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Which Gospel is your favourite to study?

Discussion in 'Semper Reformanda' started by ElijahBro, May 15, 2015.

  1. ElijahBro

    ElijahBro Selah-

    I used to race through Mark for its brevity, but I am slowly working my way through Matthew, and it is incredible. Matthew's first eleven chapters contain accounts of Jesus that Mark squishes into three. Mark's brevity has its own strength. I am in love with Matthew's Gospel however.

    Prophecies abound in the book of Matthew. Hosea, Malachi, Isaiah, Jesus says unequivocally he is God. You thirst for teachings? Chapters five, six, and seven are purely teachings pouring from Christ's lips.

    In absolute honesty, Matthew 10: 32 and 11: 27 solidified my belief in my complete dependence on Jesus for salvation. He is clear as crystal.

    After Matthew, I will study through the other three. Which do you enjoy studying the most (if you were to choose) and why?
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  2. JM

    JM Particular Baptist Supporter

    If I had to pick one it would be John.
  3. YoureMyBeloved

    YoureMyBeloved Newbie

    I'd pick the Gospel of John.
  4. MechPebbles

    MechPebbles Member

    I studied Matthew and Mark using commentaries from the Pillar New Testament Commentary series, so I have some preference for them. Leon Morris wrote the Matthew commentary and it's simply excellent. His commentary on Romans from the same series is also excellent. When he passed away in 2006, I think I felt more grief than I ever have more someone I never knew.

    The Mark commentary was written by James R. Edwards. I have some really mixed feelings about this commentary. Even though I have read many commentaries during the course of my life, I seriously doubt I have read any other that made me love the Lord Jesus more than this one. Edwards' love for his Lord is truly infectious. Yet the way he cast the Gethsemane arrest episode shows that he denies inerrancy. To me, it was quite a surprise (and humbling) to find someone I would normally label a liberal, or at least a moderate, who is so committed to the Lord.

    I am now eyeing the 2-volume Luke commentary by Darrell Bock (2,150 pages!) in the Baker series. But I seem to have problems with the Greek in Luke, Acts and Hebrews, so I'll give myself time to improve my Greek first.
  5. faroukfarouk

    faroukfarouk Fading curmudgeon

    I love John's Gospel! :)
  6. HeraldOfTheHolyOne

    HeraldOfTheHolyOne יהוה יהוה אל רחום וחנון ארך אפים ורב חסד ואמת

    I'd say its a tie between Luke & John's Gospels.
  7. High Fidelity

    High Fidelity Well-Known Member Supporter

    United Kingdom

    Matthew is probably my favourite, too.