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to go or not to go

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by scruffy1986, May 8, 2007.

  1. scruffy1986

    scruffy1986 Guest

    praying about whether or not to go on mission. If it's right can you pray that I will recieve $500 before sunday! thanks

    I am not asking for money, I am just praying that God provides it!
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  2. tergail

    tergail I am a child of God


    Dear heavenly father,
    I come to you Lord on behalf of my sister here. If it be your will for her to go on this missions trip,Lord, than I ask that you give her peace Lord. Let her know that you will provide for her if this is what she is supposed to do. She needs the funds Lord God to go on this trip and she needs them right away. So again I ask that if it be your will than give her peace that all will be taken care of. Give her strength and courage Lord to go out there and do your work. To go out and magnify your name. To teach other's about your love and mercy. We praise and worship you Lord. In Jesus name, Amen
  3. allieisme

    allieisme I am ME

    Praying for you.
    If it is meant for you to be on this missions trip, then you shall receive the funds needed for you to go.
    I'm praying that the decision has already been made for you.
  4. burn97

    burn97 A Bruised Reed Yet My Gentle King Loves Me Anyway

    O glorious Father, let Your Will be done in our sister's life. Bring to her Peace as she waits on You, knowing that You are able to provide for all her needs. Lord God, bless this young woman, give to her wisdom and understanding so she may go before others strong in Your Word. My Lord, lead Scruffy as she gives to You this trip. Let Your Hand guide her and keep her. In the Glorious name of Jesus Christ i pray, Amen
  5. ForeverHopeful

    ForeverHopeful Senior Veteran

    Father, I stand in agreement with this loving prayer. May THY will be done. Thank you for this and for all you do. Thank you for joining us in prayer, Amen!!
  6. Caprial

    Caprial Well-Known Member

    I'm praying for you.
  7. brachah

    brachah Legend

    praying, with thanks to the Lord our redeemer. in christ jesus name n will. amen.
  8. Lightbearer3

    Lightbearer3 Veteran

    This is something I've always wanted to do myself, either the lack of money or my work has stood in my way.

    Lord I thank you that you see her heart that says; here I am Lord send me. Her treasure is laid up in heaven, for that is where her heart is. Father if it is your will that she go on this mission trip, I ask you not only to provide the $500.00 but extra for needs she may have while doing your work on this mission trip. In Jesus name amen
  9. scruffy1986

    scruffy1986 Guest

    Thanks, I have decided to go! I am in a position where i can make that decision.