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Discussion in 'General Hobbies and Crafts' started by Acts2024, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. Acts2024

    Acts2024 Member

    I like to travel. :thumbsup: I'm in Israel now. Where do you like to travel?:confused:

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  2. asteroid

    asteroid Member

    yeah loved Israel, went there last year :) went to a Kibbutz nex to Galilee, its awesome to actually be in the place where Jesus did most of his work,

    also been to US (Florida, New York, LA, Vegas, Grand Canyon) France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Finland, Monaco, Poland and Iceland :)
  3. Boss_BlueAngels

    Boss_BlueAngels Life is better when you're flying upside down.

    United States
    I like to travel, but am limited by finances. I've been to Disneyland, Hollywood, Universal Studios, Sea World in San Diago, Las Vegas, Arazona, Oregon of course, A few places in southern BC for airshows, and all over Washington state for my flights. I've actually covered about 75% of the state doing my flight training. In the next few weeks I hope to strike a few more states off the list including Idaho and Montana.

    In the future I'd love to go over seas and visit Europe and "get in touch" with my Vulga River German background a bit.
  4. Inne

    Inne Well-Known Member

    I like to travel but have the same reason as Boss_blueangels. The only places I've been to are Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Hollywood, Washington (live there for 2 years), Las Vegas, Red Rocks Ampi-Theatre, Castle Rock, and Outlook Mountain. I want to travel to Europe once I have the finances and stuff like that.
  5. Coconut12

    Coconut12 Regular Member

    I love to travel! Been to a bunch of places including all over the United States, Europe. Went to India and have travelled through the Caribbean. Next up, I want to go to Australia and New Zeland.
  6. curlyblue

    curlyblue Member

    I love travelling too. I have been to Thailand , Indonesia, Australia, Brunei and Papua New Guinea and around New Zealand. I would love to go to America and Africa (specifically Morrocco and Kenya).
  7. jul7246

    jul7246 Senior Veteran

    In Relationship
    Well,i was born in Russia and i live in Russia,but apart from that, i've been to the Ukraine, England, Wales, the States(well,one state to be exact-Michigan), Egypt.
    I really want to visit Georgia(the REAL one - not the american state=) - my best guy friend is from there.
    The UK and the Ukraine were my favorites! Actually,i wish i could travel more - I love it so!!! =)
    God bless!
  8. skier_lacey12

    skier_lacey12 Well-Known Member

    I like to travel with my friends! Family trips are always fun i guess..if you don't do them to much and they are kind of short but i know they are important but I love traveling with my friends. Espcially youth group trips! They are a blast and we have a crazy group who all love God and it's awesome! I love going on Mission Trips because it gets you so on fire for God and if all of your friends are there you can keep the trend going easier when you get home! I love listening to music and staring out the window, also i love looking at maps at where we are and when we are going to stop. I just love being with my youth group and traveling...is one of the funniest parts of the trips!
  9. Zlians

    Zlians New Member

    Too bad you got me started...

    I've been to:
    Russia (born there) - St. Petersburg
    Ukraine - a town near Kiev
    Germany - Berlin and Munich
    Finland - Helsinki
    Sweden - Stockholm
    France - Paris
    Florida - Orlando and St. Petersburg
    Georgia - Atlanta and minor tourist places
    N. Carolina - Myrtle Beach
    Washington D.C. (pretty dirty for a capital)
    Ill. - Chicago
    Penn. - Philly
    Texas - Dallas
    NJ - Trenton, Newark, Camden, Voorhees (live there)
    NY - NYC
    Canada - Toronto and the Niagra Falls
    Maine - some small town, beautiful scenery...