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What age does a man's sex drive start dwindling.

Discussion in 'Married Couples' started by jacquidube, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. jacquidube

    jacquidube Veteran

    Not that Im expecting women to know the answer (some do though) so guys this ones for you.

  2. BigNorsk

    BigNorsk Contributor

    That actually varies a fair amount.

    Largely it's related to testosterone level.

    Testosterone drops in relation to being married, having children, being overweight, being inactive, some medications, shortage of sleep, and age.

    There is no hard line and levels vary greatly between different men in all age groups.

  3. hisbloodformysins

    hisbloodformysins He's my best friend

    In Relationship
    100, lol, if even then :)
  4. OnTheWay

    OnTheWay Well-Known Member

    Eastern Orthodox
    Depends on the person. Two 20 year old males can have vastly different sex drives. I think the larger issue is that with 20 ads an hour for boner pills it makes it very difficult for men to admit their sex drive is dropping off. Granted if it's dropping off at 25 that isn't good, but if you're in your 40's it's just part of the natural aging process.
  5. Autumnleaf

    Autumnleaf Legend

    It varies but around 30 to 40 the sex drive starts dwindling off.
  6. bliz

    bliz Contributor

    My husband is 56, a Type 1 diabetic who has had open heart surgery, and he's not slowing down at all!
  7. jwwells

    jwwells Member

    There's no one answer! It is not like with women.

    For women we can say that the earliest known natural menopause is in the late twenties and the latest known natural menopause in the early sixties; with an average start of menopause around forty-seven.

    For men? It is a sliding scale with too many variables. Part of the problem is the testosterone cycle which is a six week AVERAGE cycle and varies from four weeks right through nine weeks in normal and healthy men. Another part of the problem is that so many things effect a man's sex drive.

    My best guess for an average answer would be sometime around fifty. BUT! You will find men with no sex drive at twenty and others with a strong sex drive at ninety.
  8. Adamantium

    Adamantium Well-Known Member

    Dude, there is no universal correlation between menopause and loss of sex drive. A woman's libido is rather more complicated than that. (A man's is too, as I'm sure you know!) Sure, hormones play a big role, but the quality of one's relationship, one's attitude and one's general health all are factors. ;)
  9. jwwells

    jwwells Member

    Oh I KNOW!

    It was the only thing I could think to compare to that people would understand.

    Sex drive is far too complex to make HUGE statements about it. Here's one that is driving some scientists NUTS! Why does testosterone increase some people's sex drive, decrease still other's sex drive and do NOTHING for others? No one knows!
  10. kiwimac

    kiwimac Priest, Liberal, Quaker, Theologian and TSSF Supporter

    New Zealand
    100-125 should see most men slowing down a little.
  11. Romanseight2005

    Romanseight2005 Guest

    Maybe because sex drive isn't purely biological as people tend to think.:)
  12. jwwells

    jwwells Member

    Nobody knows, although it apparently is tied to mind and body. There are too many questions which have no answers.
  13. Tuffguy

    Tuffguy Speed Racer

    Right after marriage! :D
  14. virtualgirl

    virtualgirl Well-Known Member Supporter