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What is your love story?

Discussion in 'Married Couples' started by Leah F, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Leah F

    Leah F Too blessed to be stressed.

    United States
    Here is mine. This was all God's doing with the help of a young friend of mine.

    I had a very young friend who had just recently gotten back with an old boyfriend. To be honestly I really did not approve of him because of everything they were doing. Still there was little I could do about it other than try to advise her the best I could. Around Christmas she spent some time with his family and met one of his cousins. She of course had to tell me about him when we hung out. She swore that we were so alike and that we should meet. I of course was not interested because I had bad luck with men, especially strong Christian men like this guy she was talking. I did look at a picture of him and did find him attractive. Unknown to me she told him where I went to church and urged him to go there since he was looking for a church.

    In mid January he came to my church. I did not know about it until she told me later that day. It was at that moment I did recall seeing him there but it had not clicked. The next Sunday he came again and this time I saw him. After service I went up to him to say hello and introduce myself. He looked at me funny and so I went my own way feeling very awkward. I would have never tried to talk to him again if not for the fact that my friend and his cousin were having relationship issues. The next Sunday I went up to him after service and started to talk to him. When I mentioned my friend he realized who I was. We talked about them some and then the conversation to our own lives. My friend was right about us being so alike. I of course really did not think much of the conversation and when the pastor's wife asked me about it I said we were just friends.

    From that point on we started to talk more and he would walk me to my car. I kept asking if he had spoken to his cousin and he said he was working in. We became friends on Facebook but I still did not think much of it. Then in February I had car trouble after getting out of work. I was last one out that evening so not one else was around. My key would not turn in the ignition so I called my brother to come up with another key. While I was waiting the guy messaged me and asked how I was doing. Some reason I told him what was going on. He offered to come and keep me company but I told him I was alright. Then he asked if I would like to hang out and watch movies. I said maybe and did not feel afraid. I then realized what was wrong with my car and was able to start my car. I do believe if that had not happened I would not have talked him very much. Not long after that he asked me if I would go out to dinner with him, I did not give him a definite answer.

    He finally got a hold of his cousin and was going to meet with him and my friend for dinner. They happened to be going to a place across from where I was working. I was getting ready to leave work and was talking to him in messages. He invited me over so I headed over to meet them. When I got there I was surprised another cousin was there so I had to pull up a table. For some reason I sat down next to the guy facing his cousin and my friend. My looked as us both an asked us "Are you two a thing?" We both at the same time blushed and looked down. As we ate the guy spoke to my friend his cousin and what he said was amazing. I knew he was special and I had to get to know him more.

    A day or two later I agreed to go out to dinner. It was our first date March 9th. He told me I was everything he was looking for. I of course took it well but left him wondering if it had been wise to say. The next date we talked more and I was able to tell him how he was everything I had been waiting for. We got married in December after many more crazy moments that only God would come up with.

    The crazy thing is that Lord had told me that I was going to be married in a year in January. I laughed at the time but it really happened. The Lord told my husband to ask me out and he fought the Lord for two weeks over it in February. God wanted us together and the enemy tried to pull us apart. The Lord won. I am a better person because of my husband and I am glad we both listened to the Lord.

    The sad thing is that my friend and his cousin broke up. Then our friendship ended because she was in no shape to take part in my wedding. I realized it was a bad friendship and when she came back I put distance between us. God used a bad friendship to create a wonderful union.
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  2. OK Jeff

    OK Jeff Active Member

    My wife Andy I attended the same high school. We each graduated in classes of 35 people give or take. But since she was a senior when I was a freshman, she doesn’t remember me. I certainly do remember her. Fast forward eight years after I graduated. She had married someone as different from her dad as she could find. After several years, they had a daughter, then he went off the deep end (story for another time), she divorced him and moved back to town. She’d taken a job at an insurance office where I did business, and worked many weekends for an auction company. I was (still am) the shy, quiet type. I always thought when I got ready to settle down, I’d go ask her out and marry her. Bold thought considering we barely knew each other. We’d met several times but one of us was always seeing someone else. Well one night I came in late (was working 8-5 then sitting on my tractor half the night then do it again) and found a message on my machine. She’d called, was vague but I knew something was up because she’d called me from her home number. It was after midnight by a while so I decided to call her back from work, after the morning rush. Well the rush came, I was working on the books and she called me again. We hit it off immediately and talked and talked several times through the day. She asked if I was going to the auction that weekend, I wasn’t but suddenly decided I might. I’ve teased ever since that I picked her up at auction. We made a date for that night. When I took her out, I couldn’t get a rap going to save my life. There was no bravado, no smooth confidence, despite my best efforts, all she got was the real me. For some reason she liked it. We were married five months later