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What to do when the LDS Church Comes a-knockin'

Discussion in 'Christian Advice' started by JoyT86, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Urbanredneck

    Urbanredneck Guest

    I know many of you will disagree with this but frankly I think many are "saved" and will be accepted into heaven based on their commitment to Jesus, their following the Bible, and their good works. I dont think the Lord will fault a person based on false teachings.

    But I dont know. To me, it comes down to what God will say, not me. I do wish they would drop the BOM stuff because I see so many contradictions but do they matter enough to stop a person from going to heaven? I dont know.

    I work with a "sort of" Mormon, his group broke off from the LDS and the RLDS years ago - he calls them the "Brighamites" (after Brigham Young). Yes, even within Mormonism their are other branches, like that group down in Texas years ago where they raided the compound or all those down in Utah that still practice polygamy. BTW, I dont see any polygamist getting into heaven.

    But I've never seen him read the BOM, just the Bible. So I dont know if his group goes too deeply into that stuff.
  2. TheyCallMeDave

    TheyCallMeDave At your service....

    In 2 John (or is it 3 John ?) , we are commanded not to allow false teachers into our homes . ANd this appears to be true even for the motive of evangelizing toward them.

    I don't think it is a crime or treason to have The Book of Mormon in your home if you want to learn what another sect follows ; I have the Koran somewhere in addition to the Catholic Catechism of 800 + pages of manmade inventions with such confusing bureocracy that you need a Philidelphia Lawyer to decipher ... whereas the true simple Gospel of Christ can be easily understood unto salvation that even 4 year old children can understand and have chosen to receive Christ as their Savior.

    Ive been called on by Mormons and JW's... and with Mormons in particular...they purposely stay away from certain things which even include their true identity , such as :

    1. They prefer to incorporate the name of Christ into their Title (Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) instead of coming clean and declaring 'Mormonism' . The reason being that the Mormonism name carries with it such a bad connotation and stigma ... plus they want to act slick in speaking Christian-eze to show common ground so as to win your fellowship and confidence.

    2. Continuing with the deception is, the Mormon will purposely stay far away from the anti-Christian doctrines they embrace and concentrate on the common ground they have with the essentials of the historic Christian Faith ; unless you press them, they will not tell you about their doctrine of :

    a. God was once a man
    b. There are many 'Gods' in eternity (people who were once on earth)
    c. There are 3 levels of 'heaven'
    d. Jesus is the spirit brother of Lucifer !
    e. Mormonism depends on good works and other extraneous personal merits.
    f. The highest level of 'heaven' allows the 'God' to eventually have his/her own planet where endless sexual relations are had to produce more spirit children to carry on the torch.
    g. And other very bizzare heretical doctrine....yet they claim they are 'Christian' . This is what earns them the accurate title of a Cult because they claim to be 'Christian' yet deny essential Christian Doctrine ... particularly the very nature, character, person of God / Jesus and Salvation by simple undeserved Faith by Gods Grace.

    So, next time they knock on your door, don't invite them in...but ask them about a. - g. above . And I guarantee you, they will make the call very brief before being on their way to try to secure an unknowing person in addition to fulfilling their required quota for number of doors banged on which the Institution keeps track of for 'faithful Mormon service' in hopes of working oneself up the elusive and fallacious Mormon ladder of Status .
  3. xxxxxxtra

    xxxxxxtra Member

    You missed a great opportunity to give them a little of your own poison to take back to the colony with them.. With a little faith and prayer it may have killed them all.. Now read that again... What i just said is that if you had given them your gospel they might have taken back to the mormon colony and shared it with them all. Killing them to mormonism. But winning them over to Christ eternal.
    I like to look at these little groups of lost souls like three blind mice.. I feed them the poison cheese and they take it back to the colony...
    Remember to treat them with tender loving kindness. But give them the truth...
  4. TheyCallMeDave

    TheyCallMeDave At your service....

    I think you could have chosen a different term than 'taking back with them the poison you've given them' when referring to the Gospel of Christ.
  5. theophilus40

    theophilus40 Newbie

  6. graciesings

    graciesings It is so ordered.

    Sounds like you and your husband need to figure out a plan for this.

    This website has a very good comparison, it has a lot of information but is still easy to understand. CULTWATCH - Mormonism

    I think we should at least be courteous to door to door missionaries, even if we don't agree with them.

    That's how they see themselves. They actually may not see you as a Christian, though.

    The hugs part is definitely what you should have done! God wants us to be kind to others. I might be a little uncomfortable praying with Mormons, though. They can use the same prayers we do but it means something TOTALLY different to them.

    Well, you can keep it as a reference and try to use it to learn more about the differences between your beliefs and theirs. That way, next time the LDS comes around, you'll be better prepared to deal with them. However, I know a number of Christians who wouldn't be comfortable having the book in their home. They would burn it. I don't think it's dead-set right or wrong either way, it's a matter of preference. You know what is going to confuse you or lead you away from the true faith and if you think the Book of Mormon would do that, get rid of it!
    Please don't give it to a library or a used bookstore, some unsuspecting person might get converted to Mormonism.

    Yes, Mormons are pretty evangelical. What I usually run into with Mormons is that once they realize they won't convert me, they ignore me. If Mormons knock on my door, I politely play the let's-see-who-evangelizes-who game. It's OK if you would rather wish them a nice day and send them off, but I myself love apologetics and will talk to Mormons or JWs any day.

    God bless you
  7. TruelyLiveForHim

    TruelyLiveForHim Junior Member