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Tornado dreams

Discussion in 'Outdoor Activities & Nature' started by Historian, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. Historian

    Historian Member

    Has anyone ever had dreams of tornadoes?

    I have had 52 dreams of tornadoes since 1993. Some white, some grey, some black. Sometimes one, or three, or even six at once. In all dreams, myself and those I am with are never hurt. In fact, in one dream a tornado got very small and jumped up into the palm of my hand like a little pet.
  2. TwinkMama

    TwinkMama New Member

    Actually yes I have had a dream about a tornado, its been at least a year since I had the dream so I don't remember all of it.
    But I remember looking at a house (cause at the time we were in the midst of looking at houses) and I just didn't care for the house, something was wrong with it, I just had a gut feeling.
    Then we were driving along and the tornado stucked us up. I could just feel the uplifting of it that it woke me up.
    I haven't had that dream since though.
  3. MTC

    MTC Member

    I think we've all had dreams about tornadoes...I had one recently, a few weeks ago. It was a very strange dream (as mine often are).

    My dad and I were standing outside, and our boat was parked in about the middle of the driveway. We were standing by the boat when a storm came up, and the sky got real dark. Then, just all of a sudden, the tornado came. It was whirling around, with all sorts of glass and debris, and if I remember the dream correctly, I ran torwards the house, and got down between the car that was parked next to it and the house.

    My dad got down behind the boat, and then it was gone and the sun was out. In the dream, he and I were talking about how that was remarkable, how it came up out of nowhere and was gone just like that, and then I woke up.
  4. HephzibahBenJudah

    HephzibahBenJudah Daughter of Zion Supporter


    Well if you eat wierd things before falling asleep; I was gonna suggest an antacid...maybe that will get rid of the wind storm or tornado clouds.^_^
  5. Gwena

    Gwena New Member


    I have had prophetic visions in my dreams all my life. As I have grown older, they have become fewer and far between. For example, I dreamed about a red brick building and a feeling of so many emotions and confusion all at once that people were feeling overwhelmed. Later I saw the exact same red brick building on the news: it was the Oklahoma City bombing.

    A few months ago, I dreamed about these horrible-looking creatures that looked kind of like skinless flying gremlins almost, and monkeys. It was in a desert looking area, and there was something that looked like a train. The brown monkeys were lying around waiting to die because they had been bitten. My son was one who got bit, but instead of its taking just one bite, it took 3 bites for him to start to fail. I remember his looking at me and I could kind of read his mind, and his saying,
    "I'm sorry I failed you Mom," and me wanting to comfort and reassure him that he hadn't failed me, he was the strongest one there (spiritually), but he could not hear me and I could not communicate with him. That one really upset me!

    Almost exactly 2 months later, I was getting ready to pump gas into my SUV. Right before I got out of the car, the Christian radio station we listen to reported a huge outbreak of monkeys in a remote area near a city in India, and that they were sending in other monkeys to get these monkeys out of the subway cars because they were scaring people. I knew immediately that was my dream. I am still unsure how my son fit into the dream, although I do know in most of my dreams it's as if me and my family are part of them, but they are usually actually about someone else.

    My dreams are not always prophetic. I think sometimes the enemy uses my gift of prophecy against me, as he knows my weaknesses. I have not yet developed the gift of interpreting my dreams. That's where I am hoping you will come in.

    I've had recurring dreams of tornadoes. This time my boys and I were in a blue-gray glass building, surrounded by the public (a crowd of people), and suddenly someone said a tornado was coming, unexpected and completely out of the blue. I walked over to the window in the direction of the tornado and saw it - and then the lights suddenly went out. When I walked back over to where my boys and I had been, they were gone. I was crying out their names and praying in the Spirit and in my dream the Lord led me to them as I walked over all the hovered bodies with their heads covered - they had been taken to another room, and the door had been closed. I remember thinking most of the kids here have been trained how to respond to a tornado, but mine are homeschooled and probably don't know how to respond. But they were covering their heads like everyone else, so I bent down and covered their heads with my own body and head and hands and arms. Then I remember singing Jesus Loves Me to them and everyone in the room started singing it together with us. But just as quickly someone else changed the words to be secular but to the tune of Jesus loves me...and I remember having a snarling scowl on my face but refusing to sing the secular version and continuing to sing Jesus loves me with my children.

    The next thing I remember my older son was crying and said the younger one was "gone," and he had heard him say "panic." I realized we had accidentally crushed him with our bodies trying to protect him, and he was no longer breathing.

    Please, can someone who interprets dreams tell me what tornadoes, crowds, and the death of a child in a dream means? I do know sometimes storms and such are warnings or can reveal a crisis, which we have definitely had in the past. But my younger son was the one who supposedly died in the monkey dream, too.

    If you have the spiritual gift of the interpretation of dreams, please e-mail me.

    Oh - just one more note. Usually my dreams of tornadoes are those of when we're in the van and there is a tornado foreboding impending doom. However, today was the first time we were in an actual (glass) building.

    Thank you so much and God bless you!
  6. StockRacer

    StockRacer Member

    In Relationship
    Erg...I had dreams of tornadoes all the time when I was younger. I used to fear them so much I didn't want to look at them in books even. :sorry: Now I love 'em, they're awesome. I still have nightmares though, most recent one was like tornadoes just everywhere around my town, like tons of them coming from the sky. Scary stuff for me. :D
  7. Eleora

    Eleora God is my light

    I dream about tornados when I'm upset about something.
  8. junezephyr

    junezephyr Well-Known Member

    Christian Seeker
    I usually have tornado dreams about once a week, haha. They can be so realistic, I think at this point I'd feel quite experienced in a real one.
  9. skunkfeather

    skunkfeather Guest

    I too, have reocurring dreams of tornados.

    The dreams come and go, but are back full force, in the last few weeks.
  10. Kalewen

    Kalewen New Member

    In Relationship
    I always have dreams about tornadoes. Actually I usually have them once or twice a week, now that spring is coming. However, I do not have any that occur over and over again.
  11. HawaiianTropicalDude

    HawaiianTropicalDude Leaning on Him all the way

    Just about every few months for me. It's almost reliving it. I have no control over it either. Scary stuff.
  12. hazeleyes80

    hazeleyes80 Contributor

    I've had a few. Usually, I'm either in a car and trying to outrun them or I'm just making it into the basement in time as it roars overhead.
  13. mosebaa

    mosebaa New Member

    thankss very much
  14. tragicheart00

    tragicheart00 New Member

    i did just the other day actually! apparently the tornado completely got rid of the country of india! i woke up and checked the news to make sure it wasnt true!
    but there was a tornado report in NY that hadnt been one in 20 years!!!
  15. tragicheart00

    tragicheart00 New Member

    oh yea and tornadoes actually indicate that there may be a sort of emotional or high anger type of relationship or situation going on in your life that is potentially destructive...
    sound like anything to you?
  16. StarryEyes

    StarryEyes Guest

    I've had a few dreams about tornadoes, but not a whole lot. Haven't had one for atleast a month now about a tornado. I've dreamed about snakes though!
  17. bestboy8

    bestboy8 Contributor

    I used to really like tornadoes and wanted to know down to the pinpoint how they formed and everything, that is when I had 2 or 3 a night. (I loved them) LOL. But now, I am interested in astrology, and have had dreams about the universe and stuff like that
  18. bestboy8

    bestboy8 Contributor

    kinda weird, hopefully not Western NY, Where I live
  19. heron

    heron Legend

    In Relationship
    Last Updated: Thursday, 9 August 2007, 13:38 GMT 14:38 UK [​IMG] [​IMG]

    S Asia floods:

    Hundreds of people have died and millions have been left homeless across South Asia since the start of the annual monsoon season in mid-June. Below are details of the worst-affected areas and the aid effort that has been mobilised to help the estimated 20 million people coping with some of the worst monsoon flooding in living memory.

    More than 12 million people have been stranded or left homeless in the northern states....
    more than 1,000 others killed in other flood-related incidents in India over the last three weeks.


    There was one in western NY when you were little (BB8-- according to CF age), but it was labeled a microburst. It make very narrow path across about 30 miles, picking up in the middle. I heard that if meteorologists labeled it a tornado, then they would have to invest in all the equipment and do paperwork required for a tornado zone. There have been a few others like that, and many warnings. ... but yeah.

    Hearing all these stories combined, especially Gwen's, I wonder if some of our dreams are calls to prayer -- that we are feeling what someone else is going through. Or about to go through. We might be having prophetic dreams that we just dismiss as awesome.
  20. bestboy8

    bestboy8 Contributor

    I heard about that. It was in...FairPort not where I live. There was an F2 (Fajutia scale) tornado in '98 and tore apart my grandma's and my grandpa's house