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Why R. Catholic and not E. Orthodox?

Discussion in 'The Ancient Way - Eastern Orthodox' started by The Squalid Wanderer, Sep 25, 2002.

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  1. The Squalid Wanderer

    The Squalid Wanderer The Fool

    Eastern Rite Catholics profess the faith of the Catholic Church (ie, they believe in the Immaculate Conception, the Assumption, Purgatory) as well as Papal supremacy and the filioque (even if they don't have to say it.  Basically, they have to agree with everything the Roman Catholic Church teaches, but they don't have to practice everything the Roman Catholic Church practices.

    That is how this is possible.  Not to throw cold water on ecumenicism, but it's basically a capitulation to Catholicism clothed in the veneer of Eastern praxis.
  2. vanshan

    vanshan A Sinner

    Eastern Orthodox
    I think one incorrect perception many Catholics hold is that the Orthodox Church is somehow disadvantaged or weakened by the fact that we are not led by a sole "vicar" of Christ or one leader. I think the opposite is true, as can been seen historically. I think the Roman Church since it's break from the other four patriarchs have suffered greater misguidance precisely by the fact the so much authority is held by a single person (many new teachings have sprung up, countering apostolic teachings). When you have a collection of bishops all who keep each other in check and renounce any among them who begin teaching novel and strange things that has a way of slowing heresy and perserving the Apostolic faith in a way that the Roman Church has failed to do. Whenever false teachings sickened the Church a defender could always be found to steer the Church back on course. The true Apostolic Faith headed by no man, but Christ himself is the ark of salvation.
  3. St. Tikon

    St. Tikon Defender of Orthodoxy

    Eastern Orthodox

    This forum is for EASTERN ORTHODOX. Read the forum rules. I for one would appreciate it if you would take Roman Catholic Theology elsewhere. As Orthodox, we disagree, and you know it. We don't want to even go there.
  4. nyj

    nyj Goodbye, my puppy

    Uh St. Tikon, that post by Wolseley was made a year and a half ago. Back then, this forum didn't even have forum specific rules, was brought into existance in no small part by Catholic staff petitioning Erwin on behalf of the Orthodox, and moderated by Catholics for the Orthodox (which numbered maybe three or four) until the Orthodox posters fit the required specifications for moderating their own forum. Back then, none of the Orthodox took offense, so why, a year and a half later, should you?
  5. Orthodox Andrew

    Orthodox Andrew Orthodox Church- Telling The Truth Since 33 A.D.

    Eastern Orthodox
    This thread is quite old, and I think it would be best if it was closed.:)
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