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Very dizzy - please pray

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by sk8brdkd, Aug 19, 2022.

  1. sk8brdkd

    sk8brdkd Audio A Sk8er

    United States
    I started feeling sick Wed afternoon, by yesterday morning I had terrible dizziness. I took a covid test and was negative but I also don't have any of those symptoms. This morning, the dizziness improved but I still have it. I've tried everything I know of to get rid of it but its not leaving.
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  2. Michie

    Michie Standing by the Ukraine. Supporter

    United States
    You should call the doctor to be on the safe side. Prayers for you.
  3. Leaf473

    Leaf473 Well-Known Member

    United States

    I get dizzy sometimes. It's the crystals in my ears. That's the most common cause, from what I hear.

    For me it came on super sudden. Woke up in the middle of the night, everything was fine, laying in bed... Suddenly it felt like someone had flipped the bed vertically and my feet were pointing to the ceiling.

    I figured the safest thing to do was to stay laying down, and it did settle down after a couple minutes. I've had a few episodes after that. For me, it turns out that the trigger is laying on my back too much.

    But seeing your doctor is definitely a good idea. It could be something else, something treatable.

  4. musicalpilgrim

    musicalpilgrim pilgrim on the sacred music pathway Angels Team Supporter

    United Kingdom
    I pray for you for healing, it could be an infection.
  5. Other Sheep

    Other Sheep Ligurian

    United States
  6. William J

    William J Well-Known Member Angels Team Supporter

    United States
    I pray that God would watch over you and take away the dizziness.
  7. inquiring mind

    inquiring mind associate with those you can learn from Supporter

    United States
    Praying for a speedy recovery... and agree with others about seeing a doctor.