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Who Do We Turn To?

Discussion in 'The Ancient Way - Eastern Orthodox' started by Ioustinos, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Ioustinos

    Ioustinos Veteran

    Eastern Orthodox
    I have recently moved across the country to a new city, leaving behind my home church and spiritual father. Currently I am dealing with a very critical spiritual issue and am in great need of guidance from a spiritual father. I can still contact my former spiritual father, but at times he is hard to get a hold of because of his schedule. Furthermore, because I am new to the area I have not had an opportunity to find a new spiritual father. I have given to confession to one of the local priests and while he is a very kind priest I do not feel free to discuss this issue with him. With my former spiritual father there was a deep connection and I felt free to discuss anything with him. I would like to find another spiritual father with that same type of relationship.

    I am unsure of what to do and am in great need of guidance. Any words of wisdom or advice as to what to do? :sigh:
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  2. Anhelyna

    Anhelyna Handmaid of God CF Senior Ambassador Supporter

    Eastern Orthodox
    Oh boy - do I feel your pain - been there and am still working through it - seriously I do understand.

    Background - my SF was in France and like you I could and did talk freely with him , Confession was a joy though not as regular as I would have liked because of distance . We spoke on the phone regularly - I knew the best time to contact him. He was recalled to Australia some 3 years ago.

    OK that left me in a very ethnic parish [ Ukrainian] with a priest who spoke minimal English , whose understanding of English was sadly lacking - confession putting it bluntly, was just not possible.

    Now I have a Confessor outside my country again - I have to fly to see him ! BUT he understands me and makes time for me. When I visit we talk freely and I have complete trust in him.

    At present pray , pray more and pray harder than you have ever prayed until now.

    If you have confessed with a priest, who is kind - maybe you could arrange to see him and explain your problem - tell him that as yet , though you know you need to deal with a problem , you are not yet comfortable enough to open up . Let him take it from there.

    Hope this helps - it's not an incredibly orthodox solution [ in both senses of the word ;) ] but it may give you something to think about.

    Please forgive me if you think it was an inappropriate response .
  3. Barky

    Barky Member Supporter

    Eastern Orthodox
    Can't help you too much except to say I'm in the same boat. I've only had one "real" spiritual father when I converted, but he was also an army chaplain and had to move. I pray for a spiritual Father, and hope God will give us both one.
  4. katherine2001

    katherine2001 Veteran

    Eastern Orthodox
    Don't rule out your parish priest. He may be the Spiritual Father that God has in mind for you.
  5. ArmyMatt

    ArmyMatt Regular Member Supporter

    United States
    Eastern Orthodox
    if you cannot get to your SF, I would agree with Katherine, especially since it seems like this is a priest you can respect and trust.
  6. BraveMommy

    BraveMommy Newbie

    Eastern Orthodox
    Call or visit the closest Monastery and ask who they recommend. I'd have never found my spiritual father if I'd not done this.
  7. RosaryChaplet9

    RosaryChaplet9 Guest


    Usually mom & dad or a dependable friend.
  8. RosaryChaplet9

    RosaryChaplet9 Guest


    Hello Anhelyna,

    What's wrong an Ethnic parish? I had a Priest that I talked to about 2-3 times a month but he died from cancer.