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What our Christianity is missing.... and how to fix it!

Discussion in 'General Theology' started by Gideons300, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. Gideons300

    Gideons300 Our awakening is beginning. Prepare to be amazed.

    United States
    The church as we know it is wallowing in ineffectiveness. The world looks on at our shallow commitment, our hypocrisy, our religiosity, and wants nothing to do with what we possess. Our lack of joy and lives that are lived as the forgiven overcome but not as the Christ-filled overcomers make all the words we tell them about Jesus fall on deaf and dis-interested ears.

    Guys, do you not realize that we as His church started out with a explosion of joy and selfless love, and the message spread like wildfire? You see, there are always some hearts that are hungry for truth. But after almost two thousand years, we have lost our way. We possess a head knowledge Christianity, but not the Christ who possesses us. We have a form of Godliness and argue that our form of Godliness is better than your form of Godliness, but in the end, our lives testify to the fact that self still lives and is firmly in charge.

    What we are missing in the present day is knowing Christ, plain and simple. We know about Him. But that was not the promise of the new covenant, was it? We will ALL know Him, from the least to the greatest. Note the order. It is significant, lol.

    But until we question why this is, and it bothers us to no end that we are not finding the way to abide in Him, all day, every day, we will find our feet.... and our hearts.... are earthbound. Like servants, we get to occasionally visit Him in the Master's house and feel His presence, perhaps in a moment of illumination reading His Word, or maybe in a powerful worship service. But sadly, at the end of the day, we are found in the servants quarters, not living as children of the king in the master's house.

    This is our great lack, church-wide, and all of our efforts have left us tired, religious, lukewarm, still stuck in Romans 7, and lacking the fruit that comes only from abiding in the vine of Christ. Here, true holiness is impossible. Our flesh is still active and in control, and sin and self love rule over us even moreso than our Lord's will for us. That should bring us to tears, but that fact that in most cases it does not reveals how har we have strayed from the Christianity that makes others want what we possess.

    All that is about to change. For some, it already has. But how few they are. True children of the king, myriads of them, are still found under tutors, still battling earthly desires, not yet ready to stand up as overcomers of the world, the flesh and the devil. Prayer closets are hollow and quiet, swords are dull and rusty, and our shields of faith lay in the corner, gathering dust,

    How will this terrible scenario, a constant in every denomination on the planet, ever change? God must do it, that much is certain. But do we have a part? Absolutely! We are told that if we draw near unto Him He will reciprocate and draw near to us. If we hunger and thirst for more than just a mansion in Heaven and truly long to be holy as He is holy, we WILL be filled. Do we want that? If not, that fact should fill us with terror. It is time our contentment without godliness is replaced with nothing less than walking in... and on.... the amazing promises of God that He has given us.

    The answer is plain before us. It has always been there, but our hearts have not been prepared to hear or see it. The next... no, the LAST..... great move of God is beginnig even now, and the first step will be a hunger and thirst for exactly what you have shared.... Him AND His righteousness.

    May God bless you, dear reader, in your pursuit of the walk God has for you. He has prepared a mind-bending walk of abiding in Him.... where we do not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.... for every single one of us who are part of the elect. His gift to us, actual new natures that can truly be caused to walk in full obedience and total submission to Him, await us.

    Listen. We are not as the lame man by the pool waiting for the miraculous stirring of the waters so that we might be healed of our fleshliness. There is no need to wait for anything if our hearts are hungry to walk in His manifest presence.

    The answer is simple. We can, by faith alone, put off our carnal old nature and experience the renewing of our mind as the Word clearly promises us. We can, by faith alone, reckon that sin has no more authority over us. We can, by faith that we already possess, put on our new natures that are the direct result of being born anew. But it is time we believed our God.... past time.

    There is not one reason why any who read these words cannot do so this very hour and leave their searching and hungering hearts behind forever. And when we yield overselves to God..... as those who are alive from the dead, not as those still in trespasses and sin.... to our amazement, we will find our feet plant on the highway OF holiness. No evil beast is found here. Here our weakness becomes a strength, for we now look to God for everything in our walk.

    Why are so few availing themselves of this amazing walk at present? We do not yet hate our old nature. Our hearts do not cry out in our prison of Romans 7, where sin still rears its ugly head and self is, in truth, exalted wven above the Lord we say we serve.We are content to live as old natured men and women, heaven-bound, perhaps, but earthbound in our Spirits.

    The next great move will begin with hunger and brokenness. I pray that multitudes respond to the wooing of the Spirit inside them, and that blackness and persecution and upheaval is not needed to being them to their knees. But know this. Shaking WILL occur, because for His bride, she WILL be prepared to meet the Lord, and everything that is not of Him will be shaken out of us. May we be found embracing this, not fearing it. God is not trying to make us miserable but to fill us with joy unspeakable and full of glory. Amen!

    All God wants is for us to admit that our hearts are far from Him and that we do not know how to change that fact. He beseeches us to call upon Him to do it for us.... and to us! And when we do, the mother of all paradigm shifts will occur inside us. Our lamp will be lit and we will never be the same again. Glory!

    blessings to you all,

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  2. Thess

    Thess Well-Known Member

    United States
    No comments, not even a "like".

    Perfect! For this means you are speaking the truth. It's ok....this is how it is for God's True Children, for we are rejected by the world.

    Great job brother.
  3. HeartenedHeart

    HeartenedHeart Member

    United States