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What if?

Discussion in 'Creation & Evolution' started by Ration, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. cupid dave

    cupid dave Guest

    There were two lines of ascent to modern man and then, the flood destroyed every other species.

    One line was thru Cain, the sons of man.

    They would disappear.

    The other line, thru Seth, son-of-God, would lead to Noah and his three sons, modern man.


    At some point, only those who accept Christ will evolve further, they are the final product all sons of God.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 5, 2011
  2. Huram Abi

    Huram Abi Guest


    This is demonstrably wrong.
  3. No Time

    No Time Guest

    It's what he wants to believe so who are we to tell him he's wrong? he's wrong but who are we to tell him?
    he lives in a wonderful dreamy world of his own surrounded by lovely imagery so let's leave him be to enjoy it.
  4. Huram Abi

    Huram Abi Guest

    After the homo sapiens left Africa(the flood, according to you) they lived fine alongside the Neanderthals for 120,000 more years.

    They were not introduced to each other until AFTER the "flood."

    But there was also a third species, Denisovan Man, whose DNA makes up 5% of the genetic material of those in Papau New Ginuea. I could also ponit out florensis, but you won't accept that, and frankly, I don't need it to make my point.

    1) This all occurs post-flood
    2) There is more than 2 species involved.

    This is clearly not in line with the genesis story.
  5. Huram Abi

    Huram Abi Guest


    At this point, I'm not really talking to him. He doesn't listen or care to consider the actual science when it is presented to him.

    I am simply fleshing out the scientific aspect of his claims so that others can make an informed decision if they happen to stumble across them.

    But, eventually, there will be enough crazy claims by him, that he essentially becomes the boy who cried wolf. So, I guess you are right.

    Let him do himself in.
  6. AV1611VET


    United States
    Your chart shows Adam as 'the sons of man' -- Luke disagrees:

    Luke 3:38b ... which was the son of Adam, which was the son of God.
  7. Nostromo

    Nostromo Brian Blessed can take a hike

    I love this place.
  8. Naraoia

    Naraoia Apprentice Biologist

    Sowwy. I clearly need to get my internet sarcasm detector fixed.
  9. Huram Abi

    Huram Abi Guest

    We're good. I took the risk of someone taking my comment seriously when I posted it, and I knew that.

    Hopefully, the quality of my other posts will relieve you that I don't actually endorse the attitude of "this is 'Merukuh. If'n ya'll don't like it, go back to Cheyenne"
  10. cupid dave

    cupid dave Guest

    Yes, this line the sons-of-man, thru Cain, was fathered by Adam, as was the other line, thru Seth, the sons-of-God.

    Cain of course, and his progeny thereafter, was banished and clearly a man marked other than a son of God.

    This was the line thru Cain:


    But the next line thru Seth is a erplacement of Abel, who God had choosen over Cain.
    This chart shows this.
    It shows how they both meet at the two Lamechs, one in each line, and interbreed:

    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 5, 2011
  11. Huram Abi

    Huram Abi Guest

    Homo neanderthalensis and Homo sapien are from the same line.

    Your chart has an extreme deviation from the known relationship between these species.

    You simply can't claim that all species from the same genus are less related than species from other genera. Sorry.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 5, 2011
  12. cupid dave

    cupid dave Guest

    No, it now seems possible that Homo antecessor intervened between Sapiens and a direct link thru Neanderthal.

    That is, Neanderthal inbreed with antecessor, and antecessor interbred with us.


  13. Huram Abi

    Huram Abi Guest

    Says the guy who thinks bacteria are plants.

    Sorry Cupid, you cried wolf too many times. You've given us no reason to believe your "scientific"(made up) claims in the past.

    No reason to start now.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 6, 2011
  14. Jazer

    Jazer Guest

    I am so glad to be GAP because we do not get into it.
    Science can sort though all the skulls and all the DNA and try to figure it all out.
  15. Jazer

    Jazer Guest

    You are on a science board. Perhaps you want a theology board. If what we believed is not true then there must be a better theory that better explains what is currently known. They use to believe the universe revolved around the earth. Then one day new information came along so we now have a better understanding. The Ptolemaic system was in use for a long time, but now it has been replaced by the work Creation Science has accomplished through Galileo Newton & people like that. Then their theory was replaced with Einstein Planck and others. As we increase in knowledge and understanding.
  16. cupid dave

    cupid dave Guest

    Oh, yeah.

    The Paleontologists have not yet caught up with Genesis.

    Genesis states there were 22 links from the first humanoid to us.
    That seems correct pretty much.

    The Last Human: A Guide to Twenty-Two Species of Extinct Humans
    by G.J. Sawyer, Viktor Deak
    Hardcover, 256 pages
    Published June 28th 2007 by Yale University Press

    It is all a matter of opinion right now which of the few bones are actually links in the chain and how they fit into the picture.
  17. cupid dave

    cupid dave Guest

    There was not much science beyond geocentricism that opposed the church's interpretation of Genesis.

    it was only in the last Age that we learned that science divides the time between the Big Bang and now into seven parts, based upon the six rock layers, and that evolution says 22 links in different humanoid species ended with man.

    So now serious religious people must take that Truth and incorporate it into bible interpretation.
  18. Huram Abi

    Huram Abi Guest


    Your claim wasn't true the first 100 times you made it. Every time you repeat it, you become less and less credible.