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When I was younger I though I was wrong for God.

Discussion in 'Christian Advice' started by Tony Ramirez, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. Tony Ramirez

    Tony Ramirez Christian with Asperger's Syndrome

    United States
    I am talking about when I was a kid or teenager. I was bought up Catholic which I was afraid of the Religion. I use to hear about God and the Bible but Catholic's were mean to too. One old Catholic lady said that if I don't go to Church God would talk away my legs and make me a cripple.

    Then I remembering hearing about saved Christian people and I though that I was too weird for God to accept me or was too judge me. I remembering watching Pastor's on TV and saying but God can't accept me because I always used his name in vain after which hearing swearing started to bother me. Thinking that if hearing swearing did not bother me I could come fully to Christ and that God would accept me. Heck I even broke the cross of Christ once and said I don't believe in God.

    It was not until I left Catholic school and went though various programs for disability which am marked that I accepted Christ. However with the hearing swearing bothering me too the point that I left that Church again for 15 years going back to the ways of that I don't believe in God or I am not sure.

    It was not until my sister nearly died and signs from God that I came back finding the right Church the first time, first attending life groups which I then found the one I like so I attend one and go to Sunday service weekly. I also now read the Bible more and even pray.

    Just the other day walking some guy started to randomly swear and I looked down and say the word God written on the sidewalk. Because of this and my issues I know that he is still there and the idea that he is not right for me is the enemy telling me so.

    My only issue now is years down the road I am afraid of backsliding again. I am praying that I don't but the Church I attend is so great, everyone is friendly there unlike my older Church were everyone was either teenagers or elderly. The age group of this Church younger people and people my age.
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  2. Dave G.

    Dave G. Well-Known Member

    United States
    Don't worry about years down the road because we have no idea what a single day may bring much less years. If you are happy in this church, you find other members to communicate with, they preach the word of God from the pulpit and it speaks to you at the heart level then keep going ! And keep reading your bible. Pray to God that He show you things from scripture, He is faithful to do that.

    Have you accepted Jesus as your savior ?
  3. Aussie Pete

    Aussie Pete Well-Known Member Supporter

    God has a great promise for you. He is able to keep you from falling. No one is so good that they are beyond falling away. No one is beyond deception. You are in a good place. God shows grace and mercy to the helpless! Jesus is the Friend of sinners. Ask God to strengthen you so that you do not fall away. Keep close to God. Most people fall away through neglect of their Christian lives. Lord Jesus is always with you and will keep and protect you. Stay close to Him.
  4. dailyprayerwarrior

    dailyprayerwarrior Member

    United States
    Thanks for sharing your story! God is good. God loves you. If you spend time with the Lord every day, you're far less likely to fall away. Bless you!
  5. Tony Ramirez

    Tony Ramirez Christian with Asperger's Syndrome

    United States
    "Have you accepted Jesus as your savior ?"
    I did in my last Church and accepted him again when I came back now attending Trinity Grace Church Park Slope later learning I never lost my salvation.
  6. Mountainmanbob

    Mountainmanbob Goat Whisperer Supporter

    United States
    For the ones of us who have backslided and returned to follow God -- we thank Him for the gift of Repentance for all don't have that. I know many who have fallen away never to return. He will not lose one of His children.
    Blessings sent,