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What is my calling.....

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by hagiadzo1999, Jan 14, 2002.

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  1. hagiadzo1999

    hagiadzo1999 New Member

    Hello everyone!

    I've really been praying about this subject lately...I want to know what God's calling me to do with my life. I think he is calling me to be in a ministry to help troubled teenagers, but I just don't know. I know my husband (when he gets saved one of these days :( ) and I will be in a youth ministry of some kind....

    Am I just impatient? Should I just try to be more patient until God reveals my calling so blatantly I won't miss it? What should I do? What do I do until I know? I'm confused. Please help.

    Pray for my husband too! He is so close to the truth, and I believe its just a matter of time before he accepts Christ!

    We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today?
  2. CHR!$T!@N

    [email protected] Follower of Christ

    I will definitely pray for your husband.

    As for your calling - God will reveal it to you soon I am sure.

  3. SonWorshipper

    SonWorshipper Old Timer

    The best advise I can give you is to not sit around LIstening, which makes you wonder , did I hear? did I hear right? Just be ready for action at all times. Read his word, take comfort in Just knowing he is there already just waiting on you to catch up to the day he has waiting. Look for ways to help others and soon, before you know it ,you are in the calling and going about the business of the kingdom. I hope this helps.
  4. psalms 22.3

    psalms 22.3 Member

    god gives us "the desires of our hearts".
    the best way to find gods calling, is to look inside yourself at your own deepest desires.
    i started seeking gods face, asking him to make me a mighty man, and for me to effect my world! to be something mighty in this world!
    and it wasnt to long later, it was prophicied that i would be used in all 9 of the gifts of the spirit, and touch this entire nation and other nations! then later my pastor gave me a word from god that i was called to preach and would have a double portion of his ministry!
    but all that stuff is what id been hungering for anyway! god was simply saying, "i have given you the desire of your heart!
    and actually god spoke to me through my pastor and said
    he knew i longed to preach and
    "....it is not your desire! it is my desire in you!" GOD SAID THAT

    that desire in you to help teens is most likely your calling. but that doesnt mean it is time for you step into it.
    i am called to preach, but no where near ready to start my ministry. haha, id be the only 19 year old preacher i know. im not prepared anyway. im just getting ready now, and using every small oppurtunity to preach i can find.

    if teens are you calling, get involved with them. help in the youth ministries in any way you can.
    they may be your calling, but you probly wont start as a youth pastor.
    "he who is faithful with the small things will be made ruler over much" that is a kingdom principle.

    my last youth pastor started by driving a bus around picking up kids to take to church, and teaching sunday school classes, the stuff no one else wants to do. then god promoted him.
    everyone wants to preach, but no one wants to do the small things. but they need done, and god will reward that humble doer.

    becuase he took what he had "the small oppurtunities" and was faithful.
    id say since kids may be your calling, then find any way at all, to get involved with the youth ministry.
    even if its driving a bus, whatever.
    say "ill take it!"
    and be faithful with it.
    and god will bring you into the fullness of you calling in his own due time.
    and pray, always pray.
    "you have not because you ask not"
  5. renee

    renee Guest

    Seek FIRST the kingdom of God and ALL the rest WILL BE added unto you. Matthew 6:33 (Capitalization and italic are mine)
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