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what happened???

Discussion in 'Trauma, PTSD & Dissociation' started by SearchingSister, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. SearchingSister

    SearchingSister Guest

    About 2 days ago I woke up in the morning and I was on the lounge and I couldnt remember what happened the night before (that happens sometimes) and my family were just like "nothing happened".
    Anyway, I have found bruises on the inside of my upper thighs and I have no idea how I got them. I don't think I've ever had bruises there before. I have no bruises anywhere else.
    Thing is, my older brother slept in the house that night (first time in a long time we've slept under the same roof).... so you can tell what I'm thinking.
    But surely I would remember?
    And I don't have any pain or anything.....
    Am I just being paranoid???
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  2. Bianca01

    Bianca01 Regular Member

    Hi SearchingSister,

    I think you need to go to your female doctor and get an examination. It would be wise to not sleep in the same house as your older brother ever again. From what you've shared in the past it could be a blocked memory. Of course, I wouldn't want to say for sure. It definitely is cause for concern so please take care of yourself, okay?

    I know how hurt you must feel. It is difficult to understand why your family isn't dealing with your brother and getting you some help. Sometimes families in this sort of situation just want to sweep anything bad under the rug so to speak. It's such a shame. You sound like a wonderful person and you deserve people around you who are honest, truthful and supportive.

    Take care
  3. BelindaP

    BelindaP Senior Contributor

    There are drugs that can be given to a person that make them unconscious and block their memory. I agree with Bianca on this one that you need to see your doctor about this. The drugs would not still be in your system, but she can check for other signs of abuse. Take care of yourself, sister, and I will be praying for you.
  4. BigToe

    BigToe You are my itchy sweater.

    In Relationship
    The only answer you can get is through an exam. Getting one as soon as possible is your best option. Hopefully nothing happened and you just have weird bruises. But if something did happen, you should know so you can take preventative measures to guard against diseases and such.
  5. SearchingSister

    SearchingSister Guest

    Today I went to the doctor... I didnt get an exam cuz I was really scared to ask for one. I've never really been through anything like this and I was just afraid. Took all my courage to keep my appointment with her and tell her my fears. Anyway, she didnt even suggest an exam. But I will go back next week for a pregnancy test JUST in case. Please pray that I am not pregnant (Is that wrong?????) Its not that I dont want a baby or anything.... I mean if its God's will.... its just that my brother is biological brother and so doesnt that mean the baby could be seriously deformed and I dont believe in abortion. So yeah.... I don't think i am pregnant but I would appreciate some prayers anyway
  6. SearchingSister

    SearchingSister Guest

    I havent slept in days. I won't speak to anyone outside of my family- and to them i just deny anything is wrong. The other night I got very drunk... passed out...woke up... and kept on drinking until I passed out again. The night after that I had a major panic attack and was going to kill myself. I'm so unstable, and its all been triggered by a Christian woman who was trying to help but said some very hurtful things.
    I'm trying to move past this, connect with God, take care of myself. How do I find peace?
  7. restore

    restore Veteran

    do not be scared , sister....

    just test the thing u got, if it is from your brother, the test will show u......but even if he did something to u, u will not get pregnant so fast. and a test can not show u if u r pregnant or not just by a few days.....u need to ask doctor to take some pills or so , it can easily stop any pregnacy because it is only 2 days.

    God father let this girl calm down , and let her know u r taking care of everything, so she will be fine, thank u , amen:)
  8. rocklife

    rocklife Senior Veteran

    it isn't healthy to drink that you pass out. I hope things get better for you. I get my encouragements from daily Bible readings and study (Bible on walkmen tapes are also great). Jesus saves, I'm praying for you
  9. SearchingSister

    SearchingSister Guest

    Pregnancy test today was negative... PHEWW
    but I have to do it again in a couple of days just in case its a false negative.
    Thank you everyone for your support I am trying to hang in there and God is sticking by me, as always
  10. restore

    restore Veteran

    Honey, i m happy for u r strong now:)

    the pregnancy test can not be shown in only a few days, it will be shown in at least 20 days i guess, i forget now...but there is something u can take by the doctor given, pills or some injection to avoid the pregnancy , so u do not need to worry about it anymore, i m not sure if your doctor knows those things, though.
    i have an idea, u can call some rape emergency No., to ask those medical ways, and then let your doctor do it.
  11. SearchingSister

    SearchingSister Guest

    No actually today it has been 11 days. My doctor says I could do the pregnancy test because of where I am in my cycle. I am aware of things such as the morning after pill and I am sure my doctor is aware of them too. I do not believe in using such methods as you are in effect causing any fertilised egg to be aborted. I guess it depends on when you believe life begins, as a foetus, or as a fertilised egg. I'm not sure but I don't feel comfortable doing that.
  12. SearchingSister

    SearchingSister Guest

    The test I did was wrong. Doctor confirmed yesterday. I'm pregnant. I can't believe it. I just can't believe it. But in a way I guess I knew right from the start. Deep down inside. Still I just can't believe this is real. I can't believe this can happen to me. Thanks for those who read... I'm not planning on coming back though so this will be my last post. God bless everyone and I pray that you will see breakthrough in your individual circumstances.
  13. Nobility

    Nobility Guest

    Oh hun..

    How are you coping? :hug:

    I'm here if you want or need to talk rant or anything :hug: