birthdays, or other celebrations anymore. My parent's refused to treat these children differently than those related to them by blood, and the rest of my family refused to accept that.

    Throughout their lives I have watched my parents struggle. I watched them do this service, and they seemed to recieve nothing from it but pain. I didn't understand where they found the strength to keep going. My parents struggled with money issues and many times had trouble making ends meet. We had Christmasses and birthdays where there was nothing to recieve. We had nights when the food on the table was scarce. My parents had frequent worries about being able to pay bills and keep the house. I didn't know why od wasn't blessing them more for their service to him.

    Finally after more than 30 years of service I have seen a change. My parents are welcome again at family events. My uncle and aunt even bring foster children of their own to events. My parents have become not only financially stable, but blessed. My father now manages a big company, and recently worked out a deal that will make him personally millions. Money that he will use to fulfill his dream of building a camp for children like those he has been helping for years.

    Finally after more than 30 years I see God blessing my family for their service to him. It taught me a very important lesson. Things work not according to our schedule and our wants, but according to God's time. When we serve him diligently, we will go through suffering and hardship, but his blessings will come.
  4. 1watchman

    1watchman Overseer

    It sounds like you are saying, Musician, that you have done a lot for God so that is what counts and He should be happy about that. No, that is not what pleases Him; it is receiving His beloved Son, the Lord Jesus, into your heart and worshipping Him.

    We need to be very thankful that our Creator made us, and though we fell in sin He came to our rescue and sent His beloved Son to die for us so we can be saved. If we don't receive Him we will have no part in God --the Father. Maybe you know that, but I did not see that kind of appreciation expressed.

    Salvation and Godliness is not about good works, but faith in the atoning work of Christ who did the work on the cross. Certainly we should live for Him, be thankful, and serve Him, but we need to get the priorities straight.

    - 1 Watchman
  5. Ps145

    Ps145 Guest

    When it ceases to be your time, your effort, your good works, and your feelings, then you'll be ready to learn. Do you really want what YOU deserve? I doubt it. You'd been in hell if you got it. No, life isn't just not fair, it's intentionally designed to be not fair. Life is designed to give you far better than you deserve. It's designed to turn sinners into saints. It's designed to take whiners, and make them into worshippers. It's about forgetting what the individual has done, and seeing what God has done, and continues to do. 27 years old and tired of waiting? WOW. At least you're honest. I'll give you that. I can only wish I was at the point where I had only waited until I was 27. LOL My body wouldn't be broken down as much. Now that you've had a good cry, pick up your bible and read about Joseph, and how falsely accused, he spent ten years in prison for not sinning against the Lord. Read about how God had something more important than Joseph's personal comfort to consider. If the worst thing to happen to you today was to get disrespected, thank God. You didn't get what you deserved. And then read Ps 119. And after you are done, let me know, and I will pray for you.
  6. Ompanime

    Ompanime RJT

    It is good to suffer for God! I am Glad to call you my Spiritual Sister! Please understand that we should Love God just because He blesses us. We should Glorify God because He will give us a reward, we should Glorify God for who He is! Life is about God, don't you know that "all things were created by him for him"?

    "The works of his hands are verity and judgment; all his commandments are sure.

    They stand fast for ever and ever, and are done in truth and uprightness." Psalm 111:7-8 KJV

    "For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him." Colossians 1:16
  7. SoldierOfSoul

    SoldierOfSoul Senior Veteran

    The question you should ask is "Why should I not trust God?"
  8. Emmy

    Emmy Senior Veteran

    Salvation Army
    Dear Musician4Jesus. God is Love, and God can be trusted wholeheartedly. I say this humbly and with love, to trust God we must know what God has for us, we must know what we ask God`s help for, and then we must follow God nearly. More often than not, it takes time, we talk things over with God, we tell Him why we need what we ask for, and we keep thanking God all the time. ( Not because God wants our thanks first, but because we show God how much we would like what we pray for, and let God see that we truly need His Help and Love.) God is our Heavenly Father, and God loves giving us what we ask for. Before you decide Not to trust God, show God what you really would love Him to give you, and then FOLLOW God. God has given us free will, we can say Yes, or No, to God, but if there are others too, it all takes time to be accomplished. God does not force us in any way. God can do all things, but often it takes time and our prayers will also help. If I may give some loving advice: ask God`s Forgiveness and help Him with your prayers. Jesus told us that with God all things are possible. Greetings from Emmy, your sister in Christ.
  9. HosannaHM

    HosannaHM Reformed and Redeemed

    Trusting God isn't the easy thing to do. That's why there aren't as many practicing Christians these days. Satan has built a curtian of agreement making it difficult to see that God's ways are better. Pslam 91 speaks of the Lord's trust carrying us in eagle's wings as a fortress.

    Maybe you should turn your eyes to the Book of Job. His tale is all about trusting God. He loses his family, friends, and possesions and doesn't seem to understand why. But in the end God came through for him as He always does for His flock.

    Leaning on our own understanding is not enough sometimes. We have to trust the maker of the cosmos; the Lord Jesus Christ. If you can't trust Christ, who can you rely on?
  10. Musician4Jesus

    Musician4Jesus Senior Member


    I'm getting sick and tired of Christians like you. You don't even read and think about what's being told you, and you certainly aren't trying to look at it from my perspective.
    You make a slew of these accusations and assumptions. That because I have the audacity to acknowledge my problems and acknowledge I need help, this makes me a baby and immature?!

    Then you make this accusation that the reason I do good deeds and help people is to glorify myself?! You don't know me at all. Sure I'm the one who did good deeds, but I didn't do them to gloat or be in the limelight. I did so out of LOVE; love for God, and love and caring for people, and wanting to help them because it was the right thing to do. I certainly didn't do so to be a braggart and/or to boast; I don't like to draw attention to myself, it makes me feel awkward.

    I'm already going through a difficult enough time as is, you tearing into me and treating me like dung because I acknowledge my pain, sorrow, problems, etc. isn't helping it's just exacerbating things for me. I don't need you to judge me; you're not God, it's not your job. Even if that's not what you're doing, that's exactly how you're coming off to me.

    This is exactly one of the reasons that I haven't told God what I really wanted. Because if I do, then I'm being selfish and it's rude and disrespectful to him to want a future for my life, one to look forward to. However according to many Christians, desiring such things is taboo?! God is the one who gave me the abilities and talents I have, he is the one who placed the desires in my heart. I think that God is going to call you to something that plays to your strengths, the talents and abilities he gave you. You'll better serve him that way and be more enthusiastic about doing so as well.

    Yes I have goals and yes I have dreams but why the hell is it so taboo for me to desire they become reality? Because you and countless Christians based on the attitude you gave me, I'm being selfish by doing so, I'm not seeking God's will by doing so.

    I've read the book of Job and I know what the whole point of the book is. The point is that life isn't fair and hardships, pain, adversity, etc. are unavoidable, such is life. The reason God allowed the bad stuff to occur to job was a test of his faith, to see if he would love God in both the good and bad times. See here is the thing though. God blessed Job afterwards.

    I've been thru so many difficult seasons for God, and the light at the end of the tunnel has yet to come; I've yet to get out of this rut that is my life and have something good occur, and be prospered and have it last. Even the best years and happiest years of my life (so far) I was still in a rut with my life. It's very difficult to believe that things will improve and become good for me, when this has yet to manifest itself and become a reality in my life.

    I have followed God; not because it's just something I grew up with, so I believed it because it's what I was taught, and was just a part of my life growing up; I didn't inherit my faith. That is to say I didn't just mindlessly follow it cause it's what I was taught, but didn't really try to understand why I believed what I did ....such is not the case with my faith.
  11. briareos

    briareos Well-Known Member


    The fact that you wrote that name, that you considered yourself a musician for Jesus and that now you've come to the place that you have is very sad :( not becuase of how you've failed but becuase of what's happened to you. I am so sorry for you. I will not begin to discredit how you feel that wouldn't be fair to you or even reasonable, you have reasons to feel the way you do.

    I do though think that in the midst of your anger and frustration, deep down inside you there still remains a part of you that hopes and seeks and believes in God, it's what prompted you to make this post and continue to check it.

    I've been through times in my life where I simply couldn't find God anymore and he made no sense to me but in the end... that really doesn't matter, not if you do actually believe God is real ya know? If he is real and he is God then well the mistakes lie with us, as hard as we try and as honest and sincere as we try to be were the humans, were the ones who once loved him so much and found such joy in him and somewhere along the way we made mistakes or we failed to believe or we gave up hope, in the end friend the mistakes still lie with us somehow and the devil has a knack for making us forget the way we use to feel about God and replaces it with an awful resentment. But if we can let go of the anger and the frustration and in the midst of our destitution and defeat find a sense of humility that is willing to admit we could have been wrong, a humility that is willing to admit that he could be right and that we could be wrong and give him another chance he'll save us.

    Don't allow your anger and resentment and defense mechanism, all your reasons that you do indeed have to create a fortress around your soul that God just can't penetrate. He loves you and he wants to help, his plans for you are still plans to prosper you and plans of goodness. Jesus is mighty to save friend, he really is and if you can somehow return to a place of humility and neediness, a broken heart before him he'll be there for you and lift you up on eagles wings.

    Please friend, please... don't give up, that glimmer in your heart that still lives for him don't let it die yet. I don't expect you to love God again tonight or tomorrow but maybe in a month or two as you begin to maybe reconsider and slowly begin to be able to sincerely ask God for help again and regain your humility, let go of your defense mechanism, your feeling of lost and anger that are indeed real and reasonable and sincerely give God another chance, you'll see him again.
    Really read the words of your post, I understand that you've been through so much, I understand that your hurting, I do but consider what your doing, what your saying, do you really believe that God could speak to you right now and you'd be able to hear? Your so angry and you've almost given up. :(

    I know, maybe your life come crashing down and you have all the reasons you need for God to have failed you but deep down what you really need is his help, God is mighty to save friend and he still loves you.

    I am praying for you, and I will never begin to discredit the reality of how you feel and what you've been through, that your reasons may be legitimate but I feel the truth still remains that he's still real and he's still God and he still loves you and he never really failed you and you just need some help.

    This is what I believe and a story I know all too well, becuase it's my story. :(
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2011
  12. Musician4Jesus

    Musician4Jesus Senior Member

    The only way I'm going to sincerely love God is if his promises of 'the plans I have for you are a hope and a future, and to prosper you and not to harm you' become a reality in my life; that they will manifest themselves tangibly in my life. There is no need to have a broken heart before God, I'm already broken, with my heart, with my life, and with my heart.

    The reason I'm so angry is because people I know in my life, friends, they've trusted God and followed his plan and purpose for their life, what they thought he'd called them to. They did that and they've been blessed. Some of their goals have become reality, or they're able to make steps toward improving their lives, or both! I'm sick of this happening for everybody but me! I did exactly what they did, but have I been blessed?! Have I been rewarded for being faithful?! No!!!!!!

    I'm angry because I hate my life! I have nothing to look forward to when I wake up. I have no life of my own, I'm not romantically involved, I'm not in a job that I enjoy......there is nothing! I can't even find a job just to earn money so I could make steps toward
    accomplishing my goals because the economy is so bad!

    When is it going to be my turn?! People say "wait on God's timing, and things will work out for the best, things will improve" . I'm sick to death of hearing it because I HAVE waited and this mantra and philosophy has yet to become a reality in my life!

    I've already given up and I lost hope a very long time ago.

    Yes I've given up because I've tried to make things better and when I try, nothing happens, it's like hitting a brick wall; essentially trying is an act of futility. You're probably going to say (this is preemptive, I'm not trying to make assumptions I'm speaking from past experience with advice ppl have given me in the past) well you're relying on your strength and you're not trusting God, that's why things aren't getting better. In the past I've tried praying and believing and hoping God would provide for me; I know he won't provide for you if you can't trust him enough to believe he'll keep his promises and provide for you like he says he will. That if you can't believe him enough and trust him enough that he'll do what he says he's going to do, why should he provide for you?

    The reason for this is God says he loves me, but actions speak louder than words.

    Currently the only option I have to be able to get a job, is to go to college for training, because I have no qualifications employers are looking for. The colleges that offer training and courses that appeal to my interests and what I'd like to do as a career (baking, music, or something to do with gardening) are all so far away I can't attend them. The only place
    I can go to college at, they offer courses where I'd be able to get training with something I'd good with, but I'll hate doing it as a job.

    I need help, but nobody is willing to help me the way I need it. Their way of helping is offering advice; I need something more tangible than that. However if it involves real sacrifice on their part (giving of their time, money, resources, etc.) and if it means stepping out of their comfort zone, if it means taking time from their schedule and taking time from accomplishing their goals, they won't; by 'they' I mean people in general.

    Even if people are willing to help me beyond giving advice (which they're not) they don't listen to how I need help; they just help me how THEY think I need help.

    If I acknolwedge how I need help, and ask for it, then of course I'm being a leech, a freeloader, etc.
  13. briareos

    briareos Well-Known Member


    Hey, I feel ya. I really do. I once felt something very similar to that so I honestly say I understand you, I think I do anyway while that does not mean I undermine your struggles to say they couldn't be worse that I experienced. Certainly not. My only stance here is that wow you've gone through a lot, I am not sure I could bear your burdens myself, the only thing I can be sure of is that well God is still real and he is still who he says he is and he hasn't abandoned you. I have to honestly tell you that between you and God I have to say your the one who has erred but that is by no means saying you don't have reasons to feel the way you do. I only encourage you to keep your mind and heart available to God becuase when he does try to help you you need to be able to receive that help, ya know?

    I cannot counter the things you say or discredit them and even if I tried to I would lose my ability to speak to you so I won't. I am so sorry to hear all that you have been through and I do hope and believe, I remain confident that my and others prayers for you will make a difference in your life. In not only your theology but your situation as well. God is mighty to save and he does love you. If you do not believe that then well I will respect you and your beliefs and simply pray for you. I am confident friend that though my messages will not open the clouds of heaven over your life if you are willing to leave your heart and mind open to God and remain honest that in time you will be changed and God will save you.

    I am praying for you, and please believe me that I do respect you, your thoughts and opinions and I value them as much as my own. :) I will never try to prove you wrong about anything. My hope is that you overcome this, not that you be shown the error of your ways. I am praying for you

  14. laconicstudent

    laconicstudent Well-Known Member

    Christian Seeker

    I'm guessing you already have, but have you considered the possibility that God wants something different and more glorious for you than what you are planning for yourself, in terms of romance/job/family etc.?

    My advice would be to find a loving spiritual elder and ask for his/her advice. I myself know some monastics, and they are always very loving.
  15. thomasjames

    thomasjames Newbie

    You know, buddy, i know how you feel because i've gone and i'm still going
    through exactly the same! After serving God real hard and with all i've got, i'm really dissappointed with the fact God hasn't really answered some
    deep wishes of my heart like being able to marry and to form a family and
    find the woman of my life. Years and years have gone by and I'm still left
    without an answer. I can't tell you how inmensely hurt I feel with the Lord, because i didn't think so many good and wonderful years of my life
    would be gone by still waiting for an answer that has never arrived! I feel
    like i've been lied to and mocked! So far i don't understand the moves of
    God and after so many years i feel depressed and sometimes even lost at
    the sight of so many who have always rejected me and hated me for the
    only reason of not joining in with the evil crowd. I've come to the point
    where i ask my self if there's any purpose at all having been born or even
    continue to live, since i have no one to either live or struggle for, and no
    one seems to care about my pain. All of this seems pointless! But after
    trying a little bit with the world and becoming aware that definately the
    world is seriously missing something, i've thought about it before trying it
    again! In church, we have at least some conscience and values, some
    thing you barely find out there amidst all those who don't even have an
    idea of the laws and principles of God, love, family, salvation, forgiveness,
    faithfulness, the gift of life and so many good principles we in church
    enjoy and which seem to not even exist out there in the world of nonbelie
    vers and nonpractioners. So it's far worse out there than within our
    church! Out there there is no hope at all! In our church hope still exists
    and strength to carry on is still available. And that's really a lot in compari
    son with what's available out there. Out there they all completely walk
    out on you and abandon you and leave you to your own fortune! In
    church, at least, someone listens to you, and if you happen to find your
    self in one of this messes life, through evil people, brings, at least some
    one from church will listen and have you in their minds and prayers, and
    bother to pay you a visit or a call. Out there in the world i only longed
    and hoped somebody would listen and care. But none did! Church at
    least offers some comfort! And for me, considering all i've gone through,
    that's more than enough! So even though my faith in God has definately
    decreased and suffered much damage, i can't simply do in life without
    some values and principles that definately form the core of what that
    better world we all dream of, longed for and so hardly struggle for with
    our examples, words and clean way of life! I can't simply imagine my life
    without the values that give me a reason, a motive and the strength to
    live. Those values are the ones that keep me alive amidst the desilusion
    i'm experiencing from both the world and God. But those values are still
    alive and available in church as oppossed to the world. Church is still
    the beacon of light that keeps many of us navigating safely in an inmense
    ly dark ocean where no light or brightness is available (to the point of not
    even being able to distinguish my own hands of so much darkness) and
    where the waves caused by the fiery torment are both violent and brave,
    to the point of almost sinking us. So now, i would seriosly think about it
    before parting from church, lest that it be yet worse out there! All i can
    suggest you to do, buddy, is to recover and regain your own life, your
    own goals and clean and noble ambitions and do your part to make them
    a sweet and happy reality, so that you may become whole, fulfilled and
    satisfied within your heart and rebuild that self esteem! Do your own
    thing and go after those pure and noble desires of your heart (marrying,
    having children, finding your soulmate, buying and owning your home and
    car, making a career in college, composing, singing and recording your
    music -making sure a clean, good, motivating and noble message is carried-, traveling in pilgrimage tours, etc...), always maintaining yourself
    in close contact with the church and motivating others and convincing
    them that life is still worthed living so long as we uphold and defend the good principles and values we've learned as christians.
    I woul like you to read the following message in the bible which has
    given me much encouragement and motivation. It is in book of Ecclesias

    7 Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart; for God now accepteth thy works.
    8 Let thy garments be always white; and let thy head lack no ointment.
    9 Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest all the days of the life of thy vanity, which he hath given thee under the sun, all the days of thy vanity: for that is thy portion in this life, and in thy labour which thou takest under the sun.
    10 Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.

    9 Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth; and let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth, and walk in the ways of thine heart, and in the sight of thine eyes: but know thou, that for all these things God will bring thee into judgment.
    10 Therefore remove sorrow from thy heart, and put away evil from thy flesh: for childhood and youth are vanity.

    Chapter 12

    1 Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them; "

    I hope you may find comfort in these words, the way i found it, because
    i know that you truly need it! Have courage and regain your life and be
    stronger than any obstacle and let no attack put you down! Focus on
    the many things you can do that are only depedent on you, while do not
    worry too much about those others that are out of your control!

    If you want to ask me something, post it here or open another thread.
    I'll be visitibg this site frequently!

    Blessings, buddy!
  16. ChrisHolland619

    ChrisHolland619 Newbie

    You need to realize that Christ didn't come to the world to be a joyous giver of great things, but rather to offer eternal security and eternal joy.

    Christ came to the world to divide people from their families, to separate families, to split people because you ARE DIFFERENT. Christ says/insinuates this many times via parables and passages in the four Gospels.

    "He that loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." Matthew 10:37

    Obviously this passage of scripture is not insinuating that you cannot love your mother or father. It is, however, insinuating (directly) that you must choose Christ over your family if they do not believe in Him also. Relationships will be split. Families might be hurt. That's what He is saying WILL happen.

    "And Jesus said to him, Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man has not where to lay his head." Luke 9:58

    This is stating that being a disciple of Christ is not going to be easy, and it does NOT promise or guarantee carnal glory or security. The entire point of Christianity and the Gospel of Christ is FAITH. Faith might not yield earthly ease. But it rewards eternal security. And the work you do here on Earth yields you treasures in Heaven.
  17. thomasjames

    thomasjames Newbie

    Think that many things you wish cannot be done or get accomplished
    by somebody other than you. There are things from among those you
    want and desire, that only you yourself are capable of accomplishing
    or attaining. No one can learn by heart a book for you! Only you can
    do it yourself! No one can learn how to play a guitar for you! It's
    only you the one who can pick that guitar up and devote time, effort
    and energy to mastering it!
    Try numbering the many things you want. Separate those that depend
    on you from those that are not under your control, those that depend
    on something or someone else! If you keep focusing on the things that
    are beyond your control, you'll end up seriously frustrated, every time
    those who control them will not make them available to you. Also think
    which portion of that you want depends on you, and which doesn't.
    Make sure that the portion that is up to you is 100% ready and perfect
    and you put your very best into it!
    Come on! Make an effort! Not everything that is good is easy! Many
    good things cost effort and hard work from your part and even some
    sacrifice! If you are not to attend a training you want because the
    colleges that offer it are too far, are you putting your best into it and
    making the sacrifice required to get it? You can't expect God or even
    life to bring you everything home or make too easy (for example, making
    that training you want come near you). If you seriously want something,
    you must be willing to sacrifice time, comfort, sleep, money, personal
    wants for them, if you think they're worthed! Good things are not always
    easy! You must be willing to make an effort! Come on, you won't tell
    me you can't grow that much, would you?
  18. Leonfrost

    Leonfrost Newbie

    United Ch. of Christ
    M4J, I apologize in advance if I miss something, as I ceased reading beyond this point and immediately began this reply.

    You are fortunate that your interests are what they are! And here's why: No matter what the state of the world, people will always want more entertainment, and more food. Music and baking are two such things respectively.

    And as for music, you don't even necessarily need school training. There are a million possibilities for such a skillset, and many employers care not about where you studied, but what you can produce.

    Perhaps you could learn audio engineering. That's a far more stable music-based career than performance. Or composition, jingle-writing, maybe. Forensic audio (the practice of cleaning up 911 tapes and reproducing court tapes) is EXTREMELY high-paying, and you could work independently in such a field without the need of an employer. Also, have you looked into online classes?

    Whatever you decide, if music turns out to be what you want to pursue, please, PLEASE allow me to help you in that area if you need it. I can teach you from the beginning the skills of audio engineering, and I ask nothing in return other than the chance to help a sister in Christ.
  19. Leonfrost

    Leonfrost Newbie

    United Ch. of Christ
    Oh, and if you ever want to do an online collaboration on some music, I'd be totally down for that! I'm a guitarist myself, but I also can supply bass, programmed drums, and more synthesizer sounds than you can count :)
  20. wayfaring man

    wayfaring man Veteran

    One thing which has stood out many times when God/His Virtue is being questioned - is that when we refer to God, we primarily refer to our own limited concept/understanding of God.

    It is therefore, not good to equate God with being as limited as our knowledge and experience has shown us thus far...and this is where modest recognition can be quite valuable.

    For example: once in a vision upon seeing The Lord, it was expressed from my perspective that I'd really come a long way, to which He gently replied, "you've barely taken a couple of steps".

    It can be kind of a trap to overestimate ourselves...even as it can be to underestimate our potential.

    One may honestly feel like they've given all to God...but often in reality, there's a bunch of stuff we haven't even become fully aware of yet.

    So it's usually not right to feel let down by God, as if we've done all our part, and He's somehow failing to do His...

    More often than not, when The Lord is effectually with us, we find much grace and peace, even though we may become occasionally rattled or sidetracked by the things of this world. And such isn't too troubling as long as we can still find comfort in the hope God has given us in Christ.

    But the chief focus of that hope is in the life and world to come, with Jesus' Triumphant Return.

    If one puts more emphasis on finding a sense of fulfillment within this present world, than is fitting...then a conflict of interest arises which can strain our ability to embrace the peace and contentment which is directly linked to our spending eternity in "Paradise".

    It seems we need to be willing to lay our whole life, dreams, goals, ambitions, desires, before The Lord and trust, He'll give back and improve and enhance what is best for us.

    Ironically, hating our earthly life is often a prerequisite for this to happen.

    It doesn't seem wrong to ask God to grant our desires, as long as they are compatible with His good and perfect will...which most of us are still in the process of learning about...

    Paul informs us that the spirit of charity is key, to our being blessed.

    May we be so inspired and motivated in Jesus' Name. Amen.

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