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Where did the egyptians come from?

Discussion in 'Christian History' started by bumpkin1, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. bumpkin1

    bumpkin1 Regular Member

    Does the bible give the origin of the egyptias?
  2. david01

    david01 Senior Veteran

    The only hints might be found in Genesis 10. Otherwise, the Egyptians do not appear in the biblical narrative until the end of Gensis when Joseph is taken into captivity there. But, at that point, no mention is made concerning their origins.
  3. bumpkin1

    bumpkin1 Regular Member

    I assume they were dispersed like all of the other peoples in Genesis. It seems as the further you go away from Genesis, the farther away man gets from God.
  4. E.C.

    E.C. Well-Known Member

    Eastern Orthodox
    One could argue they are descendants of whichever one of Noah's kids settled in the area.
  5. sethseidler

    sethseidler New Member

    most likely they came from Mestopotamia originally
  6. Anglian

    Anglian let us love one another, for love is of God

    Oriental Orthodox
    It is most likely that they came from Mesopotamia.

    What is certain is that the Holy Family sought refuge from Herod in Egypt, and that from the earliest times the Faith has been strong in that land, where the Coptic Orthodox Church continues to bear its age-old witness to the Faith.

    Like all Christians in that region the Coptic Church lives daily with the reality of Islamic oppression, and I would ask all for their prayers for it and for all Christians in that region.

    In peace,

  7. ArnautDaniel

    ArnautDaniel Veteran

    Other Religion
    The Egyptians most likely came from an African population.

    Also the Semitic peoples in the Middle East most likely migrated there from Africa as well.

    The argument being:

    Historically many more Semitic languages (and Egyptian was a Semitic language) were found in African than in the Middle East, thus causing one to suspect the Semitic peoples found in the Middle East found their way there from Africa.
  8. CoyoteUgly

    CoyoteUgly Regular Member

    From wikipedia throguh google search:sons of noah and the geneology of nations.

    Mizraim, son of Ham. Mizraim is a name for Upper and Lower Egypt and translates as Ta-Wy in Ancient Egyptian ("The Two Lands"). The -aim in Mizraim represents dual number. Arabic -speaking modern Egyptians refer to their country as miṣr. 0
  9. timmeh

    timmeh Member

    Bahahahahahaha! I'm very sorry, but if you didn't think that a collection of myths written thousands of years ago was an accurate description of the way the world is and came to it's current form, you wouldn't ask this question. Hint: the bible is pretty much COMPLETELY WRONG. I'm sorry if that butts up against your beliefs, but it's a fact. If you take some time to read proper research on antiquity, you will find these answers in a purely logical and reasonable fashion...oh, and without any fairies, sky goblins or unicorns either!!
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