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WHY is pre marital sex a sin?

Discussion in 'General Theology' started by Sayre, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. sculleywr

    sculleywr trouble-making crazy guy

    Eastern Orthodox
    No. I never said that. I was referring a case study. It is evidence that the forced sexuality had effect far beyond simple abuse. The sin of homosexuality was a symptom, and not a primary cause. The primary cause of his homosexuality was a result either of his inability, or his unwillingness, to confront and deal with a sexual event in his past. And since he specifically (as a currently married man with two of his own kids, running a Chattanooga-based ministry to sexually addicted people and homosexuals), referenced it as an inability, I will go with that.

    A person who is homosexual because of a confused sexual identity resultant of abuse is someone who must receive God's help to confront his abuse.

    Homosexuality can be the primary sin, but sin is not always that simple. Many times, sin is complex and difficult to deal with. Such are addictions. With addiction, there is never just one reason.
  2. Sayre

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