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Uganda next Priest Nation to God?

Discussion in 'Current News & Events' started by an oddity, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Eric Hibbert

    Eric Hibbert Guest

    Read this story and almost cried. Sadly, tragically, leaders who will humble themselves and repent and seek God's will and providence exist only in history books. And those history books that aren't written by revisionists, at that.

    I continue to pray that God will raise up Godly men in the spirit of the Founders.
  2. Creech

    Creech Senior Veteran

    Uganda's anti-gay bill won't contain death penalty

    Uganda's anti-gay bill won't contain death penalty - US News and World Report

    Also, quoting from the article, the bill's original wording proposed the death penalty for cases where HIV-infected homosexuals had sex, where gay people had sex with minors or the disabled, and where gays were discovered having sex for the second time. Bahati said at the time that these offenses amounted to what he called "aggravated homosexuality."
  3. wannabeadesigirl

    wannabeadesigirl Regular Member

    In Relationship
    There are laws here in the US that require the death penalty or life in prison for having unprotected sex with anyone if you know you're HIV positive and do not inform them of that risk. It's illegal here to have sex with any individual (elderly, disabled or otherwise) if they cannot or do not consent (and IMO the sentencing of rapists is far to lenient most of the time).

    However, these laws are not just inclusive of gay people. They count for anyone.

    That's not the case with Ugandan bill. It's aimed at gays, and death penalty aside, the fact that a Christian nation is advocating a law that is biased against anyone is disturbing.

    Do I think that gay individuals with AIDS who infect their partners without their knowledge ought to be tried for attempted murder? Yes, but I also think that straight people who do the same thing ought to be tried for murder too. It's the obvious bias of these laws (and the death penalty for things like having gay sex twice) that has me calling foul.