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Why do you believe?

Discussion in 'Teen's Community Area' started by solarwave, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. RobertMerton

    RobertMerton Veteran

    one of the main reasons is the amazing historical accuracy of the gospels,
    which are the written, first-hand eye-witness accounts of Jesus Christ
  2. Kristin E

    Kristin E Follower Of Christ

    I guess I have always believed... Although I don't see him, I know he is there.
  3. xxJaydie

    xxJaydie I am free ..!

    I believed in Jesus Christ at first because I was brought up in a family that taught about him. But as I grew I guess I had my doubting moments and I had to decide for myself. When I was 12 I let Jesus into my life for the first time 'really' knowing what I was doing, and I felt something supernatural just flow through me and I thought "Okay, that was God"... for a while after that I'd get a Holy Spirit supernatural flow go through me (only way I can describe it...) most times that I prayed or worshiped, and I knew that God was with me. So I knew God was real, and not only that, he answered my prayers. So I 'knew' he was real.

    There is a lot of FAITH involved though. Because most people haven't seen Jesus.

    One reason I believe in Christ because the Holy Spirit is in me and the only way you can receive the Holy Spirit is through Christ. And just because he floods me with his love and mercy.

    And like has been said, he makes a difference in my life and in the lives of those around me. :) It just makes complete sence.

    Also, all the prophecies about Jesus in the old testament have come true (except the ones that are for the end times of course...) and even the prophecies about the end times are coming true as well. So there's another proof. Bible prophets hit it right on target. :)
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2010
  4. solarwave

    solarwave Guest

    Jaydie: What would you say would show that the Holy Spirit is in you? A supernatural feeling or something else?

    Your also saying that you believe in Him because that belief changes people for the better?
  5. xxJaydie

    xxJaydie I am free ..!


    At first the supernatural feeling was like proof to me that I have the Holy Spirit living in me, but now I don't get that feeling anymore. Very rarely I do. But I love God more than ever. So that was just a stage I needed to go through. Now it's more just how he gives me a peace in my Spirit in stressful situations, he gives me love in unloved situations, he gives me convictions that no-one else would give me. Things like that which cannot happen without the Holy Spirit. :) That shows me he lives in me.

    And yes he has definately changed my life for the better. Jesus has. I know I wouldn't be this joyful without him, wouldn't be living as beautiful a life as I do now. Sure, it's a hard life, but it's a life with the most amazing benefits. He's changed my heart and everything about me. And as far as others go, I've seen AMAZING differences happen in people by the power of Jesus. :) Amazing differences. Like my cousin who used to be sooo rebellious, crude and violent and when Jesus came into the picture - bamb - nicest guy around with such a great heart. Only Jesus can do that. :)
  6. ~*Rachel*~

    ~*Rachel*~ shes not an ordinary girl, I see it in her eyes...

    I believe, well, because I've felt him.
    If it wasn't for that, I know I wouldn't be where I'm at now.
  7. Brad*

    Brad* Newbie

    I believe in Christ because I truly believe he is the only way to true salvation, as well as I have seen him work in the lives of my family and I.
  8. Barbaria

    Barbaria Junior Member

    Well, I've always grown up in a good strong Christian home. I was dedicated when I was a few months old "asked Jesus into my heart" at 3, and was baptized at 5. Until a couple years ago though, there was no relationship with God and I. A few years back I started to really care about my relationship with God just because I wanted his comfort and presence. But recently it's been..I dunno, it's like I owe it to God. I mean, he's given us this amazing world around us, he gives us breath, other people, marvelous food (Can I get an "amen" from all the teen guys? ;) :p) and just everything. The forgiveness and comfort and love and peace are just extra bonuses he throws in. But I feel like my life isn't my own. It's God's..He's the one that gave it to me, it's only fair I give it back to him. So...yeah :p
  9. Unfit'for'swine

    Unfit'for'swine Member

    Well I came to Jesus for several reasons, I was lonely, suicidal, addicted to mmorpg's, games and other things. I have been raised at home most of my life in a semi-stable environment, but sometimes when it wasn't so stable I was left with a very fragile consciousness. I was fat, angry, confused, scared, and somewhat bewildered as to how so much non-sense could happen to me. In the last three years with the help of my sister I have been recovering and the Lord has been making me stronger.

    Jesus fixed me when I thought that no one in their right mind would love me, let alone forgive me.

    God bless you guys