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why dont you christians like mormons

Discussion in 'Christianity and World Religion' started by mooseboy84, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. billhabing

    billhabing Regular Member

    I am sorry I do not know what you believe... I am not sure any of the three listed above have anything to do with salvation.  or being Christian, in the biblical sense of the word.

    One great false doctrine of American Christianity is the teaching thats says becoming like Jesus is not part of salvation. God wants all Christians to materialy prosper is another American doctrine.

    Do you know of anything that says Jesus was not at some point in time  the Spirit brother of lucifer. He is my brother   now but I don't believe He has always been.

    Jesus is God is a false doctrine, he is the Son of God.Please don't get me wrong, I think we have some wiggle room on this stuff.
  2. billhabing

    billhabing Regular Member

    Wouldn't a "deadly" lie cause you to reject Jesus or blaspheme the Holy spirit?

    The scriptures are fairly clear whan they teach men are called by the fathe, no one comes unless called.

    we are not saved by doctrine
  3. billhabing

    billhabing Regular Member

    I agree with you, it also does nnot make them non-Christian in the biblical sense of the word.
  4. Apologist

    Apologist 2 Tim. 2:24-26

    I would agree.

    How can the Creator be ontologically equal with an angel He created?
    That is ludicrous.

    No, that is not a false doctrine. Jesus is God. That is completely biblical and has been believed since the time of the Apostles.
  5. sulphur

    sulphur thylacine

    Having been through infant school to university with a friend who is a mormon I cannot fault their acceptence of others and their readiness to help others.What if everybody was so kind.
  6. harpy.of.the.storm.swift

    harpy.of.the.storm.swift *Magickal Me!*

    i don't share the views of mormons but they are nice people. i had one of their free bibles once but my dad tossed it.
  7. Apologist

    Apologist 2 Tim. 2:24-26

    That's a good point Sulphur, but that in no way means that we should accept their belief system which is extremely problematic.

    God bless
  8. ZiSunka

    ZiSunka It means 'yellow dog'

    We don't dislike mormons, we just don't give any credence or authority to the book of mormon like they do.

    In other words, we have fundamental and incompatible differences in doctrine and theology.
  9. PrayingOne

    PrayingOne Prayer Warrior

    Yeah, its not that we don't like them. But there beliefs are false and they have another bible (2) that they follow that is including the bible. they don't completely follow just ONLY the bible. THey have there own seperate bible that has nothing to do with the bible. We as christians love mormons but we don't like there belief system!!! HOpe this helps.
  10. coolhandluke

    coolhandluke *a princess*

    Christians don't, at least not all of them, hate Mormans. Christians may think that they are involved in a false religion, but that doesn't equal hate.

  11. Apologist

    Apologist 2 Tim. 2:24-26

    Could you rephrase that Katie. I didn't understand your point.


    God bless
  12. Risen Tree

    Risen Tree previously Rising Tree

    In Relationship
    I like Mormons. :) They are some of the most respectable and conservative people that I have ever met.

    What I think about their theology is an entirely different story.
  13. billhabing

    billhabing Regular Member

    Would you please direct me to the scriptures that say Jesus is God.
  14. Apologist

    Apologist 2 Tim. 2:24-26

  15. stillsmallvoice

    stillsmallvoice The Narn rule!

    Hi all!

    Except for one major hiccup, Jews and mormons have generally gotten along very well. Brigham Young University opened a branch campus on the Mt. of Olives a while back & is scrupulously honoring its commitment not to proselytize (which it had to agree to as a condition for being allowed to open the branch). The small Jewish community in Utah (Salt Lake City & environs) has always gotten along very well with its Mormon neighbors (see <http://www.jta.org/page_view_story.asp?intarticleid=10836&intcategoryid=5>.

    The major "hiccup" I referred to has to do with the Mormon practice of posthumous baptisms. The following is an article from Dec. 12, 2002:

    Mormons renew their vow
    to stop baptizing deceased Jews
    By Bill Gladstone

    TORONTO, Dec. 12 (JTA) — A renewed vow from the Mormon Church to end
    the practice of posthumously baptizing Jews has drawn a mixed reaction.

    A Jewish official who met with church leaders this week believes the pledge is
    meaningful, but skeptics are focusing on the fact that the church made a
    similar vow seven years ago.

    Church elders made the promise at a meeting Tuesday in New York, when
    Jewish and Mormon officials discussed allegations that church members are
    still baptizing many deceased Jews, including thousands of Holocaust victims.

    Seven years after the church signed an agreement to do all it could to stop the
    practice, new evidence emerged that the church’s vast International
    Genealogical Index lists as many as 20,000 Holocaust victims — and perhaps
    many more — all evidently baptized by proxy after their deaths.

    Ernest Michel, a Holocaust survivor who in 1981 was chairman of the World
    Gathering of Holocaust Survivors in Israel, notified church officials about the
    renewed problem.

    Church elders Monte Brough and D. Todd Christofferson traveled from Salt
    Lake City to meet with him this week in New York.

    During the meeting, the officials reaffirmed their intention to keep the 1995
    agreement, “which means removing not only Holocaust victims, but all Jews
    who have been posthumously baptized from the list,” Michel told JTA.

    He added that in his opinion this intention “has never changed.”

    Michel also said Jewish and church officials agreed to prepare a joint
    memorandum outlining a procedure by which the church would remove all
    Jewish names from the International Genealogical Index.

    The parties will likely be in close consultation for several weeks, he added.

    Meanwhile, the church issued a statement to make clear its willingness to
    deal with Jewish concerns.

    “When the church is made aware of documented concerns, action is taken in
    compliance with the agreement,” Christofferson said in the statement, which
    was released Wednesday.

    At the same time, Christofferson alluded to the difficulty of the task.

    “Removing the names of Holocaust victims and other known Jews from a data
    base containing hundreds of millions of deceased persons is an ongoing,
    labor-intensive process requiring name-by-name research,” he said in the

    To judge by recent Internet chatter, however, some Jewish genealogists are
    expressing strong doubts that a new agreement will solve the problem — and
    they are discussing legal action.

    “How will they know someone is Jewish when they are extracting names from
    birth indexes, as they do on a weekly basis?" one Jewish researcher wrote.

    “They didn’t know in the past,” the researcher added. “What changes will take
    place in the future?”

    Michel initiated an earlier round of negotiations with the church in 1995 after
    discovering that his parents, who perished in the Holocaust, had been
    posthumously inducted into the Mormon faith by zealous church workers acting
    “out of love.”

    After protracted negotiations with Jewish officials in 1995, the church removed
    the names of 380,000 Holocaust victims from its database and agreed to work
    to prevent church members from trying to convert deceased Jews who were
    not related to them.

    Church followers are required to research their own family trees and to submit
    the names of their non-Mormon ancestors for baptism by proxy.

    For each name submitted, a proxy is baptized in a Mormon temple.

    Ignoring church policy, some zealous followers have culled names from a
    wide variety of historical sources, including memorial books of Holocaust
    victims from Central and Eastern Europe.

    Helen Radkey, a genealogical researcher in Salt Lake City, recently conducted
    a limited search in the International Genealogical Index’s computerized list of 2
    billion names. She found some 20,000 Jewish-sounding names from Lodz,
    Krakow, Bialystok and other former Jewish centers in Eastern Europe, and
    asserts that many had belonged to Holocaust victims.

    Radkey supplied the results of her research to Michel days before Tuesday’s

    “This issue is really important to me,” said Radkey, an Australian-born

    “The Jews have been treated badly by Christianity for 2,000 years. Any time
    someone or something in the Christian world seems to imply that the Jewish
    religion is inferior in some way, that is the bottom line for me. What the
    Mormons are doing is not acceptable, and the Jews need to say something.”

    Radkey and others contend that the 20,000 Jewish names are likely just the tip
    of the iceberg.

    “There may be hundreds of thousands of Jewish names in there,” said
    Bernard Kouchel, a retired builder and Jewish genealogist in Fort Lauderdale,

    Having conducted his own search of the International Genealogical Index in
    recent weeks, Kouchel found scores of notable Jews, including Rashi,
    Maimonides, Menachem Begin, Irving Berlin, Samuel Bronfman, Marc Chagall,
    Hank Greenberg, Irving Howe and Gilda Radner.

    Such revelations have led to angry accusations in Jewish genealogical circles
    that the church has done too little to uphold its seven-year-old agreement with
    the Jewish community.

    Some genealogists have characterized the practice of turning dead Jews into
    Mormons as a brazen act that may obscure the historical record for future

    Expressing outrage in recent days at the persistence of a practice that they
    liken to the “forced conversion” of souls in the afterlife, some have hinted at the
    possibility of a class action lawsuit for damages.

    Few have been placated by the church’s explanation that deceased persons
    may choose to accept or reject the baptism in the afterlife.

    “From their point of view, it’s an article of faith, and from our point of view, it’s a
    slap in the face,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon
    Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles.

    Some church officials have claimed that they cannot control the activities of all
    of their members.

    Brough, one of the elders at Tuesday’s meeting, has said that Mormons who
    have submitted thousands of Jewish names for baptism intended only a
    “Christian act of service” and acknowledged that their acts were “misguided
    and insensitive.”

    Jewish representatives now agree that the church must exert more control over
    its flock.

    “It’s clear that there has been no serious monitoring” of what goes into the
    International Genealogical Index, said Cooper, who participated in
    negotiations with church officials last year to remove more than 200 Jewish
    names from the list, including those of Albert Einstein and David Ben-Gurion.

    “This is something that keeps coming up, and the church is going to have to
    find a better way to put closure on it,” he said.

    Link: <http://www.jta.org/page_view_story.asp?intarticleid=12178&intcategoryid=2>

    We find the idea of Jews being posthumously baptized into the Mormon church to be deeply offensive in the extreme & cannot express our disgust, outrage & revulsion at this practice in strong enough terms. It takes the spiritual hounding of Jews to new lows; not even the grave is a refuge from over-zealous missionaries! But hopefully, ongoing dialogue will deal with this problem.

    Be well!

    ssv :wave:
  16. Blade

    Blade Veteran Supporter

    I for one think there a some mormons that are saved but..

    They have added there own book. The bible makes it clear we are not supose to be hanging around people like that. Who do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God. You can not add to the word and still say "well we believe the same". Like Jehovah Witness where on the out side it would seem they believe the word. Yet they believe God created Jesus and Jesus was once an angel. I am not saying don't be there friend. I love them I tell them the truth if they say no then that's it. What does the word say when people like that come to your door? We need to remember Jesus loves everyone SO much. I will ALWAYS pray for them all..
  17. Apologist

    Apologist 2 Tim. 2:24-26

    Although I do not know their heart and it is the providence of the Holy Spirit alone, I find it hard to believe that a confessing Moromon could be truely saved. They have a different Jesus and a different God.
    Jesus is God and is not the spirit brother of Lucifer as the Mormon's teach.
    God is spirit and is not a man as Mormon's teach.
  18. digital_disaster

    digital_disaster New Member

    At one point in his life, Muhammad himself questioned whether he was possessed by a demonic force. One of his wives convinced him it was Allah.
    As God Almighty uses all things for His glory and purpose, I believe that He is allowing Islam to flourish and influence events in these final days.
    Endgame: Jesus reigns. Glory!
  19. Live4Jesus

    Live4Jesus Well-Known Member


    In total agreement. It's some far out book too if you have any questions just read the book of Mormon. It's definitely not the bible.
  20. Live4Jesus

    Live4Jesus Well-Known Member

    'cept the part about some being saved, my error sorry.

    The saved ones are the ones who get out.

    I am not hardly convinced Jesus favors any denomination above another as regards HIS salvation... it's a matter of the heart...