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What is a Christian

Discussion in 'Questions about CF' started by OzSpen, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. OzSpen

    OzSpen Regular Member

    Dear staff,

    I note that the Theology directory is Theology (Christians Only). Perhaps this information is available elsewhere on this very large CF, but I'd like to know how CF defines a Christian if we are to obey "Christians Only".

    The reason I ask is that I'm writing my doctoral dissertation on a man who states over and over, "I am a Christian", but he doubts just about everything in the Scriptures, does not believe in the virgin birth, and claims Christ's resurrection was an apparition.

    Therefore, I need to know how you determine if a person is a Christian or not. Are you following the definition of a Christian according to people like John Shelby Spong, Lloyd Geering, D A Carson or Ravi Zacharias? Are you defining a Christian biblically and if so, what is the CF definition of how you determine if a poster on CF is a Christian?

    Or, don't you define "a Christian" very precisely? Can I attend a very theologically liberal (modernist or postmodernist), Anglican, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Uniting or United Church, believe as that church does, and still call myself a Christian? Is such a "Christian" acceptable on CF?

    I'd appreciate your advice.

    Sincerely, Oz
  2. Nilla

    Nilla No longer on staff

    Congregational Forum Restrictions, Christian Only Forums, and Off-Topic posts
    Do not teach or debate in any Congregational Forum unless you are truly a member and share its core beliefs and teachings. Questions and fellowship are allowed, proselytizing is not.

    Do not post in the forums reserved for Christians only, unless you are truly a Nicene Creed, Trinitarian Christian (please see our Statement of Faith to know exactly what that is). If you wish to discuss unorthodox doctrines, you may do so in Unorthodox Theology.

    Respect and become familiar with each forum's Statement of Purpose. Start threads that are relevant to that forum's stated purpose; submit replies that are relevant to the topic of discussion. Off Topic posts will be moved or removed.

    Link to rules: Christian Forums - FAQ: Christian Forums Rules / Terms of Service

    Statement of Faith can be found by clicking on the link in the rule.
  3. OzSpen

    OzSpen Regular Member


    Thanks so much for this clarification and the links to the Statement of Faith and the Nicene Creed. That clarifies a great deal for me.

    In Christ,
  4. Nilla

    Nilla No longer on staff

    You're welcome.

    God bless!
  5. SophiaC

    SophiaC Guest

    I saw a lot of people claiming they are Christians but did not exercise their spirit, do not go to church every Sunday, doubts Gods word and believe in science.
    They are nice people, because I have a friend like that.

    However, I don't count them as Christians, because a true believer has faith in God, and will come walk with the cross with God.
  6. JCFantasy23

    JCFantasy23 In a Kingdom by the Sea Staff Member Administrator Supporter CF Senior Ambassador Angels Team

    United States

    All Christians are on their own personal walks with God. For the sake of site we did have to create a general definition, however, and that is to adhere to the Nicene Creed. We do not judge Christians by their actions, going to church, etc., here, nor do we argue against what icon they have chosen. Hope this helps.