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Two Foods Together Dissolve Tumors

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by kschanaman, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. kschanaman

    kschanaman New Member

    With the rate of cancers and other tumors growing throughout the world, it seems so odd that more hasn't been spoken of the scientific discoveries of a German scientist named Johanna Budwig who found that the majority of people who have chronic and degenerative diseases had a yellow-green pigment to their blood. And when that is replaced by the normal red pigment once again, the illness goes away!

    Johanna Budwig discovered something that is truly a God-given miracle. Neither food works all by itself.. they have to be mixed together.. simple foods as a matter of fact. Flax oil and Cottage Cheese!

    Studies found that cancer tumors spread faster when flax oil is taken on it's own. Cancer tumors also spread faster when cottage cheese is taken alone (dairy products tend to speed up cancer anyway). But, when mixing flax oil together WITH cottage cheese, the molecular makeup forms a potent, natural, nutritious and safe form of "chemo-therapy".

    The value of her findings needs to be talked about and discussed, and most of all TRIED by people in forums so real testimonies can be provided! For more information or to educate yourself before making your posts here, please do a web search through your favorite search engine and use keywords "budwig flax diet" Prepare to be amazed! Once you're done reading, please return here and give me your thoughts on it all.