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US and North Korea showdown

Discussion in 'Current News & Events' started by Followers4christ, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. Followers4christ

    Followers4christ Love my wife, 2 sons and Daughter. God is great!!

    Tensions on the Korean Peninsula escalated over the weekend as US stealth fighters moved into the region and official sources from both North Korea and the US said the chances of war are growing.

    The bellicose rhetoric from North Korea came in two phases: On Saturday, a statement from its Foreign Ministry said US President Donald Trump is "begging for a nuclear war" through what it called an "extremely dangerous nuclear gamble on the Korean Peninsula";

    A day later, a commentary from Pyongyang's Rodong Sinmun newspaper, carried by the official Korean Central News Agency, said US-South Korea joint air exercises scheduled for Monday to Friday are a "dangerous provocation" pushing the region "to the brink of a nuclear war."

    US stealth jets arrive in South Korea as rhetoric heats up - CNN

    North Korea lambasted the U.S. and South Korea on Sunday for bringing the countries to the “brink of a nuclear war” a day before the allies begin a joint military drill in a defiant show of force against Kim Jong Un less than a week after the regime launched an intercontinental ballistic missile.

    North Korea’s state-run newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, wrote in a commentary Sunday the upcoming military drill is an “all out provocation against” the rogue nation that “may lead to a nuclear war at any moment.”

    “Such drill is a dangerous provocation as it is driving the tension on the Korean peninsula to the brink of a nuclear war,” the commentary said. “The U.S. and the South Korean puppet forces are so foolish as to run amok with such stealth fighters.”

    It added, “The stealth fighters, which the enemies boast so much of, will not escape the fate of a tiger moth.”

    North Korea says US-South Korea military drills drive them to 'brink of a nuclear war'

    Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, said the United States is "running out of time" when it comes to North Korea and that pre-emptive war is "becoming more likely" as the country's weapons technology "matures."

    "We're getting close to a military conflict because North Korea's marching toward marrying up the technology of an ICBM with a nuclear weapon on top that cannot only get to America but deliver the weapon. We're running out of time," Graham said on CBS News' "Face the Nation" Sunday.

    Sen. Graham says new N. Korea tech advances make pre-emptive war "more likely" - CBS News

    White House national security adviser HR McMaster said Saturday that North Korea represents "the greatest immediate threat to the United States" and that the potential for war with the communist nation is growing each day.

    "I think it's increasing every day, which means that we are in a race, really, we are in a race to be able to solve this problem," McMaster told an audience at the Reagan National Defense Forum in Simi Valley, California when asked if North Korea's launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile Tuesday had increased the chance of war.

    McMaster: Potential for war with North Korea 'increasing every day' - CNNPolitics

    After the launch this week of an intercontinental ballistic missile by North Korea, U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley and her counterparts from Japan and the Republic of Korea requested an emergency U.N. Security Council meeting.

    "The dictator of North Korea made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war, not farther from it," Haley said. "We have never sought war with North Korea, and still today we do not seek it. If war does come, it will be because of continued acts of aggression like we witnessed yesterday. And if war comes, make no mistake, the North Korean regime will be utterly destroyed."

    Nikki Haley says North Korean regime "will be utterly destroyed" if war comes - CBS News
  2. Followers4christ

    Followers4christ Love my wife, 2 sons and Daughter. God is great!!

    North Korea was behind the massive “WannaCry” cyberattack in May that spread around the world costing billions of dollars, White House Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert announced in a Wall Street Journal op-ed Monday.

    In the article, entitled, “It’s Official: North Korea Is Behind WannaCry,” Bossert wrote that the Hermit Kingdom was the main culprit behind the May 2017 global cyberattack in which computers running Windows were targeted. During the infamous attack, data were encrypted and ransom payment, in the form of bitcoin, was demanded of users if they wanted their data back.

    White House says North Korea was behind massive ‘WannaCry’ cyberattack in May

    Seoul, South Korea (CNN)A "low-ranking" North Korean soldier defected to South Korea early Thursday morning across the demilitarized zone between the two countries, South Korea said.

    It is the second defection across the heavily guarded border in less than two months, after another North Korean soldier was shot multiple times while dramatically escaping to the South on November 13.

    North Korean soldier defects across demilitarized zone - CNN

    (CNN)White House national security adviser H.R. McMaster said in an interview Tuesday that the United States doesn't want to risk coexisting with a nuclear North Korea.

    "We can't tolerate that risk," he told CBS in an interview Tuesday morning. "If North Korea has a nuclear weapon, who are you going to try to prevent getting one? Look at the regime, the hostility of this regime to the whole world."

    McMaster, Tillerson keep up pressure on North Korea - CNNPolitics
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    gideon123 Humble Servant of God

    United States
    A prayer for Peace ... GOOD for you!
    I have never seen the World with so much hate talk, so many blind accusations, and so little meaningful dialog.
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