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What do these "hot flashes" mean?

Discussion in 'Christian Advice' started by budding theologian, May 3, 2011.

  1. budding theologian

    budding theologian Running the Race

    I experience waves of heat, some more intense than others. The heat is usually felt in my torso up through my neck. It is not a medical phenomenon, but a spiritual one. I know this because, even though I haven't yet figured out what they mean, they go away if I change my thoughts and they return if I change them back. I am having a very hard time identifying the pattern.

    I also experience chills when I am really "getting" the Holy Spirit--when my mind is completely focused on Him and I feel totally united with Him. I have heard other Christians talk about these chills or goosebumps--good ones, not creepy ones--when something significant spiritually seems to be happening.

    I am wondering if these "hot flashes" I am experiencing are the opposite--a sort of warning or foreboding that is being given to me from God.

    If you've had experience with this or if you have any insights at all, I would really appreciate it. It would also mean a lot to me if you could pray for me, especially about this. I want to discern God's will and make good decisions with a clear conscience, and there is something about this feeling that is getting to me. I am experiencing some general spiritual confusion right now.

    Thank you, and God bless you.
  2. LWB

    LWB Regular Member

    Why couldn't it be medical, or more properly stated, biological? Your brain is a part of your body, so perhaps certain thoughts are triggering your brain to stimulate your body.

    For example, fear stimulates the brain to produce adrenaline, which causes a dramatic physiological reaction.

    I would assume hot flushes to be more associated with some kind of bodily happening than anything of a supernatural origin.
  3. Maremma

    Maremma Regular Member

    What exactly are you thinking about when the hot flashes happen?

    Have you prayed and asked God for wisdom and discernment concerning this happening to you?
  4. lutherangerman

    lutherangerman Senior Member

    There is this scripture that says we experience heat as a test. It's like a fire that forges us into something solid and reliable. Sometimes God uses problems and adversity to force us into relying on faith and not on health and wellness. Sometimes I experience this too, and can't stand it, but apparently it's God's will for us to go through. Try to dive into the peace of God and quote good scriptures to yourself. Like, the Lord is friendly and His goodnes endures forever. When we have it really hard and still God wants us to go through that hard time, He will also help us when we need it.
  5. budding theologian

    budding theologian Running the Race

    I think that it is in part biological. I just wanted to clarify that these aren't hot flashes from menopause or something like that.

    Here is an example from yesterday. A teacher asked me to substitute for her. God has made it pretty clear to me that this school is not a good place for me, and yesterday was going to be my last day there. But I was thinking that it would be good to have the money. Plus, it is very difficult for me to say no to people. I said yes, and as she started talking about the plans and what not, I was swept over again and again by this hot feeling. I realized that I should have said no, but my weakness for pleasing people and wanting money led me to say yes. So, I told her that I couldn't do it and the feeling left me. Then, I felt guilty and told her to e-mail me if she was in a pinch and couldn't find anyone, and the heat returned.

    I have prayed for wisdom and discernment regarding this issue. I've also prayed for God to make it clear to me when I am involved in something good or something bad. I believe this may be the answer to that prayer.

    I get confused by this feeling because I don't always know which way it's pushing me. Sometimes it happens when I have conversations with people and it is quite clear. I think about bringing something up, for example something gossipy, and I feel the heat. If I don't talk about the topic and stop thinking about it, it goes from me. If I do, it continues, often even after I stop talking.

    But then there are times when it seems to happen for no reason whatsoever, when I'm by myself and not conscious of my thoughts. I find that confusing.

    This is helpful information. Do you know which Scripture that is? What sort of situations make you experience the heat? Does it go from you once you focus on God and His Word?

    I have prayed while I had the feeling, but I don't always find relief from it. In fact, sometimes I feel it even more intensely.

    I think that my confusion is my stumbling block right now. I just need to trust that I do know, but I become very uncertain. I feel like the double-minded man who doesn't know what he looks like right after seeing himself in the mirror.
  6. Forealzchola

    Forealzchola Contributor

    In Relationship
    It is very hard to say that your "hot flashes" aren't medically related especially since you are a woman. Women experience hot flashes for menopause and as well as during your menstrual cycle. Hot flashes can come during embarrassment, adrenaline rush, fear etc a number of things and since you said sometimes they just happen for no reason...I would think it would be more so one of these things. God bless.
  7. lutherangerman

    lutherangerman Senior Member

    1 Peter 4:12 Beloved, think it not strange at the fiery suffering among you that is coming to try you, as if a strange thing were happening to you,

    What I experience does not seem much like physical heat, it's just a certain spiritual impression of heat and intensity that seems too much for me to handle at times. I don't have it often, just very rarely. Sometimes I think it means love but then it is very uncomfortable and I don't quite know what to make of it either. That's why I like to quote refreshing bible verses like the one I mentioned in my other comment. I also like to remember the Holy Spirit whom Jesus calls the Water of Life.

    And I don't know if this verse is about the same thing actually, in my german bible "fiery suffering" is given as heat but it may simply refer to the heat of persecution so please take all this with a grain of salt.

    Pray, read your bible, go to church, stay in touch with other christians and try to act wisely, and you should be fine.
  8. Maremma

    Maremma Regular Member

    Well I can suggest that you can put some of this to rest by going to the Dr and asking him to give your endocrine system a checkup and make sure everything is "all good" there.
    We can get a heated feeling from stressful things and it can be "normal". BUT if it were "normal" for someone it should have been happening "all along".SO since this seems to be something relatively new for you it would be very wise to get a checkup.
    Have you been having ANY other issues no matter how minor that have also started since this?
    There is a thing called reactive hypoglycemia that can cause a "heated feeling" when your blood sugar drops to far. It causes an endocrine and sympathetic nervous system cascade in an attempt to compensate for the problem. This disorder can easily be missed with routine blood work. It is also expensive to do the test required to confirm it so a Dr will want to be REAL confident it is an actual problem before ordering this test.
    To make sure this is not what is happening to you you can do some things at home to help you know if you need to bring it up to the Dr or not.
    Do this on a day you don't work or have to drive anywhere. In the morning when you first wake up eat something super sweet. Like have an iced doughnut and a super sweetened cup of coffee. Yes it will gross if you don't care for sugar. Do not consume any milk or protein of any kind. Do not eat or drink anything else but water for the next four or five hours. Go about your business (don't just sit on the sofa but don't drive)
    If you begin to feel ANY symptoms at all write them down and the time they happened. If you get real weak or dizzy or feel like you are going to pass out quickly drink a glass of orange juice and eat a piece of cheese. Then call the Dr right away and get an appointment asap. have someone stay with you while you do this.

    If nothing happens and there is no heated feeling or other symptoms then a routine blood panel and regular checkup should be able to put your mind at rest.

    If all is well physically then you can keep praying and asking God to help you "hone" this gift He gave you. You can always ask God more than once or ten times if we have to when we are trying to be obedient to Him but are unsure of ourselves. The Lord is very patient with us.
    You are going to need to work hard at standing firm when God tell you to say no. I understand how hard that is. I have struggled with the same problem when I was younger. It took a lot of work to learn how to say no to people when God was saying "NO, don't do it". Just because something would not be a sin to do doesn't mean God always wants us doing it anyway.
  9. Aibrean

    Aibrean Honest. Maybe too Honest.

    I absolutely agree with you.
  10. miss-a

    miss-a Newbie

    It could be an adrenal reaction to the stress you feel when saying yes and wanting to say no plus the stress of wanting money and wondering if this is the avenue for it, etc. However, your adrenals would not do this if they were not themselves stressed. this could be your body warning you that your stress level is too high. because I am recovering from a long term illness of the adrenals, I can tell you this is not something to take lightly. It could be that your adrenals are sending you a warning shot with these flashes. take heed when you think you stand lest you fall. I fell into adrenal fatigue and it ravaged my life. Like Job, I'm getting it back step by step, but it's been hard road to travel. If you can avoid it, do. Learning to say no is a great place to start. If you have adrenal questions feel free to pm me. I've learned a lot--the hard way. and don't want others to have to learn that way.

    HOpe that helps,
  11. honeyny22

    honeyny22 Newbie

    I don't know about the hot flashes, but I can completely identify with the chills. Glad I am not alone in that sense
  12. heron

    heron Legend

    In Relationship
    There's also the possibility that God uses your real hormonal system to send you nudges. But be careful of assuming, in case it really is haywire hormones (they are known for that) or anxiety.

    Do a search on panic attacks... people might have similar stories.

    I have friends who are great intercessors, and they feel stomach aches when they are carrying a burden for someone. (I don't think that's scriptural but still happens). Once in a while they feel the ailment before they speak to someone, like prophetic information.

    There's also the scripture of Jesus feeling power going out from him when the woman touched the hem of his garment. Many people experience that sort of thing when praying for others.

    I don't think we need to discredit what you experience, because it is useful to you and increases your awareness of God and sensitivity to Him.
  13. Andy74

    Andy74 Newbie


    I've had this same (or a very similar) phenomenon happen to me the past 18 months or so. Given that I am a 37 year old male, I don't think it's related to menopause :)

    For me, they occur when I am focussed on Holy Spirit - deep in meditation with Him, or deeply praying to Him.

    I can make the sensation start by concentrating on Holy Spirit and inviting Him to come. (I know He already lives in me, but it seems there are degrees to which He can be present).

    When at first it happened, I knew God was doing something, but I got scared - I thought i was going to die. Seriously - it was that strong. I thought - "God has turned up and I am dead!". So I resisted it - and it stopped. But then over time, I realized that it is something that God is doing in me.

    For me the sensation is like an intense feeling all over and in my head/brain/face, which is how i imagine a "hot flash" to feel. (These are the only ones I've ever experienced). Sometimes I can even hear like God is doing stuff in my head - I know this is wierd, but it's like He is rewiring my brain! It's like a pressure on my head, that moves all over it and inside of it.

    I don't think it's medical, and I even went to the doctor about it in the beginning, but they couldn't find anything wrong.

    The Word does tell us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, and I wonder if this is another way (other than choosing right thoughts)? Dunno.

    Now, I embrace this phenomenon and allow God to do what ever it is He is doing. I've moved past the fear I had, and believe that He is doing something good.

    But I have also tested this Spirit, in case it wasn't from God, and was some kind of mind control spirit - but I only ever invite Holy Spirit (of Jesus Christ of Nazareth), and it only happens when I am focussed on Holy Spirit. I've also bound enemy spirits while the phenomenon is happening, but it does not stop.

    I'm convinced it's God and that He is perhaps repairing some of the wrong thinking that has been going on in this head of mine for far too long!

    Does any of this gell with your experience?

    Last edited: Aug 6, 2011
  14. ditte

    ditte Junior Member

    I often have goosebumps or something like a flowing tingle, when the Holy Spirit touches me ,but not always.
    Ask the Lord about it.
    God bless you.
  15. green wolverine

    green wolverine to God be the glory!

    Interesting thought that it could be related to the adrenals. I've had adrenal fatigue going on 30 years now and agree it's not something you want to ignore as it can devastate your life.
  16. LovedServant

    LovedServant Newbie

    I have hot flashes too. I believe that they are like a warning from God because I only get them when I'm doing or saying something bad and I'm not really thinking about what I'm doing or saying at the time. Like, I lied to my mother about something and got a hot flash and when I told her the truth it left me and another time I was joking with my brother and I swore and the hot flash came. So, I think it's God saying, "don't do that because it isn't right". But, it's great because the Bible says that He disciplines the one He loves, we're being disciplined because He loves us and does not want us to be oblivious or to overlook any transgression we might be making against Him. Thank God that He loves us and disciplines us =)

    God bless you, too<3
  17. 7angels

    7angels Newbie

    every one is different and God deals with everyone in a way they can understand. i am sure that what you are feeling is from God. the closer you get in your relationship with God the closer God comes to you. in other words when you seek God he answers you but not always in ways you understand.

    let me ask you a few questions to learn more if you do not mind.

    -it sounds like you are baptized in the Holy Spirit right?
    -these hot flashes you have when do they occur? is it mainly when you seem to be getting answers from God?
    -do you know what the anointing of Christ is? do you know what the anointing feels like?
    -do you know how to sense the peace of God?

    these questions are here so i can better help answer your questions. i will be praying and asking God for revelation of his word for you. God bless and watch over you
  18. TruthSeeker2012

    TruthSeeker2012 Guest

    It's nothing more than ANXIETY attacks. And please note, that many people have ANXIETY attacks on a sub-consciousl level and you may not consciously recognise it being an ANXIETY attack.

    God bless.
  19. CounselorForChrist

    CounselorForChrist Senior Veteran

    Now that I've gotten sicked when I feel weird and tell people they say I am having male hotflashes lol.