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Wesley's Parish Fellowship ASA Thread (7)

Discussion in 'Wesley's Parish - Methodist/ Nazarene' started by ParaCristo, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. Lee52

    Lee52 Well-Known Member

    My Brother and Sister in Christ are up late tonight! Already a beautiful morning here in Stuttgart.
  2. Maid Marie

    Maid Marie Zechariah 4:6

    Homework's due for my online classes every morning at 2am eastern. As usual, I waited until 1:55 AM to hand my stuff in...

    Now what GS's excuse is I haven't a clue ;)
  3. GraceSeeker

    GraceSeeker Senior Member

    If the noumen was the name of the tribe of Gaius Julius or Marcus Antoinius. Since Julius and Antoinious would have been their cognomens, would not Gaius and Marcus been their nomens. So Paul's nomen would likewise have been the same as their nomens, and his cognomen would have been Paulus. But where is the clue to his praenomen? It wouldn't be Gaius or Marcus, because these where nomens.

    So, don't we have the options being ______ Gaius Paulus or ______ Marcus Paulus or perhaps even ________ and some other tribal patron's name (Julius and Anthony were not the only patrons in Tarsus) Paulus?
  4. ChrisBot

    ChrisBot Version 7.0 Beta

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