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Why are most Christians republicans?

Discussion in 'Baptists' started by Ribosome, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. dysert

    dysert Member

    Netanyahu: "Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before Israel," he added, addressing a news conference with Bulgaria's prime minister.

    U.S. has no right to block Israel on Iran: Netanyahu - Yahoo! News

    I think things are bad when the U.S. is obviously distancing itself from our (one-time) good friend, Israel.
  2. dies-l

    dies-l Guest


    I am a Democrat and I support the idea that the States, not the Federal Government, should decide policy about things like marriage. I believe that the Federal Government should stick to their constitutionally assigned role and allow the States to dictate their own policy on the issue. I also believe that the US is not and should not be a Christian theocracy, so it is not the government's job to create a "godly" society; that is for the American people to do, not the government.

    I am a Democrat, and I do not support the murder of unborn children. Personally, I would have no problem with outlawing abortion except in cases of rape and where the life of the mother is legitimately threatened by the pregnancy. But, I also believe that it would be supremely naive of me to think that the solution to the abortion problem and the problems that surround it can be accomplished through criminalization of the act of abortion. Likewise, I think it abundantly clear that accepting that something shouldn't necessarily be illegal is not the same as supporting that thing. There are many things that I view as immoral and sinful that are and should remain legal.

    That's right, Republican President Bill Clinton established welfare to work as Federal policy. And, it is typically Republicans that support government funded job training programs, scholarships, grants, etc. for people looking for skills they need to be able to work. Oh, nevermind, these are all Democratic ideals.

    As a Democrat, I believe that voting is a constitutional right. I don't believe that attending the DNC convention is a constitutional right. Setting up barriers to keep people from exercising a constitutional right is, well, unconstitutional. I suppose, if you believe that it is okay to require people to purchase an ID card from the government in order to be allowed to vote, then the GOP is the way to go.

    If you believe the socialist philosophy of equal distribution of wealth regardless of the initiative taken by the individual to gain those things, and that this socialist society has helped mankind around the world, vote democrat.

    Last I checked the DNC platform still maintains that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

    Hmm. Can you show me a single instance where a Democratic leader has said anything remotely like this? I do believe that the rich should pay more in taxes than the poor, not simply to help the poor, but to support the very infrastructure that gives them the ability to gain wealth in the first place.
  3. RisingSpirit

    RisingSpirit :-)

    I think some churches think the God wants us to be rich and republicans likes to look towards Richville or at least pretend they are rich.
  4. dirtoval

    dirtoval Newbie

    I almost always vote Libertarian. I vote Libertarian because I like freedom. The Republicans seem to want to legislate morality. That never works. I believe there are not too few prisons but too many laws. Laws against drugs, prostitution, gay marriage, and other immoral behavior have done nothing to cure the problems of that plague the states. The are still drug users, prostitutes, gay people, etc. etc. In my opinion we should drastically shrink the size of the federal government and lead people to morality through the love Jesus had for us, not through legislation.
  5. OzSpen

    OzSpen Regular Member

    So are you saying we ought to get rid of the laws against murder, rape and theft? So should people be free to do these things in your kind of libertarian society?

    With which Baptist denomination do you fellowship regularly?

  6. Jeffwhosoever

    Jeffwhosoever Fisherman and Servant Supporter

    I was an independent until Obama ran for President. Liberals have taken over the Democratic party and the platform is pro abortion, pro gay, and anti -God, until Obama knew it was trouble. Obama is a left wing liberal and his answer for all our woes is more big government, which will lead us toward socialism.

    Come visit the American politics sub forum!
  7. OzSpen

    OzSpen Regular Member


    Why is socialism such a bogeyman to you? I have worked all of my life and paid taxes in Australia so that when my wife and I reach age 65 and our incomes are low enough, we will receive a basic pension that will enable us to live - not a high flying life.

    I and my daughter have paid taxes so that she, at age 38, with a debilitating illness can get a disability pension - which she is on - (as long as her husband's wage is not too high).

    I have a debilitating heart condition (an artificial mitral valve). I have been on loads of medication since 1983. I have paid my taxes so that now I am retired I am elegible to receive a health care card so that I only pay $5.60 for each prescription (as long as my income is not too high).

    And we have public hospitals, paid for by my taxes, that enable people to receive free medical treatment. I'm grateful for that as my wife has a polycythemia rubra vera that could turn to leukemia at any time. She receives free treatment in our hospitals - paid for by our taxes.

    So, what is so wrong with the anathema of socialism? This is not communism. But I receive the benefits of living in a caring society with a caring government that provides these service because I have elected them and because I have paid taxes all my life.

    What's the big deal about social services provided out of our taxes by government?

    I find it very misleading in the slogan in your post that you confuse socialism with extreme manifestation of it in atheistic communism.

  8. P1LGR1M

    P1LGR1M Stranger

    Hello, and good morning. Wow, ask a simple question...lol.

    I think what one poster said applies to your question in a way that overshadows "the issues." It is perhaps an assumption to think that because one votes a particular way they are affiliated closely with the party. It saddens me that there are those that get entangled with politics to the point where it becomes, in my opinion, distractive. We are to be Christians, not Republicans, not Democrats, not Libertarians, et cetera.

    Having said that, as a Christian, I cannot overlook the roles of some important Bible characters that held political offices. Consider Joseph: was he not involved in a foreign system of government? Not by choice, but by the careful placement of an Omniscient God. Who meant it for good. In this role Joseph played an important part that led to provision for many people.

    I think also of Mordecai and Daniel: also given a place of power in a foreign government.

    In neither account do we see that either Joseph or Mordecai are frowned upon. Could we imagine how they felt to be in a place of power...in a system that had enlaved them/their people?

    Yet their faith was not overturned (though in Esther it is implied). Involvement in government did not change who they were.

    Now lets consider our own roles concerning modern government in this Country: can we also be involved without losing our Christian identity? As I said, it saddens me to see people get entangled to the point where "the issues" overpower their Christian identity. They can tell you what their favorite talk show host had to say about the candidate for the opposition but have nary a word for or of the Lord.

    But I believe we can, as one poster said, make our voice count without entanglement, and without redirecting our focus from Christ and efforts of evangelism.

    And I believe we should. THere was an incident where a woman was brutally raped in a park, within earshot of many people...and no-one said a word. Not voicing opposition to something that is wrong, terribly wrong, is itself what I call evil. People have said, "America shouldn't play world police," but I can tell you this, to stand by and let evil occur because one "doesn't want to get involved" is wrong, and I do not believe this to be pleasing to the Lord.

    When I cast my vote this November, it is not because I am a Republican or Democrat, but because I am a Christian that happens to be an American, and I cannot idly sit by while a vote for one party will certainly lead to strengthening agendas and philosophies that are not just harmful to this country, but to those who's eyes are blinded to truth. God will one day give strong delusion to the lost, thatthey will believe the lie, and be under the influence and supportive of a political leader that will gladly lead them to their destruction. It is similar to seeing a man drinking himself into a drunken stupor and then sitting idly by and watching him get into a car and drive himself home.

    One poster said another posted his opinions only, but this is not true: stark facts were posted that is not the opinion of the poster, but simple fact that cannot be ignored. While I would agree that we have to keep things in perspective as Christians and keep in the forefront that worldy government is worldly, and not a part of the Body of Christ, this does not mean that within this government there are no members of the Body of Christ. That there are no officials that do not have as a foundation Christ.

    For a sitting President to condone practices and actions that are against simple biblical values is, in my opinion, not just watching the drunk get up and get in his car, but it is helping him to the car, putting the keys in his hands, and pointing the wheel toward the nearest cliff.

    If we can, by our vote, speak up in opposition of issues that will have consequences for countless millions...we should do so. And as we do so, we can keep a Christ-centered focus and not get entangled in the feud by political enthusiasts.

    As I consider the candidates, one issue that is for me above all issues is Islam. Don't confuse this with a hatred for Muslims, it is not. I live in a country where I believe it is right that a man should have the choice of who he will worship and what group he will affiliate himself with. It is up to us, the Body of Christ, to be used of God to lead them to Christ...not the government. However, Islam has as a goal world domination. Our Progressive Dispensational brothers believe that the antichrist will rise up out of Islam. This is, I believe, a very real possibility. I was an advocate for going into Iraq. Many were opposed but I believe there were many Iraqis that would have objected to this opposition. But what I found to be ironic is that we may very well have been training...Antichrist's troops in the art of warfare.

    Now on the other hand, we have for a candidate...a Mormon. You know what? I view the American government as a part of the world system...not a part of the Kingdom of God. We have had Catholic Presidents, and I am opposed to many doctrines of Catholicism, so will I withhold my vote because the candidate is Catholic? No. We had a Southern Baptist president recently...was he a representative of Christ? Of you and I? Well, while on a mission trip in Austria, though I cannot read German, the headline in the paper box was plain to all: Sex Scandal! Very embarrasing for me as an American.

    So are we voting in a representative of Christ? No. We are voting in a candidate we believe is better for the country, which will help us. As liberal views become ever increasingly popular with newer generations who's interest in video games and cell phones far outweigh their interest in Theology, we will see a day where there will be a Muslim candidate, and one that will not be sympathetic behind closed doors. It is ironic that among the supporters for our cuurent president are those that should Islamic ideals gain further acceptance...will be put to death by the very system they inadvertantly supported. Supported, not because they are on board with all of his ideals, but because he can help them with their own agenda.

    And speaking of agenda, consider the vote at the DNC to "restore God to the platform:" only a deaf, dumb, and blind man could not see that the majority was opposed to this measure. The bottom line? This adminstration does not care what the people want.

    Why is this not obvious?

    Okay, sorry for the length. I will just say that keep Christ in the forefront, keep in mind this is a system of the world, and pray. Your vote is important. And while God will place those in power as he sees fit, you can be the one to drive the drunk man home, so to speak.

    God bless.
  9. Jeffwhosoever

    Jeffwhosoever Fisherman and Servant Supporter

    Good points. I can tell you are not voting for Barack Obama. Who are you voting for?
  10. Jeffwhosoever

    Jeffwhosoever Fisherman and Servant Supporter

    Because 60% of Americans were against the Affordability Care Act, Republicans were against it, and Obama forced it upon us. We held Democrats accountable in 2010, and it is time to hold Obama accountable in 2012.

    Barack Obama is a dangerous man. If he is re-elected, we will be in recession or worse, our debt will go up another $5T, and world wide we'll be back to where we were with Jimmy Carter.
  11. jomarc

    jomarc Newbie

    In Relationship
    I live in a Democratic county. I have picked up the Democratic ballot in the primary many, many times. Although I tend to vote Republican in the general election (and have for many years), I will never ever request a Democratic ballot again in the primary.

    As you suggest, I cannot align myself with a party that embraces abortion and gay marriage.

    If the mainstream Democrats would disassociate themselves from their "anything goes" mentality, I may consider voting for some of their candidates once again. But until they start learning to recognize "right" from "wrong" on moral issues, I will lean heavily toward the Republican side of things.

    Modern-day Democrats would have the general population believe that Republicans do not care one bit about the down-trodden. I can assure you that is not the case. What THIS Republican will not tolerate is laziness. There is a big difference between those who are genuinely hurting and those who are lazy.
  12. P1LGR1M

    P1LGR1M Stranger

    I will be voting for Romney. As I said before, not to vote is no different than actually casting a vote, such as allowing a drunk person to get behind the wheel.

    To cast a vote for a candidate that has little chance of beating Obama does not make sense either. Remember Ross Perot? lol

    Some have decided not to vote for Romney because he is a Mormon, and this issue is a sticking point. However, I would remind people that we are not casting a vote for a Deacon in the Church, but participating in an election that is part of the world system. If we wait around for a candidate that meets our Christian standards...we will be waiting for quite a while. One thing I do is separate politics from spiritual matters and try to keep it in perspective. As mentioned before, we have had a number of Presidents that have not been, theologically, on the same page as I or probably many here. Something that I have learned from witnessing and speaking to individuals is that just because they call themselves by a particular denomination does not mean they actually know the doctrine of that group. Which in some cases is a good thing, as there are those on both sides of this coin: those that do not know enough about the groups doctrine to either be saved or damned. They have a nominal understanding of God and the doctrine taught by their group, and it is up to us, the Body, to instruct them. We are the mediators of the New Covenant, and we should not take for granted that because one is a member of our Church that they have an understanding of Christian doctrine. And at the same time, concerning those such as Romney, who claims to be a Mormon, I think it altogether possible that he is a nominal believer, meaning, he is involved in religious practice like many.

    The difference between his religion and the religion of the current president is that Romney's beliefs are closer to the beliefs of even the founding fathers. It might surprise some to learn that a monotheistic position was very popular in the early days of our country. Some years ago I proof-read one of my nieces book reports on Abigail Adams, and you could not have read it without concluding that she was monotheistic. I was shocked. Usually a woman's theology is derived, at least in part, from her husband's. Jefferson is another that I view as having questionable theology. The "Jefferson Bible" has come into question recently as not having removed things supernatural, but there is disagreement on that. One writer, who is actually a historian (and his name is Greg Frasier, or something like that) said that several key founding fathers were "Theistic Rationalists." The way I look at it is, I have never thought that politicians were expected to be sound theologians, so I don't expect it from them. I do expect it from my Pastor, but not a presidential candidate. If he were, chances are...he would be a missionary or Pastor...not a candidate.

    So as far as Romney is concerned theologically, my hope is that he is just ignorant. If we gave a pop quiz in our fellowships on Doctrinal Distinctives, Statements of Faith, and Doctrine, how well would the average congregation fare? How many in the average fellowship study scripture on more than a shallow level? Does this call their salvation into question? I don't think so, but, I do believe we are all called to study that we might understand God better and be used of Him better.

    I can't say that Romney does or does not embrace the distinctives of Mormon doctrine that we find heretical, but I can say that at least in the spotlight, his beliefs will oppose the liberal agendas that have gained so much ground in recent decades. Death and destruction lay in their wake.

    Now throw on top of that the rise of Islam. As I said, this is the single greatest threat the world has ever seen, on not just a political front, but on a spiritual level as well. In place are certain conditions that will pave the way for their goal of world domination. One of those is political correctness. Tolerance. And as I said before, those who support tolerance because of their own agendas will find out too late that they have supported one of the most intolerant groups this world has ever seen.

    Obama...the lesser of two evils? Can someone tell me how Romney's actions in any way parallel those of Obama's?

    Another aspect about Romney that makes him a good candidate, in my opinion, is that he is a good businessman. THat is a trait in a president we could use right now. And when it comes to business, sometimes the boss is not going to be popular, but sometimes that's what it takes to get the job done.

    As Christians we know that it is God that palces in power those that lead in the world system. Should we take a position that since this is true...we need not vote?

    Well, we also know that it is God that saves, so should we in like manner take the position that we should not evangelize? "Whoever is going to be saved, is goiing to be saved, despite what I do."


    Well, this I believe to be true, but is it better that one be trained up in the way they should go from youth, or should we just let them go their own way and wait for the ministry of God at some point to bring them to the knowledge of the truth, that they might be saved?

    And if I stand idly by while the country I live in battles over abortion, gay rights (which are special...not equal), and who's money should be given to who...well, then I should not complain because I am actually helping prophecy to be fulfilled. I am helping things to get worse and worse. I should not complain that my children are exposed to homosexuality and taught, contrary to the word of God...that there is nothing wrong with it. I should not complain if it becomes law that preachers cannot preach against it. I should not complain that there are countless thousands of unborn babies being slaughtered.

    And then pat myself on the back for being a Christian, and not part of the world system. I would be like unto those that did nothing when that woman was brutalized in the park.

    All that evil needs to flourish is for good to do nothing.

    And folks...we are supposed to be "the good."

    My hope is that there will be a majority among Catholics this election that will not have to say afterwards, as they did four years ago, "We didn't know he was pro-choice." I am hoping there will be those who typically vote democratic that will see by example of the DNC Convention vote that this administration does not have their interests in mind, but their own, and despite what the people want, they are going to do that which suits them.

    But most of all, I pray God will redirect the thoughts of many in this country from political issues to spiritual. We will not, as the Body of Christ, see repentance in America through political action. We will see this only through the preaching of Christ.

    That should be our primary focus, both in our lives and concerning the lives of others. The election should be kept in perspective, seeing us neither fanatical nor ignoring it. If we are going to be zealous, let us be zealous for Christ, and He will put the election into perspective for us.

    Okay, sorry for rambling.

    God bless.
  13. Tyndale 1966

    Tyndale 1966 Newbie

    I think most Christians who vote Republican do so because of two main issues: abortion and gay marriage. They see the Democratics as more in favor of these than the Republicans.
  14. GenevieveM

    GenevieveM Member

    Most conservatives are Republicans.

    Being a conservative means that you believe in traditions and values that this country was built on and protecting them.

    Conservatives believe in life (abortion is murder of the unborn).
    Conservatives believe in the tradition of marriage and family on which society is built. (homosexuality destroys that tradition)
    Conservatives believe in personal responsibility. (take care of yourself and your family and help your neighbor)
    Conservatives believe in economic/fiscal responsibility. (take care of your budget and live within your means -government should do the same)
    Conservatives believe in God. (God told us how to live and we believe in Him and trust Him)
    Conservatives believe in freedom. (Republican Christians freed the slaves. Republicans believe all men are equal regardless of color. Follow your dreams as you follow the law and traditions that made this country great!)
  15. Jeffwhosoever

    Jeffwhosoever Fisherman and Servant Supporter

    I voted for Ross Perot. Until the 2 political parties really open things up to allow a 3rd party candidate to have a chance, I'll not vote for one again.
  16. David Pratt

    David Pratt Newbie

    To Granturissimus

    Vast majority of democrats & republicans, [if not all],

    are only “Christian” in name but not action.

    Politicians say they're Christians but I do not recall

    any governor, senator, etc., ever speaking or preaching about Christ.

    King James Version Bible

    Romans Chapter 1

    16. For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

    Luke Chapter 9

    26. For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and [in his] Father's, and of the holy angels.
  17. Hupomone10

    Hupomone10 Veteran