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Where to buy Greek Bible

Discussion in 'Exposition & Bible Study' started by SalvationUNLTD, Sep 29, 2006.

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  1. SalvationUNLTD

    SalvationUNLTD Eternal Soldier

    I want to order a copy of the Bible in Greek, but I don't know where to buy it from. I preferably want only the New Testament in Greek, because I have a copy of the Old Testament in Hebrew. Also, if possible, another copy of the Greek Bible but parallel with the New American Standard translation.
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  2. JTLauder

    JTLauder Senior Member

  3. Nazaroo

    Nazaroo Joseph is still alive! (Gen 45.26)

    you can get inexpensive copies from the TBS (Trinitarian Bible Society) . Try their website for more info.


    You should be able to get a copy of the NKJV Greek/English Interlinear New Testament (Nelson Publishers) from almost any Christian bookstore. You can actually view sample pages to see the layout of the book here:

  4. Nazaroo

    Nazaroo Joseph is still alive! (Gen 45.26)


    Robinson and Pierpont have released their newest version of the Majority/Byzantine (Traditional) Greek text into the Public Domain!

    They have kindly provided high quality .pdf files for home printing, complete with crop marks. The Greek is a great font, big pages, fully accented, and with extensive footnotes showing variants both within the Majority tradition and between it and other common critical texts (UBS, NA27).

    Their copyright statement is outstanding:

    We have put up an easy to use webpage to allow downloading or browsing (if you have Acrobat reader).

    You can go here,

    Free Greek NT

    or to the original postings here:

    Robinson-Pierpont Greek NT

    The preface/introduction and appendix alone are worth printing and reading: excellent introductions to textual criticism of the NT.

  5. billwald

    billwald Contributor

    How about your nearest Greek Orthodox Church? <G>
  6. pehkay

    pehkay Regular Member

    Nestle and Aland ed27 is quite good.
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