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Usage of the prefix De- when attached to a word.

Discussion in 'Deeper Fellowship' started by Andy centek, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Andy centek

    Andy centek Seeker of Deep Truth Supporter

    United States
    It is interesting to see how the prefix of De when attached to words is ignored by many. Some examples are given to show what this means.

    If one is demoted, he has been given a lesser position than that had before the demotion.
    The if something is destroyed, it has been eliminated of put into a state of ruin, to which it must be restored if possible. In music, an instrument which is detuned is out of harmony with the rest of the music. Of course the context in which these words are used must be considered also.
    The point here be this. De in not in general a good thing compared to something which has been elevated or promoted, that is raise and not demoted. So then what is the purpose of showing this?

    Consider the word Denominations. He can mean a certain value number or something of lesser value. Then here are the words: Destroy, destruct, deny.

    I have given these so that the reader may better understand what Denominations are. They are demotion from the truth. They direct away from what is really be taught in the Bible scriptures; with very few exceptions.
    In the Bible scriptures, Jesus Christ appointed the apostle Paul as the apostle to the Gentile word to teach Christ crucified for the forgiveness of spiritual sins. In today's churches many teach among other things, that water baptism saves ones soul! Or simply saying; I believe in Jesus Christ. Oh that spiritual salvation were so easy that man can grant it!

    Man has tried to take the place of Jesus Christ death on the cross for the purpose of spiritual salvation. This carries a heaven penalty with it!

    IF that was all there is to it, then why bother to do as the apostle Paul instructed those in Christ Jesus to do; study daily to show yourself accept of God; rightly dividing the word of truth: And, standing fast in the faith.
    When then also do men take the scriptures which were written for the Jews only and apply them to their selves? Because of false teachings. Paul preached Christ crucified. Men preach water baptism and speaking tongs; that labellings. That is what happened at The Tower of Babel!
    Wake up people. Tune your minds to the truth of the Holy Spirit and not to the false teachins of man.

    Andy Centek
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  2. Wordkeeper

    Wordkeeper Newbie

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