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White House officials: Jerusalem decision hurts peace process

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by Johnboy53, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Saucy

    Saucy CF's resident Norse Irishman Supporter

    United States
    Except the many Christian and Jewish leaders in Jerusalem who were for it? I hope you don't mean to insinuate everyone there is against it, cause that's not true at all. It's funny now how concerned liberals are about violence committed by Muslims. But this isn't for 'Trump's base'. This has actually been law since 1995. It has been passed unanimously in both the House and Senate, full bipartisan support. Every single president has vowed to do this very thing, including Obama and Clinton. If they had done it, you'd hail them a hero and peacemaker.
  2. wing2000

    wing2000 Ex Crosswalk Member Supporter

    Did I write that?
  3. iluvatar5150

    iluvatar5150 Newbie

    Other Religion
    If/when this provokes uprisings and attacks against us and our facilities, will Republicans be as concerned about embassy security as they were after Benghazi?
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2017
  4. tulc

    tulc loves "SO'S YER MOM!! posts!

    hey! maybe the Republicans can hold a couple of dozen investigations to get to the bottom of this?
    tulc(can't wait to see what conclusions are reached!) :wave:
  5. Vylo

    Vylo Stick with the King!

    We can always rely on Trump to take a generally decent or good decision and turn it into a train wreck.

    I'm guessing something else was discovered in the Russia investigation, it seems like he does some kind of grandstanding with foreign powers whenever he wants to take attention off of it.
  6. Gadarene

    Gadarene -______-

    In Relationship

    Vs step down

    Hmmmmm....condemned vs step down, condemned vs step down

    Yup those are definitely the same. The Dems should be condemned for kicking a guy out for not even kiddy-fiddling. They should be more like the GOP who are voting a guy in and they’ve only condemned him for kiddy-fiddling.

    Da Comrade, even worse than the party of the guy who fiddled with your election ^_^

    Wouldn’t ‘Salty’ be a more apt user name?