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What is your stance against Satanism/Paganism?

Discussion in 'Christianity and World Religion' started by Hishandmaiden, Jan 23, 2002.

What are you views on satanism/paganism?

  1. I hate Satanism/Paganism and all who pratise it.

  2. I hate Satanism/Paganism and will persercute those who pratise it.

  3. I hate Satanism/Paganism and will do my best to eliminate it.

  4. I hate Satanism/Paganism but not those who pratised it.

  5. I hate Satanism/Paganism but tolerate it.

  6. I am neutral to it.

  7. I am very interested in it.

  8. I will try to convert paganists/satanists

  9. I support it.

  10. That is my religion.

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  1. Matthew9:9

    Matthew9:9 Angry & Confused

    I agree with your first post, but don't see the need for this second one. I was using a Bible reference and so used Bible terminology.

    Aside from that, we regularly see people referred to by their title. "Christ" is a title, not a name, yet he is called Christ without confusion. (Never mind the fact that, if we understand the meaning of the word, we see that the Jews had many, many "Christs," including King David who was "annointed.")

     Back to the other topic; I had an enlightening conversation with a co-worker one day. I had a small altar to Hanuman on my desk at work, and I asked him whether he considered a devout observant Hindu to be the same as a Satanist. He replied that since any religion except Judaism and Christianity were the deceitful work of Satan, the two were morally equivalent. This changed how I view the whole debate.

    So, while Pagans have nothing to do with Satan, within the Christian weltanshauung, they are worshipping Satan (whether they knwo it or not.)

    Argument becomes meaningless when the two sides have different definitions for the terms being used.
  2. dmfew6599

    dmfew6599 Jesusistheway

    I hate the evil in this world but it is hard for me to hate the people who do not believe as I do. I have a brother in law and a great friend who are homosexual I hate their lifestyle but love them.
  3. blondie122189

    blondie122189 New Member

    Firstly i would like to say that paganism and satanism are two very different things. satanism is the worship of satan or the devil. Pagans don't even believe that such a being exists. I'm a pagan, so I have nothing against paganism. Satanists can worship whoever they like, because I don't believe in satan, I don't feel that it's a threat towards me.
  4. blondie122189

    blondie122189 New Member

    I cannot vote because none of the given answers apply to me. Paganism (or Wicca) is my religion, but it is very different from Satanism. I love being a Pagan, but I have no problem with Satanists, seeing as I don't believe in Satan. That is a Christian element of fear, not a Wiccan.
  5. seebs

    seebs God Made Me A Skeptic

    I haven't been able to vote yet, either. As I said about a page into the thread, my stance on Satanism/Paganism is about like my opinion on the geographical location of China/Ethiopia.
  6. PhantomLlama

    PhantomLlama Prism Ranger

    I feel people can worship whoever or whatever they want as long as they don't try to do anything wrong. You can worship Satan if you want as long as you don't start sacrificing chickens and defacing churches or the like.

    You can worship Yahweh as long as you don't start sacrificing chickens and defacing mosques and the like.

    You can worship Allah as long as you don't start sacrificing chickens and defacing shrices to Satan and the like.

    You can worship Slaanesh as long as you don't start doing things I'm not going to elaborate on. (smiles at obscure joke that most posters won't understand)

    And Satanism is an offshoot of the religions that sprung from Judaism and so is closer to them than to Paganism.
  7. MyJhongFist

    MyJhongFist Active Member



    I would have fear of anyone who worshipped a god who was legendary for its evil, whether I personally believed in it or not. 

    Reason being is that if they worship that god, they probably believe in his/its dogma.  If that's the case, then what are they capable of?
  8. Lacmeh

    Lacmeh Active Member

    Slaanesh worshippers convention starts next month, gather and do as our Chaos Master commands! (This is only a trap to gather all Slaanesh worshippers in one place so that the real masters, the followers of Khorne can slaughter these pathetic weaklings!)
    to lump together Satanism and Paganismis a bit weak. A little logical thinking would reveal,t hat Satanism is vaguely based on the Bible (praising the enemy of Yahweh), while Paganism doesn´t acknowledge the validity of the bible.
  9. MyJhongFist

    MyJhongFist Active Member



    I agree that grouping Satanism and Paganism is a far stretch.  But you are missing my point.

    If I knew someone who believed in and worshipped Satan, whether I believed in Satan or not, I would not trust that person.

    Doesn't matter what I believe in.  It matters what THEY do.  If they worship a god who encourages evil acts, what are they capable of?

    It doesn't matter if I believe in that god or not.  They do.  That's what's scary.
  10. feral

    feral Dostoyevsky was right

    yippee for satanism and paganism. we need more interesting religions...
  11. Sarah :)

    Sarah :) New Member

    Paganism and Satanism aren't the same thing.
  12. MorningStar334

    MorningStar334 Pagan And Proud

    How dare you! Wicca, paganism are nothing like satanism! I think you didn't make the point you ment to. But if you did, you have a skewed view of the world. I'm wiccan oh scary! You need to reach me! oh..... You must be joking. Satanics are awful, I agree, but do not bring the pagans into this.
  13. MorningStar334

    MorningStar334 Pagan And Proud

    Thank you! The sentance that clears up this whole rotten thing! I
  14. Eudaimonist

    Eudaimonist I believe in life before death!

    I'm not a satanist, but my investigation (admittedly limited) into various satanist websites clearly revealed that Satan is merely a symbol to them, not an actual being. They don't believe Satan exists in the same way that Christians believe in the existence of Satan.

    I suppose it's possible that there are a few Satanist groups that believe in an actual Satan, but not the ones I've heard of.
  15. Isaiah 53

    Isaiah 53 Catholic Apologist

    Could not have said it better myself.

  16. Hallucinogen

    Hallucinogen New Member

    isnt christianity based on tolerance? so to all you mindless fools who say they hate satanism and will persecute all who practice it, your not christians. Your fanatics who believe anything people will shove down your throats.
  17. ravenscape

    ravenscape Free Crazy Liz

    Yowzers. Any reason why you felt the need to bump a 4 year old thread?

    I was getting all aggrivated and worked up at the poll question wording and OP before I realized it was old news.

    * shrug
  18. Mary_Magdalene

    Mary_Magdalene AKA..Godschosengirl

    Calvary Chapel
    **********MOD HAT ON**********

    This thread is old and the OP has been answered 4 yrs ago.


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