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Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by Intercession, Dec 29, 2001.

  1. Intercession

    Intercession Pastor Gerald

    Should you have these sort of questions
    then please please ask we want to help you
    these questions are on so many hearts to-day

    Pastor Gerald Sister June
    God Loves You and so do we


    We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today?
  2. Prayer Warrior

    Prayer Warrior Intercessor


    Post your prayer requests here! We will pray for you! God will answer your prayers!
  3. Mat777

    Mat777 Member

    If you are not a believer ask these people the questions of why - they can help.
    If you are, read James 4:3 - it may help.
  4. Lauri

    Lauri New Member

    God knows your future and has always had a plan for your life. You may ask for something you think would be the resolution to problems, but god may see the opposite. It may not be his will. Remember...If you trust in God all things are possible. One thing i learned was god never gives you anything you can not handle. So when something goes wrong he knows you can handle it. I hope this cleared your Q. Bye:)
  5. Droobie

    Droobie Rebmem Raluger

    To have an answer, you'd need to ask yourself some questions:

    What are you praying for? Are you praying correctly? There's more to it than those two, but they're the first that come to mind.

    God always hears and answers prayers... within reason. There's a difference when you're praying for something that would be acceptable and according to His will, and there's pleading for things which you couldn't possibly have.

    For example if I pray tonight for a porsche tomorrow morning, I'd be deluding myself if I believe that's going to happen. In my days of high school, I was not much of a good student. I hardly studied at all, yet the night before a test or exam, I would pray that God let me pass.

    Along the same lines, there's also a wrong and right way to pray. Using my night before test example, praying for me to pass the test would not be right. However, praying that I'm able to take the test with calmness and to the best of my abilities would be more appropriate.

    Then of course there are prayers for miracles, of course according to the will of God. For example, praying for healing. We will always pray for miracles in healing, and God does deliver and people are healed.

    Pray with an expectant heart that God will answer your prayers. When you really think about it, you will find that God will always answer your prayer. It could be tomorrow, in a few minutes, or a few years. Remember, God doesn't grant wishes. He answers prayers.

    God bless :D
  6. FOMWatts<><

    FOMWatts<>< Follower of the Way

    One must realize that God asnwering prayers does not mean He will answer them in OUR way, but instead He will answer them in the BEST WAY, HIS WAY. I do not agree with some of the things I have heard, such as, "God always hears and answers prayers...within reason."

    The following was taken out of "Baker Theological Dictionary, edited by Walter Elwell": "Christian prayer is to be prayed"in the name if Christ" (John 14:13-14;16:23-28). This is not some magical formula. It signifies that the suppliant takes the posture and attitude of Christ toward God and toward the world. To pray "in His name" is therefore to pray in a manner consistent with out new idenity effected by the reconciliation of God and humans in Jesus Christ. That is to say, the use os Jesus' name in prayer is effective not as some sort of password that can be used indiscriminately by ever petitioner. It is only effective to pray "in Jesus' name" if we are truly living in the name of Jesus. This phrase, then, has more to do with the identification of the person who prays tha it does with the right methods or conditions of prayer (e.g.,see ACTS 19:13-16). Such prayer guards against a misreading of God's nature and will, and saves prayer from human selfishness and presumption."

    So you see we must be in the right mind and spirit to have a meaningful prayer. To pray to God is to know God and be reconciled with Him(which you do when you accept Christ as your Savior). ALL prayer must be offered to God for HIS will to be done. It is our GIFT from God to be able to pray to Him. Therefore we are to praise His name by prayer and also present our concerns to Him, leaving them there for HIS answer, not expecting our own idea of an answer to be fulfilled. Read James 4:3 and it tells you about our selfishness keeping our prayers from God. There are many things listed throughout the Bible that states reasons God does not hear our prayers ( not hearing means He chosses not to answer them).

    I hope I have offered some help.<><
  7. †×TheTruth׆

    †×TheTruth׆ New Member

    Intercession you must understand what a pray is.

    A child of God doesn't tell God what he wants but "Humbles" himself/herself and has faith in the prayer.

    Anyone can just say some words, you must Humble yourself and ask God with your heart not with words.

    Note: The Holy Spirit knows what to say when you run out of words and don't know what else to pray about.
  8. Andy Broadley

    Andy Broadley quam pulchra es amica mea quam pulchra

    Salvation Army
  9. hypostatic

    hypostatic Senior Veteran Supporter

  10. serenity808

    serenity808 New Member

    most importantly never question GOD, pray to him, in his word he tells us he may not come when we want him too but he is an ontime GOD. ALL YOU NEED IS FAITH THE SIZE OF A MUSTARD SEED, i ask GOD to answer your prayers

    be blessed and take care:groupray: :wave: :)
  11. SunMessenger

    SunMessenger Devoted To The Holy Spirit Of God

    :thumbsup: :amen:
  12. gloryseven

    gloryseven Contributor

    :preach: Ask Jesus for help. Keep praying and keep on keepin' on. Muster your faith, courage , and develop Trust in the Lord.

    Read His Living Word. Understand His way of thinking. Line yourself with Gods ideas and expectations for you and your lifestyle and thought life.

    Give yourself over to the Lord and ask for patience to deal with your restlessness and confusion.

    God wants to give us good gifts, just as we wish to give our own children good gifts. He wants to bless us, prosper us and wants to help us through the trials and troubles we face each and every day.

    God wants to strengthen us and encourage us. God wants to be in our hearts, minds and wants us to grow in knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

    God is a loving God. God is love.
    :groupray: :wave: In Him there is no darkness.:crossrc: :groupray: