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Trust Issues

Discussion in 'For Women Who Struggle (Women Only)' started by elephunky, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. elephunky

    elephunky Previously known as dgirl1986

    No I cannot, like I said before, it is so easy to be deceived when your in a situation. When im looking at other peoples situations I can see clearly.

    That could be part of hte problem I guess. Im not really sure what my identity is. My entire teenage life was spent trying to fit into categories and be who others wanted me to be.
  2. Everlasting33

    Everlasting33 Guest

    I understand. Sometimes I ask myself, "how can I know that my trust is warranted?" although its part of human nature.

    When your parent(s) give you reason not to trust, it only resonates through your soul for the rest of your life. There is possibility to change,grow, and trust but it probably (depending on the severity) will be an off and on struggle.

    I was abused and neglected by both parents and I do not trust them to this day. It saddens me to admit the fact and I realize how helpless I am to it since its on them to stop the self-destructive behaviors. However, I have compassion for myself (learning, anyway:)) and this brings about patience, acceptance and change.

    You are doing the best you can with the life experiences you have encountered. It can be easy to be compassionate for others but not so much with ourselves. We do many things incorrectly or foolishly in our own eyes and quick to beat ourselves up.

    A little compassion could help right now. God will grant you the wisdom and discernment that you need. Listen to your feelings and trust God. :prayer:
  3. swee

    swee Regular Member

    It's hard to trust. Trust has to be earned, imo.

    < lonely old cat lady. :D
  4. Solaris

    Solaris Regular Member

    It is normal not to trust people as much as you say you trust your mom and step dad. Your future husband is one you should be able to trust that much. Other than that no not that level of trust. It is normal for men to first be attracted to a woman's looks. That is how the human is designed.

    You did not define how long dating goes on until it is a relationship. It would be helpful to know.

    It is never to late to have a great fate.

    There is time to find a right man .

    There are important lessons to remember as expressed in this updated traditional song. They are doing what was a very popular dance to song when it came out.

    Pink Lady SOS

    Men are wolves, be careful
    When you get to that age, take care
    They may wear sheeps&#8217; faces, but in their hearts
    A wolf is growling, it&#8217;s true

    If you let your guard down
    And believe that he&#8217;s different
    You&#8217;re in for trouble, trouble, ah, trouble, trouble

    Hear me, hear me calling
    Today, once again, a girl&#8217;s in trouble

    It&#8217;s easy to be careless and get swept away by the night
    But think
    Once you close your eyes, you&#8217;ve lost
    If you try too hard, it&#8217;s all over, it&#8217;s true

    If you dismiss what I&#8217;m saying
    As something some person from the olden days would say
    You&#8217;re in for trouble, trouble, ah, trouble, trouble

    Hear me, hear me calling
    Today, once again, a girl&#8217;s in trouble

    Last edited: May 13, 2011
  5. gal4God

    gal4God Support Team

    United Kingdom
    In Relationship
    i have problems trusting ppl as well.
  6. If Not For Grace

    If Not For Grace Legend-but then so's Keith Richards

    At 24 you got a way to go b4 u have to get a cat :)

    If you want someone to trust, we have to chose trustworthy people, (sometimes we un-conscienously chose people like those we've know like "DAD" cause they are familiar-nothing scares us like the unknown) Do not be afraid to TEST your inner circle canidates. Look for someone who is dependable (1st sign of trustworthy). Then trust them with something small (like a promise) & see if they keep it.

    Trust is not an entitlement-it is earned & just like everything else only then is it deserved. Look for signs in the opposite direction as well-a person who is chronically
    late-not a good sign, a person who lies to someone else (what make u think u are unique?) not a good sign. A person who cheats (even at cards) not a good sign-

    & Honey no matter how cute, or what his IQ or potential is--if you see he is NOT trustworthy-RUN don't walk, change your number-just RUN, You will not become involved with what you do not associate with. AND you deserve someone you can Trust! :)

    Take the time to Chose!
  7. Jenster

    Jenster Guest

    ^ This is excellent advice. Thank you for posting it, If Not For Grace.