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what does God think of psychics?

Discussion in 'Christian Philosophy & Ethics' started by Pineapple Lump, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. Pineapple Lump

    Pineapple Lump Newbie

    Salvation Army
    i'm new so i hope this is the right spot to put something like this
    i'm a New Zealander and i have some Maori blood in me
    Maori are pretty spiritual and there are quite a few people with psychic kind of powers
    my great grandmother was one of them
    she died a while ago and my mum will tell me stories of how she had this girst. she used to see faces of people who had died on the window and i think she could predict things. whenever a baby was going to be born, she would have a dream of a greenstone. depending on how the greenstone was laid, it showed if there was something special about the baby, like if it was really twins or something
    her mother didn't like it and took her to a shamen to get it taken away, but it didn't get fully taken away
    when she was sick one time, she thought she was going to die, she had a dream of her late husband who was standing on the other side of a busy road and walking away and told her when she tried to get across the traffic that he wasn't her time. sure enough, she recovered
    i'm not sure what kind of religion she was. i think she was morman. i don't know the different between denominations or if there's a difference between mormans and christians so if someone could explain that to me, that's be great
    but i was wondering, because it says that sorcery is bad and stuff and consulting spirits, if my great grandmother was really spiritual, would she still be allowed into heaven?

    i'm a manga dork as well so i read lots of stories about these people with magic powers. i was wondering what would God think of them, if they were born with the powers and using them for the good of people (probably themselves occasionally too)? and what about psychics who are born with powers too?

    sorry. it's been a really long post! but thanks for taking the time to read ^_^