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Trumbauer Drama Competition in Alabama

Discussion in 'The Broadway Stage' started by shepard_boy, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. shepard_boy

    shepard_boy New Member

    Is there anyone out there that is in the Trumbauer Competition? If there is I would like to know, especially if your going to state. I will be competing in the Solo-Musical Male part and would like to know if anyone else is going to state, or just competed. I am from District 1 and went first on Saturday morning. I performed Mister Cellophane from Chicago, and will be performing it at state December 3 or 4, I'm not sure which yet. I would like to hear what others are doing and their point of view of the competition. Please reply soon!
  2. Talcos Stormweaver

    Talcos Stormweaver Fighter of Ignorance!

    Good to see another of my kind! I got third place in the state of Alabama for contemporary comedy in the novice section.