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'What any good human would do': Louisiana man helped save infant abandoned along highway

Discussion in 'News & Current Events (Articles Required)' started by Johnboy60, Mar 3, 2021.

  1. Johnboy60

    Johnboy60 Looking For Interesting News.

    United States
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  2. Hazelelponi

    Hazelelponi Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    Wow... from the article:

    "The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office said a man abandoned an infant on the side of a highway in Raceland after physically assaulting the boy's mother during an argument.

    Dillon Terrebonne, 27, was later charged with domestic abuse battery involving strangulation, child endangerment and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.
    Authorities said they later learned the woman and her infant had [both] been riding with Terrebonne while he drove her SUV.

    After an argument broke out, Terrebonne stopped the SUV, got out and walked to the passenger seat, where he began striking the victim [the child's mother] in the head and strangling her, police said. The woman managed to free herself and escape the vehicle.

    Terrebonne got back into the SUV and drove away, police said. He stopped after about a mile to detach the infant's car seat from the back seat. With the baby in it, Terrebonne then placed the car seat on the road's shoulder and continued driving

    Apparently the child's mother ran after the vehicle because her baby was in it, and was only seconds behind the young man who stopped to protect the child...

    Hopefully this abusive man stays in prison for a good long time, and the women learns a lesson from this and does more to protect her child in the future. This was apparently some kind of boyfriend, so I do pray some lessons were learned and the child is in a good environment in the future.

    God bless the young man who stopped to help.
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  3. keith99

    keith99 sola dosis facit venenum

    Heck here in liberal California people would do as much for a dog. I know because I was one of 3 people who stopped on the shoulder of the freeway to save a little nipper or a dog. Far more dangerous cuz the little guy was scared and apt to bite.