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Which songs?

Discussion in 'Christian Music' started by TwilightSol, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. TwilightSol

    TwilightSol Member

    :p Alright I had to ask, if you were given the chance to conduct (in a way) one Sunday Morning (or Evening!) Service, which songs (hymms) would put into the service? Mind you there is a theme. Your theme for that Sunday is suffering pain (and knowing that God is there). I know I'm random but hey. I ask myself this every sunday to different themes... so give it a try!!! (WARNING: may add other themes about God later on in thread :angel::clap::hug::thumbsup: )
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  2. bbbbbbb

    bbbbbbb Guest

    Good question. Because my church has a distinct Sunday morning service for communuion in which we are free to select hymns, I often think of similar things, although in a more limited range. We have a particular hymnal full of hymns appropriate for worship and remembrance. Frequently there are themes, so I see our mutual effort at worship as being a team effort in which we can pass the ball and keep a theme going, either with scripture, prayer, or hymns. We also use the Psalter (the book of Psalms set to music.

    Given your particular theme, I would choose the following:

    Psalm 22 (in its entirety)
    The Lamb of God to Slaughter Led
    He Was Wounded (from Isaiah 53)
    When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
    We Sing the Praise of Him Who Died
    O Lord, When We Thy Path Retrace
    Extended Upon the Accursed Tree

    Those are just seven that spring to mind. I am sure other have lots more. Thanks for starting a new thread.
  3. todd12

    todd12 Newbie

    A few hymns that I would sing are as follows:

    A Shelter In Time Of Storm
    Lean On His Arm
    Just A Closer Walk With Thee
    What A Friend We Have In Jesus
    Nearer, Still Nearer
    We Have An Anchor

    There are many, many more hymns that fit this theme!
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