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Where are the likeminded?

Discussion in 'The Ancient Way - Eastern Orthodox' started by Mariya116, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Mariya116

    Mariya116 Newbie

    Eastern Orthodox
    Thanks for the info, Gracefullamb... The girl suggested they do a violent porno together? Then they raped her and she charged? I need some time to let my mind process that. Trying to get into the girl's head here.

    But I agree that the court procedure used to be very hard on rape victims. At my own trial, I had to testify in the full courtroom, and my Mom was sitting by my side, and the offender was staring me straight in the face from his cage, and you know I did not accurately describe what happened - just as I had not to investigators after the crime. I spoke as briefly as I could and was mortified. His testimony I do not remember in full but I do not remember him describing what he had made me do, either. Unless they got the truth out of the offender, maybe it never even got out. My priest told me (he works at the police) that here in the States they do not make children testify in that fashion.
  2. gracefullamb

    gracefullamb Junior Member

    Eastern Orthodox
    No, sorry about the confusion, it does sound like the girl stated that with how I typed it. The defense and press claimed she wanted to make a violent porno, the girl herself did not want that at all. The girl herself was drugged and out cold for the attack. The reason they were able to get away with this argument and why they were able to charge the perpetrators is because they filmed their sexual assault and sadistic torture of this girl.
  3. Kristos

    Kristos Servant

    Eastern Orthodox
    Which is probably why he removed it, that and it sounds a bit insensitive to others in the parish.