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Turkey deports first ISIS fighter to the US with US approval

Discussion in 'News & Current Events (Articles Required)' started by essentialsaltes, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. essentialsaltes

    essentialsaltes Stranger in a Strange Land

    United States
    Legal Union (Other)

    Turkey has begun the process of returning alleged foreign ISIS fighters to their home countries, starting with an American, a Briton and seven Germans.

    Turkey's Interior Ministry said an American who is suspected of being an ISIS fighter was being deported the US, a British suspect to London and seven Germans to Berlin.

    The American was initially sent to Greece on Monday, upon his request, according to the Ministry. But Greece refused to accept him, and he was left stranded for several days in a "buffer zone" between the countries, the ministry said.

    "Upon the commitment of the USA to issue a travel document, necessary procedures have been initiated to send the foreign terrorist fighter to the USA," the ministry said.

    In their joint press conference, Erdogan suggested that Turkey had thousands of ISIS-affiliated individuals in its custody and was in the process of sending them back to "their countries of origin."
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  2. Aryeh Jay

    Aryeh Jay Veteran Supporter

    United States
    A great plan from our ally! Those that are sent back to Western Countries will probably be tried and imprisoned and those sent back to the countries that support terrorism or without functioning governments will be treated as heroes and re armed to spread death and destruction elsewhere.