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Who Did It? Technology of Autopilot/Remote Flight on 9/11, Motive, Means, Opportunity

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by ManFromUncle, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. ManFromUncle

    ManFromUncle Guest

    Washington Post: CIA Admits that it has faked bin Laden videos:

    Real bin Laden 1998 ABC John Miller Interview

    2007 bin Laden, fake "Borat" beard, or he got younger. In this video he has cut beard (forbidden), dyed beard black (STRICTLY forbidden.) Note voice is not the same as above, voice is deeper:

    So if the story of Ali Baba Laden and His 19 Hijackers is a fairy tale, who in the heck crashed those planes into the Towers? The technology of remote flying is very old.

    USAF pilots at Creech AFB, Nevada flying remote missions of Predator Drones over Afghanistan:

    A US Air Force captain operates a Predator drone over Kandahar, Afghanistan, from Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nev., Christian Science Monitor: Drone pilots: Why war is also hard for remote soldiers

    Monaghan in his paper "Plausibility Of 9/11 Aircraft Attacks Generated By GPS-Guided Aircraft Autopilot Systems" describes the high level of precision of modern autopilot systems, which is a standard feature of almost all commercial aircraft. Most commercial travelers, without knowing it, have been in a plane which was landed on auto-pilot, "no hands." In fact, pilots are required to test the autoland system on commercial aircraft at least once a month.

    Monaghan, an Electrical Engineer, writes:

    The following is a photo of the largest unmanned aircraft that we know of, the Global Hawk, which set a distance record when it flew in one hop from the US to Australia:


    And here is video of Global Hawk pilots at work:

    Pentagon Comptroller Dov Zakheim, Inventor of Remote Hijack Technology and Responsible for $2.3 Trillion Missing from Pentagon

    The following image is from the website for Flight Termination System (FTS), invented by Dov Zakheim, Comptroller of the Pentagon on Sept. 10, 2001 the day $2.3 trillion was announced missing. Zakheim's company SPC invented FTS to enable the seizing of hijacked airliners from the ground. The system had already been tested by 9/11 although Bush lied about this in a speech:


    Zakheim was also a member of Project for a New American Century, advocating the invasion of Iraq since the 1990s. Zakheim's father was an active member of Irgun, the terrorist organization which bombed British targets in order to found Israel.

    Dov Zakheim

    The following is the HistoryCommons entry on the successful testing, before 9/11, of technology allowing a commercial aircraft's controls to be seized from the ground, described as an "anti-hijacking" system:

    Motive, Means, and Opportunity in the Crime of 9/11

    Instructions to jurors in a court of law require the prosecutor to satisfy three elements: motive, means, and opportunity. Means would include access to remote hijack technology, a subset of remote flying. It is of interest that Dov Zakheim, directly responsible as comptroller for the disappearance of $2.3 trillion from the Pentagon, not only had access to remote hijack technology, but invented it. Zakheim's company, SPC, also had, as a means, complete knowledge of the construction, security plan, and lay-out of the World Trade Center towers, as contractor for the official investigation of the first WTC bombing in 1993. The investigation was performed by Tridata, a full subsidiary of SPC.

    As a member of Project for a New American Century, which advocated the invasion of Iraq and expressed a need for a "new Pearl Harbor," motive is also established for Zakheim.

    The Department of Defense and its civilian bosses were responsible for the nation's air defenses and the scheduling of war games. It is well-known that war games resembling the real-life unfolding of 9/11 confused NORAD commanders, one of whom, Major Kevin Nasypany, said that morning: “The hijack’s not supposed to be for another hour.”

    Who at the DoD possessed the motive and means to participate in the crime, and had the opportunity?

    Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, former Assistant Deputy Secretary of State under presidents Nixon, Ford and Carter, fingers exactly the people who would be in a position to schedule war games, and they all happen to be members of Project for a New American Century (PNAC) which openly stated its desire to invade Saddam, even under Clinton. In its key policy paper "Rebuilding America's Defenses" PNAC said:

    Dr. Pieczenik says:

    Paul Wolfowitz, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush, member of PNAC


  2. ManFromUncle

    ManFromUncle Guest


    Other PNAC members who were high DoD officials on 9/11 were:

    Richard Perle, Chairman, Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee under Bush, member of PNAC

    Douglas Feith, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, member of PNAC

    Notably for the element of motive, hard-core Neocons Feith and Perle are also authors of a key paper written for Israeli PM Netanyahu in 1996 urging the invasion of Iraq, "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for the Realm" The paper reinforces the long and clearly-stated Israeli foreign policy goal of destroying Iraq and reducing it to squabbling mini-states, so that plans for Israeli hegemony in the Middle East can proceed apace. Feith and Perle are proteges of Israeli intellectual Oded Yinon who wrote in as far back as 1982 in "A Strategy for Israel for the 1980s,":

    Finally of course, Vice President Dick Cheney famously failed to issue a shoot-down order directed at Flight 77, described in the 9/11 Commission Report, pages 8-9, as Chairman Hamilton questioned US Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta who was with Cheney:


    Since Flight 77 did not get shot down 40 minutes after the second tower had been hit and it was clear the country was under attack, the standing order which Cheney refused to reverse had to be a stand-down order. If there is any confusion as to this, it can easily be cleared up on the witness stand.

    Dick Cheney also was a member of Project for a New American Century (membership list.) Other high defense officials affiliated with PNAC were Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and Cheney Chief of Staff Scooter Libby. (PNAC associations with the Bush administration.)

    Nor was the desire by the PNAC Neoconservatives to invade Iraq merely idle thinking. Even before 9/11, immediately upon being appointed to seats at the helm of the nation's defenses by George W. Bush, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Perle, Feith, NSA Director Elliot Abrams, National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley, Scooter Libby, and others became the prime architects of the Iraq War. Even before the September attacks they had set to work planning the invasion which would kill 5,000 Americans, many of whom rushed to enlist in response to 9/11. With IEDs the new weapon of choice against American armor, many died rolling out of Humvees with their bodies on fire. Hadley and Abrams are also named by Secretary Piezcenik.

    Bush Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill told Ron Susskind in "The Price of Loyalty" that the Bush administration began planning the invasion of Iraq within days of taking office. O'Neill said:

    This testimony buttresses the element of motive. Documents obtained after a court fight by the citizen's watchdog group Judicial Watch showed that Vice President Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force had been studying Iraqi oil reserves at least since March 2001, thus possibly also indicating another element in a criminal investigation, foreknowledge.

    In a book published in 2011 by Columbia University, Paul Pillar, who held several senior positions at the CIA and National Intelligence Council, says:

    A book review by Council for the National Interest notes that Pillar:

    Many of the Bush Iraq War advocates have retired and are profiting handsomely from their connections to the war.

    Putting it Together: Scenario 404

    Scenario 404 is one hypothetical scenario which brings together elements of well-known and easily available technology to explain the high levels of navigation and flying skills seen on 9/11, published here at 911Research:

    PNAC, Open Letter to President Bill Clinton urging overthrow of Saddam, in violation of Boland Amendment

    Dr. Dahlia Wasfi, Jewish-Iraqi Activist

    Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies at US Army War College, General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research. Concludes that a combination of treasonous elements in the US government and Israeli MOSSAD orchestrated 9/11, in order to enable invasion of Iraq.

    "What we know and don’t know about 9/11," Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Ronald Reagan, Assistant Editor of the Wall Street Journal.

    Military Officers for 9/11 Truth:

    Christians for 9/11 Truth:
    Christians for 9/11 Truth

    9/11 Shock and Awe: Venturing a Plausible Theory of the Crime:
    911 Theory of the Crime: Why Secretary Pieczenik Testimony on Wolfowitz General is Key

    Note: Under the Republic founded in 1776 and under the United States Constitution, all parties are innocent until found guilty in a court of law with benefit of their full rights under the Sixth Amendment and the Bill of Rights.

    "ARREST THEM! ARREST THEM NOW!" -Benjamin Fulford
  3. ManFromUncle

    ManFromUncle Guest

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  4. USincognito

    USincognito The Spite Reporters Win Supporter

    United States

    Question though.

    What happened to all the crew and passengers?
  5. Nekoda

    Nekoda Well-Known Member

    Try searching the SSDI. I haven't searched it in a few years - but when I did, I found every person I have ever known that has died, even those who had moved to countries outside of the USA.

    Searching for the passengers of those 911 flights, however...meant finding very few of them. Funny that...but who knows, maybe it's been "updated" in the last couple of years.

    Example: Go here and try to find this famous "hero" of flight 93:

    Social Security Death Index - Ancestry.com


    You wont find any "Elizabeth Wainio" for September 11, 2001 as day of death on the SSDI.

    She's made up. Most of the early "photos" of her that surfaced on the web were of carrying a bottle, a beer etc: [​IMG]


    "Wainio" - "Wine-o" get it? - it's a joke - on us. Or someone's trying to get a message through to the blind masses.

    Btw - technology existed in 2001 to create very real looking and original human faces:

    Morphable Face: Automatic 3D Reconstruction and Manipulation from Single Data-Set Reference Face- YouTube
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